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Subject index (Vol 1-110)

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Author and title index (Vol 1-110)

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Title and subject index (Vol 111 onwards)

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Author index (Vol 111 onwards)

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Monographs of DNHAS

A series of substantial reports on archaeological subjects

Dorset Record Society volumes

A series of editions of historically important texts (includes new reprints of vols 12 and 13)

Occasional publications of DNHAS

Other non-periodical publications of the Society

Dorset Geology

General bibliography by Jo Thomas and Paul Ensom, 1989

How the index works

Volumes 1-110 are covered by the Index compiled by George Newberry, 1989, and adapted for presentation on the World Wide Web by John Palmer, May 2001. This is in two parts: by Subject and by Author and title. A few errors in the original printed Index have been corrected in this on-line presentation. These indexes are copyright © 1989 and 2001, The Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society.

There is a separate and somewhat experimental Index to volumes from 111 onwards, in two parts, by Author and by Title. Both parts are computer-generated from the volume tables of contents. In the Author index, each article is indexed by each of its authors. The Title index is fully rotated, that is to say, each article is indexed by each significant word in its title; so it may make up, to some extent, for the present lack of a Subject index. The words treated as not significant are frequent and not distinctive, for instance "a", "and", "to" etc., and a few more substantial words like "Dorset" and "report". These indexes are copyright © 2019, The Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society.

In all parts of the Index, the emphasised numbers indicate volumes, and the plain numbers after them, pages; so 99 100-113 means "vol. 99, pages 100-113".

Writing for the Proceedings

If you are thinking of writing an article for Proceedings, or of publishing any other work through the Society, please contact the Hon. Editor at the Museum.


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Back-numbers of Proceedings

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Further notes on the Proceedings

The Society's library at the Museum holds at least one complete series of the Proceedings; others can also be found at some branches of Dorset County Library, particularly Christchurch, Ferndown, Weymouth and the Dorset History Centre, Dorchester. Several academic libraries also hold series.

The full text of volumes 1-42 excepting 5, 7, 14, 16, 19, 23, 40 has been published on the Web by The Internet Archive. DNHAS takes no responsibility for this on-line publication. Links to the full text will be found in the Tables of Contents for these volumes.

Volumes 1-49 bore the title Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. The Club was founded in 1875. The present title Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society was adopted in 1928, when the Club merged with the County Museum (founded 1845). Here is a list of past Editors.

Publication of the Proceedings has been effectively annual since 1877, except that only one volume appeared in the period 1880 to 1883. However the years shown above are not always exact. Sometimes the year shown on the cover was the year before that of publication, and for volumes 50-127 this was deliberate policy; but from volume 128 onwards, the year on the cover will be the same as the year of publication. The publication-date of each volume is given at the head of the relevant on-line Table of Contents; for volumes 1-61, this takes into account the researches of Sykes in volume 62, 34-36.

Each volume from 6 to 93 includes a "business" section containing reports of meetings, accounts, lists of members, etc. In the on-line Tables of Contents this is listed as "Annual Review" (though this title was not actually used in print till volume 54). Individual items within Reviews are not listed on-line, except for Obituary articles, Presidential Addresses, and a few other items that are specifically referred to in the Indexes. From volume 94 onward there were no Annual Reviews, but some of their functions were taken over by the Annual Report and the Newsletter, which are issued separately from the Proceedings. In a partial reversal of this change, from volume 132 onward much of the detail previously put in Annual Reports will appear in the Proceedings. As with Annual Reviews in earlier volumes, individual items of the Reports are not listed on-line.

Page-size of volumes 1-55 and 81-93 is about 21x13.5cm (A5); 56-80, 25x17.5cm; 94 onwards, 30x21cm (A4).

The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) of the Proceedings of the DNHAS is 0070-7112.

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