Contents of volume 132 (2011)

Report of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society for 2009 and 2010, 1-16
Lieutenant-General Pitt-Rivers in Dorset, Anthony Pitt-Rivers, 17-20
The Dorchester Town Library of 1631 (Mansel-Pleydell prize), Steve Fraser, 21-37
On the Origin of Species: a Dorset connection, Geoffrey Turnock, 39-43
Three Dorset churches: early Tractarian architecture in West Dorset, T. P. Connor, 45-54
Reynard and the Yetminster geese, Andrew Perkis, 55-62
Hardy performed: Thomas Hardy and the stage, Keith Wilson, 63-72
The Sheridans at Frampton Court, Alan Chedzoy, 73-79
Exploring the landscape setting of the stone circles of West Dorset, Richard Milwain, 81-91
Excavation of a Bronze Age round barrow at Binnegar Quarry, Cai Mason and Teresa Hawtin with Rob Scaife, 93-106
A geophysical survey of three round barrows near Badbury Rings, Martin Papworth, 107-110
Construction, colour and aesthetics of the Bronze Age barrows on Wyke Down, Cranborne Chase, Dorset, Kate Boulden, 111-119
East Stoke: the archaeology of the Old Church of St Mary, Iain Hewitt, Bronwen Russell and Harry Manley, 121-125
The eastern defences of the Saxon burh at Christchurch, Dorset: an archaeological evaluation at the King's Arms Hotel, Peter Reeve, Jörn Schuster and A. P. Fitzpatrick, 127-130
Pottery from two medieval tenements in Christchurch, Dorset: their contents and their contexts, Ben Jervis, 131-144
Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part III, the ornithischian dinosaurs (Dinosauria, Ornithischia) with additional comments on the sauropods, Paul M. Barrett and Susannah C. R. Maidment, 145-163
The macroinvertebrate fauna of temporary and permanent aquatic habitats in East Stoke Fen (SSSI), Dorset, Adrianna Hawczak, Patrick D. Armitage, John H. Blackburn and Michael J. Bowes, 165-175
Shorter contributions
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2009, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 177-178
An unusual vessel from the East Holme kiln, Wareham, Jo Draper, 179
A miscellany of medieval floor-tiles, Laurence Keen, 181-182
The Old Manor, Stratton: building record and excavations, interim notes, Rosemary Maw, 183
Dorset Archaeology in 2010, 185
Martha's Cottage, Alderholt, Jonathan Monteith and Bronwen Russell, 185
Green Island, Poole Harbour, Jonathan Monteith and Bronwen Russell, 185
Worgret Road, Wareham, Jonathan Monteith and Bronwen Russell, 185
Shaftesbury GPR survey, Jonathan Monteith and Bronwen Russell, 185
Natural History reports 2010, 187-213
Dorset geology report, Paul Ensom, 187-190
Review: the dinosaurs of Dorset, Paul Ensom, 187
Fossil trees in the Intermarine Member, Purbeck Limestone Group (Lower Cretaceous), near Langton Matravers, Dorset, Paul Ensom, 187
A mammal-bearing bed in the Intermarine Member, Purbeck Limestone Group (Lower Cretaceous), Durlston Bay, Swanage, Dorset, and correction to Ensom 2000, Paul Ensom, 187-188
Quarry locations transposed: a correction to Ensom 2010 fig.1, Paul Ensom, 187-188
The Weymouth Bay pliosaur, a major new display specimen for the Dorset County Museum, Richard Edmonds, 188
A preliminary note on the discovery of a fossil turtle in the Portland Stone Formation (Upper Jurassic), Isle of Portland, Dorset, Mark Godden, 189-190
Macrolepidoptera report, Peter Davey, 190-200
Microlepidoptera report, Phil Sterling, 200-202
Hoverfly report, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 202-203
Society field meetings, J. A. Newbould, 203-208
Dorset rainfall, John Oliver, 208-213
The Dorset Coast, 215-216
A new ship graffito from Purbeck, Gordon Le Pard, 215
An unusual find from the Kimmeridge shale quarries, Gordon Le Pard, 215-216
Obituaries, 217-219
Aurea Pamela Hoare (1915-2008), Roger Peers, 217-218
Helen Brotherton (1914-2009), Roger Peers and Maureen Keats, 218-219
Index, 221-222
Notes for contributors, 223-224

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