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for 1996, published 1997


Domesday woodland in Dorset, Anne Horsfall, 1-6
John Fitzgerald Pennie - `Sylvaticus' (1782-1848), Glanville J. Davies, 7-12
The early years of the Dorset County Museum, Jo Draper, 13-23
`A Land' revisited: Jacquetta Hawkes and the landscape tradition, Richard Muir, 25-30
A Sherborne bone of contention, J. H. P. Gibb, 31-34
The Canford Magna golf course project, 1993-1994, Carrie M. Hearne and Vaughan Birbeck, 35-50
A 1st-century AD `Durotrigian' inhumation burial with a decorated Iron Age mirror from Portesham, Dorset, A. P. Fitzpatrick, 51-70
A group of late 18th-century pottery from Town House, Corfe Castle, Jo Draper and Martin Papworth, 71-77
Reptile eggshell from the Purbeck Limestone Group of Dorset, southern England, Paul C. Ensom, 79-83
The graphoceratid ammonite succession in the Aalenian and lowest Bajocian (Middle Jurassic) at Horn Park, Dorset, UK, Robert B. Chandler, 85-106
A review of the stratigraphy of the site of special scientific interest at Milborne Wick, Somerset (Bajocian stage; Middle Jurassic), John Huxtable, 107-111
Albanerpetontid amphibians from the Lower Cretaceous of the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, G. J. McCowan and P. C. Ensom, 113-117
New fossil insect records from the Purbeck of Dorset and the Wealden of the Weald, E. M. Jarzembowski and R. Coram, 119-124
Freshwater biological monitoring of the Furzebrook Stream (south Dorset) using macroinvertebrates, Patrick D. Armitage, John H. Blackburn and Kay L. Symes, 125-131
Dorset archaeology in 1996
Archaeological sites added to the County Sites and Monuments Record, Claire Pinder, Francesca Radcliffe and Giles Romanes, 133
Assessments, evaluations and earthwork survey
Resistivity survey, Badbury Romano-British temple, Martin Papworth, 134
Poundbury phase II, Dorchester, J. S. C. Lewis, 134
Highmoor Farm, Talbot Village, Poole, Brian Whitehead, 134
Magna Road, Poole, David R. Watkins, 135
Wytherston, near Powerstock, Francis Plowden, 135
Magnetometry survey, Shapwick Romano-British settlement, Martin Papworth, 135-6
Child's Garage, Sherborne, Antony Firth, 136
Sherborne House, Sherborne, Brian Whitehead, 136
`Springhead' public house, Sutton Poyntz, Ron Brading, 136
Land adjacent to Bell Street, Swanage, Roland Smith, 136-7
Abbot's Street Copse, Pamphill, Wimborne, J. W. Day, 137
The Old Fire Station, South Street, Bridport, Roland Smith, 138
Excavations at Corfe Castle 1996, Nancy Grace and Martin Papworth, 138-9
Penny's Farm II, Cranborne, J. S. C. Lewis, 139
Excavations and fieldwork on the Dorchester Roman aqueduct 1996, W. G. Putnam, 139-143
The Town Mill, Lyme Regis, Alan H. Graham, 143
Bull Lane, Poole, David R. Watkins, 143
St Aldhelm's Head, Purbeck, Nick Bradford and Alan H. Graham, 144
Bestwall Quarry archaeological project: interim report 1996, Lilian Ladle, 144
Watching briefs
8 West Street, Abbotsbury, Rod Brook, 144
Glebe Land, Barnes Lane, Beaminster, Lesley and Roy Adkins, 144
`The Ramblers', Bradford Peverell, Brian Whitehead, 145
Buckland Newton sewage works, Pete Higgins, 145
`Volendam', Church Lane, Charlton Marshall, Steve Wallis, 145
Coldharbour, Chickerell, Peter J. Woodward and Reg Smith, 145-6
The Castle Inn, Chideock, Alan H. Graham, 146
11KV cable replacement, Big Wood/Valley of the Stones, Dorchester, Mick Rawlings, 146
