Contents of volume 120

for 1998, published 1999


Lyme Regis: Trade and Population 1575-1725. A period of decline? (Mansel-Pleydell prize), Francis J. Murphy, 1-17
The Halletts - Organ builders of Kington Magna, Dorset, M. S. Ross, 19-24
The Fir Tree Field shaft: the date and archaeological potential of a Chalk swallowhole feature, Michael J. Allen and Martin Green, 25-37
A note on reconstructing the prehistoric landscape environment in Cranborne Chase; the Allen valley, Michael J. Allen, 39-44
The medieval manorial buildings of Kingston Lacy: survey and excavation results with an analysis of the medieval account rolls 1295-1462, Martin Papworth, 45-62
West Mill, Corfe Castle, Keith Eldred and Martin Papworth, 63-67
A temporary section in the Inferior Oolite (Middle Jurassic) at Coldharbour Business Park, Dodge Cross, Sherborne, Robert B. Chandler, Louise Glover and Doreen Smith, 69-72
Fossil heteropteran bugs from the Purbeck Limestone Group of Dorset, Yu. A. Popov, R. Coram and E. A. Jarzembowski, 73-75
The environmental quality of a small spring-fed watercourse, the Wool Stream (Dorset), assessed with macroinvertebrate data, Patrick D. Armitage and John H. Blackburn, 77-83
Shorter Contributions
A new Lateglacial open-air site at Deer Park Farm, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset, M. Green, R. N. E. Barton, N. Debenham and C. A. I. French, 85-88
Fontmell Down, Dorset: land-use, landscape and land management: the land snail evidence, M. Allen, 89-91
Interim report on excavations at Myncen Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset 1998, Christopher Sparey-Green, 91-94
Dorchester Roman aqueduct 1998, Bill Putnam, 94-96
Earnley Wood, P. A. Morris, 96-97
Two North Dorset linen working tokens, Michael F. Tighe, 97-98
Thomas Weld's chapel - a perspective on Catholicism in Dorset, Anthony Jaggard, 98-100
Dorset Archaeology in 1998
Aerial Photographs
Archaeological sites added to the county Sites and Monuments Record, Francesca Radcliffe, Giles Romanes and Claire Pinder, 101
Blandford Forum, West Street, Wessex Archaeology, 102
Bridport, Priory Lane, John Valentin, 102
Chaldon Herring cemetery, John Valentin, 102
Charminster, land adjacent to village hall, John Valentin, 102
Dewlish, Forge Cottage, Ron Brading and Brian Whitehead, 102
Dorchester, Colliton Street youth centre, Nick Cooke, 102-3
Dorchester, 33 Glyde Path Road, John Valentin, 103
Dorchester, old foundry site, Fordington High Street, Peter Cox and Steve Robinson, 103
Dorchester, Mariner's Parade, 41 High East Street, John Valentin, 103
Dorchester, Poundbury community woodland, Kevin Ritchie, 103-4
Gillingham, Waitrose supermarket, John Valentin, 104
Hamworthy, Longham Lakes, Peter Higgins, 104
Langton Herring, Angel Lane, John Valentin, 104
Pamphill, High Hall, Bob Davis and Niall Oakley, 105
Poole: Blandford Road, Hamworthy, Peter Higgins, 105
Portesham, Corton Farm, Kevin Ritchie, 105
Shaftesbury, Bell Street, John Valentin, 105
Sherborne, Land adjacent to Brecon House, Phil McMahon, 106
Sherborne, Greenhill House, Julian Cotton, 106
Sherborne, Lenthay Road, Ron Brading, 106
Sherborne, land adjacent to Sherborne House, John Valentin, 106
Stratton, land off Dorchester Road, Tanya Cottrell, 106
Toller Porcorum, School Lane, Astrid Hudson, 106
Verwood, Cooper's Lane, John Valentin, 107
Verwood, land off Edmondsham Road, Phil McMahon, 107
Wareham, land to rear of 36 North Street, John Valentin, 107
West Parley, Poor Common, John Valentin, 107
West Stafford, Julian Cotton, 107-8
Weymouth Bay holiday park, Preston, Mick Rawlings, 108
Weymouth, Lower Bond Street, Melcombe Regis, Brian Whitehead, 108
