Contents of volume 131 (2010)

Dorset and Disease, 1-37
Dorset and Disease: recent work on past pandemics, Katherine Barker, 1
The Black Death in Dorset: the crisis of 1348-1349 (Mansel-Pleydell prize), Mark Forrest, 3-13
Sewers, slums and standpipes: the battle against infectious disease in nineteenth-century Dorset, Martin Ayres, 15-18
The Magna Mortalitas of the Iater seventh century in Dorset: Aldhelm first bishop of Sherborne, Saints Peter and Paul, and a possible eye-witness account, Katherine Barker, 19-26
Dr Edward Jenner and vaccination: a Dorset connection?, Patrick J. Pead, 27-28
Disease and death in Dorset prisons in the eighteenth century, Audrey Eccles, 29-33
The Revd Henry Moule, cholera and Fordington 1854, Gillian Pope, 35-37
Petitions for constructing and reforming Dorset houses of correction c.1625-39, Hideaki Inui, 39-44
Have pity! Late slaves of the Turks, Glanville J. Davies, 45-51
The Sea Fencibles in Dorset, David Clammer, 53-63
From poorhouse to workhouse? The erosion of publicly owned housing in rural Dorset after 1834, Martin Ayres, 65-78
Charles Darwin and the evolution of William Barnes: the reaction of an Anglican priest in Dorset to the publication of The Origin of Species in 1859, Alan Chedzoy, 79-85
Lithic scatters south of Maiden Castle, the Charles Bean huntings of 1928-1933, Harry Grenville, Christopher Wagner and Peter J. Woodward, 87-101
A newly recorded hilltop enclosure at Myncen Farm, Minchington, Helen Wickstead and Martyn Barber, 103-112
Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part II, the sauropod dinosaurs (Saurischia, Sauropoda) with additional comments on the theropods, Paul M. Barrett, Roger B. Benson and Paul Upchurch, 113-126
Lithostratigraphic sections through the Purbeck Limestone Group (Tithonian-Berriasian) at five Regionally Important Geological/Geomorphological Sites (RIGS) on the Isle of Purbeck, and at Bacon Hole near West Lulworth, Dorset, Southern England, Paul Ensom, 127-144
  (For correction to the above see vol.132 p.187)
Shorter contributions
Charles Hamilton Mercer, a suspicious vagrant held in Sherborne Bridewell and Dorset Gaol under the 1744 Vagrant Act, Audrey Eccles, 145-147
The Broad Stone, Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset: `a pair of shears, a cart load of concrete and three men one day', Laurence Keen, 149-151
Selection of testate amoebae (Protozoa, Rhizopoda) as food by tanypodine midge larvae (Chironomidae: Diptera; non-biting midges) in a Dorset stream, Patrick D. Armitage and Genoveva F. Esteban, 153-154
Dorset Archaeology in 2009, 155-170
Shorter contributions
RSS Blandford, Blandford Forum, Mike Simms, 155
Melrose, 43 Hound Street, Sherborne, Andrew Simmonds, 155
Down End Farm, Stourpaine, Andrew Mudd, 155
Forgecroft, Puddletown Road, Wareham, SY 8729 9014, Lilian Ladle, 155
Scout and Guide Centre, East Walls, Wareham, SY 9265 8756, Lilian Ladle, 155
Bellevue, Pound Lane, Wareham, SY 9205 8729, Lilian Ladle, 155
Wimborne Square, Wimborne, SU 0150 0000, Lilian Ladle, 155-156
Brownsea Island, south of South Lodge, Mike Trevarthen, Peter Bellamy, Gill Broadbent and Alan Hawkins, 156
Studland Heath, Mike Trevarthen, Peter Bellamy, Gill Broadbent and Alan Hawkins, 156
Kimmeridge Bay, upper car park and quayside, Mike Trevarthen, Peter Bellamy, Gill Broadbent and Alan Hawkins, 156-157
Poole, 19 Blandford Road, Hamworthy, Steven Tatler, 157
Worth Matravers, Downs Quarry, Steven Tatler, 157
Marshwood, proposed new dwelling at Lodge House Farm, Steven Tatler, 157
Burton Bradstock, WWII building at Hive Beach car park, Mike Trevarthen, 157
Hengistbury Head, various amenity enhancement works, Steven Tatler, 157
Worth Matravers, Downs Quarry, Rebecca Montague and Steven Tatler, 158
Dorchester, Icen Way depot to Casterbridge Trading Estate replacement gas main, Steven Tatler, 158
Melcombe Horsey, Highdon House, Steven Tatler and Peter S. Bellamy, 158
