Contents of volume 119

for 1997, published 1998


The Downland Parish - Gussage All Saints in the 17th century, James Rattue, 1-18
The Duchy of Cornwall and the expansion of Dorchester, c.1900-1997, Janet Waymark, 19-32
Weymouth's choice: Pulteney or bankruptcy?, Glanville J. Davies, 33-40
William Shipp of Blandford, 1807-1873, Anne Hosford, 41-50
A tale of two skulls: superstition in Dorset at Waddon and Bettiscombe, M. S. Ross and Linda O'Connell, 51-58
Woodland in medieval Dorset, Anne Horsfall, 59-64
Medieval sundials in Dorset, Gordon Le Pard, 65-86
Excavations at the Town Farm House site, now The Orchard, Dean Lane, Sixpenny Handley, 1988, Christopher Sparey-Green, 87-102
Shipton Hill, Dorset: an enigmatic Iron Age/Romano-British enclosure, Daniel Wright, 103-108
New ammonites from the Zigzag Bed of Dorset, Volker Dietze and Robert B. Chandler, 109-116
Ammonites from the Oxford Clay near Budmouth School and Tidmoor Point, Weymouth, and their bearing on the Callovian/Oxfordian boundary, N. Chapman, 117-127
A new Dorset record of the Zigzag Zone (Lower Bathonian stage, Middle Jurassic), John Huxtable, 129-133
Insect-bearing horizons in the type Purbeck and new Purbeck Wealden flies (Diptera), R. Coram and E. A. Jarzembowski, 135-140
The macroinvertebrate fauna of Luckford Lake (Dorset), a small heathland stream, John H. Blackburn, Patrick D. Armitage and Kay L. Symes, 141-145
The history and ecology of Spartina anglica in Poole Harbour, A. F. Raybould, 147-158
Dorset Archaeology in 1997
Aerial photographs
Archaeological sites added to the County Sites and Monuments Record, Francesca Radcliffe, Giles Romanes and Claire Pinder, 159
Brownsea Castle evaluation trench, Martin Papworth, 160
Chaldon Herring exploratory drill site, John Valentin, 160
Christchurch: Highcliffe Castle, Niall Oakley, 160
Dorchester: proposed sports centre and cemetery, Poundbury, Roland Smith, 160
Dorchester: former Hardye's School, Barnes Way, John Valentin, 160
Dorchester: former Maud Road School, Julian Cotton, 160
Kimmeridge Bay, Purbeck, John Valentin, 161
Kingston Lacy: medieval manorial buildings, Martin Papworth, 161
Milborne St Andrew: Coldstream Dairy, John Valentin, 161
Portesham: Front Street, John Valentin, 161-2
Shapwick Romano-British settlment: magnetometry survey, John Gater and Martin Papworth, 162
Sherborne: Tinney's Lane, Julian Cotton, 162
West Stafford: Stafford House, John Valentin, 162-3
Toller Porcorum: Church Mead, S. P. Robinson, 163
Woolcombe to Redford water main, Julian Cotton, 163
Evaluations with negative results, 163
A35 Tolpuddle to Puddletown bypass - interim note, Carrie M. Hearn and Vaughan Birbeck, 163-4
Bestwall Quarry excavations 1997 - interim report, Lilian Ladle, 163
Corfe Castle, inner ward, interim report 1997, Nancy Grace and Martin Papworth, 164-5
Interim report of excavation at West Mill, Corfe Castle, Martin Papworth, 165
Dorchester Roman aqueduct 1997, Bill Putnam, 165-168
Fontmell Magna: Gore Farm, John Valentin, 168
Shaftesbury: Westminster Memorial Hospital, John Valentin, 168-9
Sixpenny Handley: Myncen Farm 1997, Christopher Sparey-Green, 169-172
Watching briefs
Brownsea Island: 1 Farm Cottages, Tanya Cottrell, 173
Dorchester: Colliton Street, Roland Smith, 173
Dorchester: River View, Greenings Court, Christopher Sparey-Green, 173-4
Dorchester: Salisbury Street, Peter Woodward and David Ashford, 174
Observations during building work at 33 Trinity Street, Dorchester, Christopher Sparey-Green, 175
Water pipe trench, Cross-ridge Dyke, Fontmell Down, Martin Papworth, 175
Hinton St Mary: 4 Veal's Lane, Tanya Cottrell, 175
Water pipe trench, Hod Hill, Stourpaine, Martin Papworth, 175
Horton: Bramble Farm, C. R. Dowds, 175
Horton: Manor Farm, J. W. Day, 175-7
Wimborne: Blind Lane, J. W. Day, 177
Wimborne: Wilksworth, J. W. Day and D. Day, 177
Watching briefs with negative results, 177
Shorter Contributions
Brief Encounter: the Cerne Abbas Giantess project, summer 1997, Katherine Barker, 179-183
The Celtic place name "Loders", Andrew Breeze, 183
Natural History Reports
Geology - Dorset Geological News, Michael R. House, 185
Keates' Quarry dinosaur footprint site, J. L. Wright, 185-186
Further records of Dorset quaternary mammals, J. B. Delair, 186-188
Rare and notable lichen and bryophyte records, B. Edwards, 188-190
Rainfall, D. J. Paxman, 191-194
Dorset botany 1997, David Pearman, 194-195
Marine invertebrates 1996 and 1997, John Hawthorne, 195-196
Butterfly report 1997, Bill Shreeves, 196-198
Dorset moths 1997, Peter Davey, 199-201
Microlepidoptera report 1997, Phil Sterling, 201-203
1997 moth immigrations to Dorset, Peter Davey, 204-206
Land arthropods, N. R. Webb, 206-207
Amphibians 1996, Robert Skinner, 208
Reptiles 1996, Robert Skinner, 208-209
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 209-211
James Stevens Cox FSA, 1910-1997, Gregory Stevens Cox and R. N. R. Peers, 213-215
Christopher Gladstone Russell Riby Williams, 1921-1997, Sarah Oram, George Dannatt, Eric Ricketts, Doris Bateman and R. N. R. Peers, 215-216
Index, 217-220
Editorial policy and style guide, 221-222

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