Weymouth, Redlands Sports Ground, John Valentin, 108
Whitcombe stable yard, Angela Batt and Roland J. C. Smith, 108-9
Wimborne Minster, East Borough, Stephen Robinson, 109
Wimborne Minster, Redcotts Lane, Julian Cotton, 109
Evaluations with negative results, 109
A35 Tolpuddle to Puddletown bypass: Tolpuddle Ball sub-Roman cemetery - interim report, Carrie M. Hearne, 110
Bestwall Quarry excavations 1998 - interim report, Lilian Ladle, 110
Corfe Castle, photogrammetric survey, Martin Papworth, 110
Dorchester Middle School, Coburg Road, Phil McMahon, 110-1
Dorchester, 18 Orchard Street, Christopher Sparey-Green, 111
Pamphill, Abbott Street Copse, Martin Papworth, 112
Pamphill, Walnut Farmhouse, Martin Papworth, 112-3
Pulham Church, Phil McMahon, 113
Shapwick Romano-British settlement: magnetometry survey, Martin Papworth, 113-4
Sixpenny Handley: Goldfields Farm, 1998, Ian Hewitt, 114
Stanton St Gabriel, brick kiln and medieval settlement: interim report, Martin Papworth, 114
Sutton Poyntz, Springhead public house, Ron Brading, 114
Thorncombe, Chard Junction, John Valentin, 115
Watching briefs
Abbotsbury Tithe Barn and Mill Farm, Phil McMahon, 115
Alton Pancras, Phil McMahon, 115
Beaminster, Langdon source nitrates pipeline, Michael Heaton, 115
Bridport, south-west quadrant, Julian Cotton, 116
Bridport Tannery, Ron Brading, 116
Bryanston, Bryanston School, Joe McDermott, 116
Chideock, Seatown, Steve Wallis, 116
Corfe Castle, Abbots Cottages, East Street, Phil McMahon, 116
Dewlish, land adjoining Middle Street, Phil McMahon, 116-7
Dorchester, Hollands House, Phil McMahon, 117
Dorchester Roman walls, Mark Dunkley and Chris Moore, 117
Dorchester, Thomas Hardye School, Astrid Hudson, 117
Long Bredy, Astrid Hudson, 117
Lyme Regis, St Andrews House, Uplyme Road, Steve Wallis, 117
Lyme Regis, drain, Jo Draper, 117-8
Poole, 1 High Street, John Valentin, 118
Poole, Hill Street, Peter Higgins, 118
Poole, 7 Market Close, Michael Heaton, 118
Portland, Coombefield Quarry, Southwell, Astrid Hudson, 118
Portland, The Verne, Emma Loader, 118
Purse Caundle, The Mead, Steve Wallis, 118
Sherborne, Greenhill House, Sherborne School, S. Robinson, 119
Sherborne, Island House, Newland, Michael Heaton, 119
Sherborne, St Anthony's Convent, Mark Dunkley, 119
Sherborne, South Street, Phil McMahon, 119
Shillingstone, Gain's Cross, Steve Wallis, 119
West Lulworth, Lulworth Park water pipeline, Astrid Hudson, 119
Weymouth, Redlands sports ground, Phil McMahon, 120
Winfrith Newburgh, Steve Wallis, 120
Winterborne Whitechurch, Lower Farm, C. J. Wright, 120
Watching briefs with negative results, 121
Finds and observations
A late Bronze Age penannular ring from Gussage All Saints, Laurence Keen, 121
Lyme Regis, possible enclosure, Jo Draper, 121
Natural History Reports
Geology - Dorset Geological News, Michael R. House, 123
Rainfall, John Oliver and Mark Ching, 123-126
Dorset botany 1998, David Pearman, 126-128
Marine invertebrates 1998, John Hawthorne, 128
Butterfly report 1998, Bill Shreeves, 128
Macrolepidoptera report 1998, Peter Davey, 131-133
Microlepidoptera report 1998, Phil Sterling, 134-135
1998 moth immigrations to Dorset, Peter Davey, 135-137
Dorset hoverfly report 1997, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 137
Dorset hoverfly report 1998, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 138
Land arthropods, N. R. Webb, 138-140
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 140-142
June Betteridge Johnstone, Cert Arch, 1924-1998, P. J. Woodward, 143-144
Kathleen Annie Deacon, 1907-1998, R. N. R. Peers, 145-146
Index, 147-150
Editorial Policy and Style Guide, 151-152

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