Contents of volume 133 (2012)

'Pretending to be seafaring men': vagrancy law and forgery with special reference to eighteenth-century Dorset, Audrey Eccles, 1-8
Making Georgian Faces: concept to curation, Gwen Yarker, 9-15
Naval signal stations on the Dorset coast, David Clammer, 17-25
Coffee house culture in seventeenth-century Lyme Regis, Judith Ford, 27-32
Hendrick de Keyser, Nicholas Stone, Inigo Jones and the founding of the modern Portland stone industry, Tom Williamson, 33-36
Chantmarle, Cattistock: Sir John Strode's account of his building, 1612 to 1623, and the consecration of his oratory or chapel, Laurence Keen, 37-41
Digging in the archives: W. Edward Bankes 1702-1729, the young Bankes who went to India, Francesca Radcliffe, 43-49
The opening of Powerstock school, T. P. Connor, 51-53
Identity and loss: discovering the identity of Tom Roberts's (1856-1931) pastel portrait of a young girl at the Dorset County Museum, Gwen Yarker, 55-63
Archaeology, 65-115
Dewlish Roman Villa: post-excavation report 2011, Iain Hewitt, 65-66
The archaeological context of the Roman coin hoard from Nether Compton, John Oswin, 67-68
A very peculiar practice: preliminary research into the post-firing perforation of Late Iron Age/Romano-British pottery vessels from south-east Dorset, K. Barrass, 69-72
A lead pendant from Cerne Abbas, Laurence Keen, 73-74
Three Romano-British steles from Studland, Peter W. Cox, 75
The excavation of a late Bronze Age/early Iron Age-middle Iron Age settlement at Home Field, Down Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, Chris Ellis, 77-97
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2010 and 2011, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 99-100
Notes on two medieval tiles, Laurence Keen, 101
Dorset Archaeology in 2011, 103-115
Land adjacent to Doreys Pit, Arne, Church Knowle and Steeple Parishes, Stephen Robinson, 103
Rogershill Farm, Bere Regis, Jonathan Monteith, 103
Hall and Woodhouse Brewery, Bournemouth Road, Blandford St Mary, Daniel Carter, 103
Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth, Mike Trevarthen and Peter Bellamy, 103
Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth, Mike Trevarthen, 103
Kinson Common, Kinson, Bournemouth, Mike Trevarthen, 103
Bryanston School, Bryanston, Daniel Carter, 103-104
St Mary's Church, Chickerell, Peter Bellamy and Mike Trevarthen, 104
Church Hatch, 13 Church Street, Christchurch, Jonathan Monteith, 104
Ower, Corfe Castle, Jonathan Monteith and Elizabeth Craig-Atkins, 104-105
A35 Weymouth Road Roundabout and Stinsford Roundabout, Dorchester, Richard Tabor, 105
Former fire station, Dorchester, Richard Tabor, 105
The Grove, Dorchester, Richard Tabor, 105
Unit 9A, Grove Trading Estate,Dorchester, Peter Bellamy, 105
Stratton House campus, Dorchester, Richard Tabor, 105-106
Victoria Terrace, Dorchester, Mike Trevarthen, 106
East Holme Priory, Hannah Simpson, Iain Hewitt and Paul Cheetham, 106
Land adjacent to Brickfields Business Park, Gillingham, Stephen Robinson, 106
St Mary's Church, Glanvilles Wooton, Peter Bellamy, 106
Home Field, Acton, Langton Matravers, Mike Trevarthen, 106-107
Lewis Quarries, Acton, Langton Matravers, Peter Bellamy, 107
St Mary's Church, Litton Cheney, Mike Trevarthen, 107
The Village Hall, The Causeway, Milborne St Andrew, Sarah Cottam, 107
Morcombelake to Charmouth, Stonebarrow Hill, Peter Bellamy, 107
Geophysical survey, Godlingston Heath group of round barrows, Studland, Martin Papworth, 107
Land at Church Farm, Okeford Fitzpaine, Stephen Robinson, 107
Barford Farm, Pamphill, Kingston Lacy estate, Martin Papworth, 107-108
A newly discovered Roman villa at Druce Farm, Piddlehinton, Lilian Ladle and Hannah Simpson, 108
Lower Hamworthy, Poole, Jonathan Monteith, 108
