Contents of volume 134 (2013)


'For Christ and Conscience Sake': The story behind Elisabeth Frink's memorial to the Dorset Martyrs, Gwen Yarker, 1-11
The conduct, command and costs of Tudor defence of Portland Roads: Portland and Sandsfoot Castles, Colin I. Brett, 12-23
Caught on camera: five Dorset prisoners in Victorian England, Maddy Duke, 24-37
Mammals of Chesil Beach and the Fleet, J. H. S. Cox and D. J. Moxom, 38-42
Long-term resilience and short-term vulnerability of South Winterbourne macroinvertebrates, Patrick D. Armitage and J. A. B. Bass, 43-55
The muster roll of the Dorset Volunteer Rangers, 1799, David Clammer, 56-60
Heedless William's Stone, Jerry Bird, 61-67
Economic change in late medieval Dorset: an analysis of evidence from the Lay Subsidies, Mark Forrest, 68-82
Dorset's submarine geomorphology, Vincent May, 83-97
Some additional medieval sundials from Dorset, Gordon Le Pard, 98-102
Lost or hidden? Medieval floor-tiles in the church of St Mary, Hermitage, Laurence Keen, 103-105
Dorchester and the early shire centres of Wessex, Barbara Yorke, 106-112
Aldhelmus episcopus: the making and shiring of the Sherborne bishopric: Saxon, Briton and the Byzantine, Katherine Barker, 113-127
Evangelical and Low Church: Some later-nineteenth-century Dorchester rectors, Jill M. Minchin, 128-142
Dorchester's classroom wars: the struggle for educational reform, 1840-1880, Steve Fraser, 143-156
Dorset archaeology reports 2012, 157-247
Park Cottages, Winterborne Tomson, Anderson, Richard Tabor, 157
Hengistbury Head visitor centre, Bournemouth, Peter Bellamy, 157
Gas main replacement, South Street, Bridport, Peter Bellamy, 157
New Inn, Long Street, Cerne Abbas, Peter Bellamy and Mike Trevarthen, 157
Dewlish Roman villa: post-excavation report 2012, Iain Hewitt, 157-158
Christchurch Court, The Grove, Dorchester, Mike Trevarthen, 158
Maumbury Rings, Dorchester, Peter Bellamy, 158
South Walks, Dorchester, Mike Trevarthen, 159
1 West Walks, Dorchester, Peter Bellamy and Mike Trevarthen, 159
Portland Castle, Castletown, Portland, Peter Bellamy, 159
Druce Farm, Puddletown, Lilian Ladle, 159-160
Hound Street, Sherborne, Richard Tabor, 160
Sherborne House, Sherborne, Richard Tabor, 160
Sandford Heath, Wareham St Martin, Ben Buxton, 160
Helen Lane, Weymouth, Mike Trevarthen, 160-161
Water Treatment Works, Kingston Russell and Winterbourne Abbas, Richard Tabor, 161
Water Treatment Works, Lamberts Hill to Winterbourne Abbas, Richard Tabor, 161
Church of The Holy Rood, Wool, Mike Trevarthen, 161
Gas Main, Winfrith Technology Centre, Wool, Mike Trevarthen, 161
Broad Mead, Acton, Worth Matravers, Peter Bellamy, 161
Kingston Road, Worth Matravers, Richard Tabor, 161
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme 2012, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 162
Early observation of archaeological earthworks in Dorset, Jo Draper, 163
The early Bronze Age enclosure at Cowleaze, Winterbourne Steepleton: new data and new interpretations, Andy M. Jones, Henrietta Quinnell, Clare Randall and Peter J. Woodward, 164-174
Rectilinear landscapes in Dorset, John Davey, 175-190
A trackway landscape from Wareham to Corfe Castle, Keith Jarvis and Alan Hawkins, 191-194
The Dorchester Roman Aqueduct: observations at 'Bob's Cars' Garage, Poundbury West Industrial Estate, and on the north-west of Poundbury Camp, 2004, Christopher Sparey-Green, 195-199
Christchurch's Port Mill rediscovered, Mike Tizzard, 200-202
Interim report on excavations near Stourpaine, Dorset, 2010-2012, David Stewart, 203-204
Excavations at Thorncombe Beacon, Doghouse Hill and Golden Cap on the Golden Cap Estate, West Dorset, Martin Papworth, 205-247
Natural history reports 2012, 248-269
General weather summary 2012, John Oliver, 248-249
Dorset rainfall, John Oliver, 249-255
Snowfall, John Oliver, 255
Thunderstorms, John Oliver, 255-256
Butterfly report, Bill Shreeves, 256-259
Hoverfly report, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 259-260
Field visits, J. A. Newbould, 260
County Boundary Survey Group visits, Katherine Barker and John Newbould, 267-269
Local auction report, Gwen Yarker, 270-271
Obituaries, 272-276
Philip Arthur Rahtz (1921-2011), P. J. Woodward and R. N. R. Peers, 272-275
Collin Bowen (1919-2011), Laurence Keen and R. N. R. Peers, 275-276
Report of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society 2012, 277-290
Index, 291-295
Notes for contributors, 296-298

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