Cattistock, land at South Drive, Steven Tatler, 158
Whitcombe, Whitcombe Farm Cottages, Steven Tatler, 158
Dorchester, SCATS Countrystores, Grove Trading Estate, Mike Trevarthen, 158
Wareham, North Bestwall Road water main repair, Peter S. Bellamy, 158-159
Portland, Reap Lane, Southwell, Mike Trevarthen, 159
Burton Bradstock, Hive Beach car park improvements, Mike Trevarthen, 159
Burton Bradstock, eroding features on Burton Cliff, Peter S. Bellamy, 159
Scheduled monument SM29061, Binnegar Quarry, East Stoke, SY 89272 87740, Teresa Hawkin, 159
Bradford Peverell pipeline scheme, SY 66712 92604 to SY 70798 90258, Cai Mason, 159-160
Former Olds garage, Bridport Road, Dorchester, SY 6845 9058, Chris Place, 160
Middle Fairfield car park, Dorchester, SY 69000 90120, Cai Mason, 160-161
Horseshoes pumping station, Gaunts Common, SU 02600 06200, Cai Mason, 161
Sherborne Abbey Close (pathway), Sherborne, ST 63806 16474, Cai Mason, 161
Warden Hill, Horchester, ST 5954 0414, Cai Mason, 161
Church Knowle reservoir, SY 93062 82081, Teresa Hawtin, 161
Longer contributions
Tarrant Launceston 15: another Neolithic causwayed enclosure?, Sharon Bishop, 161-164
Chideock, Doghouse Hill, excavation of prehistoric occupation evidence and record of newly identified pillow mounds, Martin Papworth, 164-166
Corfe Castle, archaeological recording during historic fabric consolidation work; the keep, gloriette, south-west gatehouse and outer gatehouse, Martin Papworth, 166-167
Interim report on excavations near Stourpaine in 2009, Dave Stewart, 167-168
Bournemouth University fieldwork and research archaeology 2009, 168-170
East Stoke, old church of St Mary, Iain Hewitt, Bronwen Russell, Kate Welham and Harry Manley, 168
Bere Regis, Bournemouth University training excavation, Miles Russell, Paul Cheetham and Ellen Hambleton, 168-169
Archaeological investigations project, Bronwen Russell, 169
Archaeological archive (including the Dewlish site), Iain Hewitt, 169
Poole, 19 High Street, Bronwen Russell and Harry Manley, 169
Sixpenny Handley, Humby's Stock Coppice, Lawrence Shaw, 169
Christchurch, Druitt Gardens, Harry Manley, Debra Costen and Bronwen Russell, 169
Portland, new Southwell Pre-school building, Dave Stewart, 169-170
Christchurch, Paradise Walk, Mark Shattock, 170
Poole, Canford Heath, Harry Manley, 170
Natural History Reports, 171-206
Geological report, Paul Ensom, 171
Freshwater reports, Jonty Denton, 171-172
Nine-spined Stickleback Pungitius pungitius (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pisces, Gasterosteidae) in Dorset, Jonty Denton, 171
Marsh Frog Pelophylax ridibunda (Pallas, 1771) (Amphibia, Ranidae) in Dorset, Jonty Denton, 171-172
Hoverfly report, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 172-173
Microlepidoptera report, Phil Sterling, 173-175
Butterfly report, Phil Shreeves, 175-183
Society field meetings 2008, J. A. Newbould, 184-191
Society field meetings 2009, J. A. Newbould, 191-197
Dorset Rainfall 2009, John Oliver, 197-202
Marine review 2009, Lin Baldock, 202-206
The Dorset Coast, 207-209
Recent discoveries on the Swash Channel wreck site, Dave Parham and Paola Palma, 207-209
The Dorset County Boundary Survey, 211-218
Landscape and the liminal: an exploration of the early administrative divisions of the South West, an introduction, Katherine Barker, 211
Ancient and medieval administrative divisions of Cornwall, Oliver Padel, 211-214
Dumnonia dissected, Malcolm Todd, 214-215
Making early Devon: Dumnonia, Wessex, England, Bob Higham, 216-219
The Dorset/Somerset County boundary at Yeovil: Roman order from imperial to episcopal, taxation and the landscape, Katherine Barker, 219-236
Landscape and the liminal: a discussion, Katherine Barker, 236-238
Bill Putnam (1930-2008), Alan Hunt with Roger Peers and Katherine Barker, 239-240
Index, 241-244
Notes for contributors, 245-246

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