17 Sweethill Road, Southwell, Portland, Mike Trevarthen and Peter Bellamy, 108
Extension to Shaftesbury Museum, Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Daniel Carter, 108
Land east of Shaftesbury: The Maltings and Pembroke Gate, Daniel Carter, 109
Land at Barton Farm and north of Marston Road, Sherborne, Stephen Robinson, 109
Interim report on the excavation of three Bronze Age burial mounds on Golden Cap, Stanton St Gabriel, SY 40552 92706, Martin Papworth, 109-110
Land adjacent to Povington Pit, Steeple, Stephen Robinson, 110-111
Grimstone reservoir, Stratton, Richard Tabor, 111
Land adjacent to St Nicholas' Church, Studland, Stephen Robinson, 111
Frome House, Wareham, Lilian Ladle, 111
Pound Lane car park, Wareham, Peter Cox, 111
East Holton, Wareham St Martin, Lilian Ladle, 111-112
Sandford Heath, Wareham St Martin, Lilian Ladle, 112
Worgret Road, Wareham, Jonathan Monteith, 112
Bayard Dairy, Upwey, Weymouth, Mike Trevarthen, 112-113
69 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Weymouth, Mike Trevarthen, 113
Portland House, Belle Vue Road, Weymouth, Peter Bellamy, 113
St Andrew's Church, Preston, Weymouth, Mike Trevarthen, 113
Redlands Sports Centre, Weymouth, Mike Trevarthen and Peter Bellamy, 113
Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth, Peter Bellamy, 113-114
Rear of 8 The Square, Wimborne Minster, Stephen Robinson, 114
St Giles House, Wimborne St Giles, Daniel Carter, 114
Worth Matravers, Mike Trevarthen, 114
Football field, Worth Matravers, Lilian Ladle, 114
St Aldhelm's Head, Worth Matravers, Jonathan Monteith and Elizabeth Craig-Atkins, 115
Lady St Mary Church, Wareham, Jonathan Monteith, 115
Natural History, 117-143
Fossil cephalopod jaws from the Charmouth Mudstone Formation of South Somerset, D. T. Donovan and M. B. Harvey, 117-125
Sea Pea, Abbotsbury Pease, Jo Draper, 126
Natural history reports, 127-143
General weather summary 2011, John Oliver, 127-128
Dorset rainfall 2011, John Oliver, 128-130
Butterfly report 2010-2011, W. Shreeves, 130-135
Dorset hoverfly report 2011, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 135
Dorset plant gall report 2008-2011, John A. Newbould, 135-138
Field meeting reports 2011, John A. Newbould, 138-143
County Boundary Survey, 145-160
The Dorset County Boundary Survey, Katharine Barker, 145-146
Boundary landmarks in Anglo-Saxon charters, Della Hooke, 146-154
Ordnance Survey boundary remarks books, Chris Slade, 154-155
Trees along the County Boundary, John A. Newbould, 155-156
The botany of boundaries, some thoughts, Robin Walls, 157-160
World War II: Dorset and the Home Front, 161-176
World War II: Dorset and the Home Front, Katherine Barker and Alan Bailey, 161-162
The Worth of Worth: Radar at Worth Matravers, Dr Phil Judkins, 162-166
The Royal Naval cordite factory at Holton Heath, Bob Dukes, 166-170
Rehearsal for disaster: Bridport's beaches and the Dieppe operation, David Evans, 170-174
The strategy and tactics of World War II pillboxes, John Hellis, 174-176
Reviews, 177-179
William Barnes's dialect poems: a pronunciation guide, by T. L. Burton, Frances Austin Jones, 177
Bournemouth Natural Science Society: The natural history of Bournemouth and the surrounding area, edited by R. Chapman, Jim White, 177-178
The Lymiad: a poem in the form of letters from Lyme to a friend at Bath, written during the autumn of 1818, edited by John Fowles and John Constable, Mike Taylor, 178-179
Obituaries, 181-186
George Dannatt (1915-2009), David Buckman, 181-182
Norrie Woodhall (1905-2011), Angelique Richardson, 182-186
Philip Rahtz (1921-2011), P. J. Woodward and R. N. R. Peers, 186-188
Report of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society for 2010 and 2011, 189-208
Index, 209-214
Notes for contributors, 215-216

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