5 South Terrace, South Street, Dorchester, Steve Wallis, 146
Dorchester Roman Aqueduct, Bill Putnam and Ben Ford, 146-7
Duntish water pipeline, Wessex Archaeology, 147
Durweston pipeline, Durweston, Roland Smith, 147
Harmans Cross, Roland Smith, 147
Longham Lakes, Longham, Joe McDermott, 147
Coastguard Cottages, Lulworth Cove, Christine Butterworth, 147
Wareham Fishing Club, Holly Hedge Farm, Lytchett Minster, Sue Davies, 148
Maiden Newton 11KV cable replacement, Mick Rawlings, 148
Waterloo Farm, Motcombe, Mick Rawlings, 148
The Jolly Sailor, The Quay, Poole, Lennard M. Anderson, 148
4 Market Street, Old Town, Poole, David R. Watkins, 148
35/37 High Street, Poole, Lennard M. Anderson, 148
Rear of 40/42 High Street, Poole, Lennard M. Anderson, 148
`Old Med', Southwell, Portland, Ron Brading, 148-9
11KV cable trench, Ranston, Mick Rawlings, 149
Rushmore Park Golf Course, Woodcutts Common, Sixpenny Handley, Phil Andrews, 149
Manor House, Stourpaine, 11KV mains replacement, Mick Rawlings, 149
`Wyndings', Plaisters Lane, Sutton Poyntz, Steve Wallis, 149
33KV mains replacement, Verwood, Mick Rawlings, 149
Daler site, East Street, Wareham, Roland Smith, 149
The Old Walled Garden, Warmwell, Kit Watson, 150
Wimborne sewerage repairs, John W. Day, 150
11KV cable replacement, Wool, Mick Rawlings, 150
Other observations by Dorset County Council Archaeology Service, Steve Wallis, 150
A Civil War pot from Corfe Castle, Jo Draper, 150-1
Coins and miscellaneous objects from Goldfields Farm, Farnham, near Blandford, Colin Bowd, 151-2
A later Bronze Age tanged `chisel' from Langton Matravers, Miles Russell, 153
A ship's timber from Sandbanks, Poole, Lennard M. Anderson, 153-4
A polished flint axe from Toller Porcorum, John Gale and Bill Putnam, 154
Shorter contributions
Myncen Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset - interim report, Christopher Sparey-Green, 155-157
Excavations at Wilkswood Farmhouse, Langton Matravers, Martin Papworth, 157-159
The Mill House, Stour Provost, Dorset, M. S. Ross, 159-160
An early railway proposal for Dorset - Dorchester to Weymouth 1834, Jo Draper, 160-161
Festoon Mantlepiece (1857-1859), Simon Jaggard, 162
Natural history reports
Geology - Dorset geological news, Michael R. House, 163-164
Evershot Pit, regionally important geological site (RIGS), Adrian Brokenshire, 164-167
New records of unionacean bivalves from the Wessex Formation (Wealden Group, Lower Cretaceous) of Swanage Bay, Dorset, Jonathan D. Radley, 167-168
Phoronid worm borings from the Middle Purbeck Beds (Lower Cretaceous) of Swanage, Dorset, Jonathan D. Radley, 168
Rainfall, D. J. Paxman, 169-172
Dorset botany 1996, David Pearman, 172-173
Microlepidoptera report 1996, Phil Sterling, 173-175
Moth report 1996, Peter Davey, 175-177
Butterfly report 1995 and 1996, Bill Shreeves, 177-178
Dorset Hoverfly report 1996, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 178-179
Land Arthropods, N. R. Webb, 179-180
Amphibians report 1995, Robert V. Skinner, 180-181
Reptiles report 1995, Robert V. Skinner, 181
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 181-183
The Painted Lady migration in Dorset 1996, Bill Shreeves, 183-187
1996 Moth immigrations to Dorset and potential sources of origin, Peter Davey, 187-190
Red-veined Darter, E. D. V. Prendergast, 191
Index, 193-195
Editorial policy and style guide, 197-198

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