Contents of volume 117

for 1995, published 1996


The agricultural depression in Dorset c. 1870-1900 and the Duchy of Cornwall, Janet Waymark, 1-4
The `Enclosure' of Fordington Fields and the development of Dorchester, 1874-1903, Judy Morris and Jo Draper, 5-14
Pinford Bridge in Sherborne Park, Ann Smith, 15-19
The topography of Dorchester in the fifteenth century, Jo Draper with M. E. King, 21-50
Archaeology and historical landscape in Wessex from the air, F. M. Radcliffe, 51-66
An Iron Age and Romano-British settlement on Oakley Down, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset, L. Brown, M. Corney and P. J. Woodward, 67-79
The excavation of 12th-13th century deposits at Howard's Lane, Wareham, P. A. Harding, Lorraine Mepham and Roland J. C. Smith, 81-90
More Dorset limekilns, Peter Stanier, 91-94
The building stones of Dorset, part 4: the northern parishes which use Forest Marble and Cornbrash limestones, Jo Thomas, 95-100
The Inferior Oolite at East Hill Quarry, Bradford Abbas, Dorset, Robert Chandler and David T. C. Sole, 101-108
Dorset Dolines: part 3, Eocene pockets and gravel pipes in the Chalk of St Oswald's Bay, Michael R. House, 109-116
The environmental quality of a small urban watercourse, the Bourne Stream (Dorset), assessed with macroinvertebrate data, Patrick D. Armitage, John H. Blackburn and Kay L. Symes, 117-122
Dorset Archaeology in 1995
Assessments and evaluations
A31 and A35 trunk road improvements, Cliff Bateman, Mike Ings and Graeme Walker, 123
88 West Street, Bere Regis, Peter W. Cox, 123
Pinhorn Nurseries, Alderholt, Pete Higgins, 123
Blandford army camp, field A, John Valentin, 123
Blandford army camp, field B, John Valentin, 123
`The Ramblers', Bradford Peverell, Dorchester, Wessex Archaeology, 123
Former fire station, Bridport, Phil Andrews, 123
Broadmayne Church, Broadmayne, Phil Harding, 123-4
Clockhouse Copse, Burton, Jacqueline I. McKinley, 124
Dairy Farm, Charlton Marshall, Vaughan Birbeck, 124
Bridge Street Island, Christchurch, Brian Whitehead and Pete Higgins, 124
43/45 High Street, Christchurch, John Hawkes, 124
84-90 East Street, Corfe Castle, Julian Cotton, 124
Extension to the Leisure Centre, Coburg Road, Dorchester, Michael Heaton, 124
The Trumpet Major, Dorchester, Tanya Cottrell, 124
Dorey's Farm. East Holme, Peter W. Cox, 124
Petersham Farm, Holt, Alan Hawkins, 125
The Merley Youth Club site, Chichester Walk, Merley, Julian Cotton, 125
The new Tatnam Farm Middle School, Poole, Rob Scaife, 125
Upton Country Park, Creekmoor, Poole, Lennard M. Anderson, 125
42/44 West Street, Poole, David R. Watkins, 125
St Aldhelm's Head, Purbeck, N. Bradford and A. Graham, 125
The former Foster's School site, Tinney's Lane, Sherborne, John Valentin, 125-6
Barrow Lea, Stalbridge, Christine Butterworth, 126
Plot 1, Church Lane, Sutton Waldron, Julian Cotton, 126
Vearse Farm, Symondsbury, near Bridport, Christopher K. Currie, 126
St Mary's Church, Tarrant Crawford, Julian Cotton, 126
Dewlands Way, Verwood, Pete Higgins, 126
76 Ringwood Road, Verwood, John Valentin, 126
5 South Street, Wareham, Andrew Hutchinson, 126
The Quayside, Commercial Road, Weymouth, John Valentin, 127
Spring Cottage, Marlow Road, Weymouth, John Valentin, 127
Proposed site of new Parish Room, Whitchurch Canonicorum, John Hawkes, 127
Wimborne Minster, Pete Higgins, 127
Ferrybridge, Portland Road, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Jon Brett, 127
Assessments and evaluations with negative results, 127
Middlebere Farm, Arne, Martin Papworth, 128
Excavations at Corfe Castle 1995, David Thackray and Martin Papworth, 128
Excavations and fieldwork on the Dorchester Roman aqueduct, Bill Putnam and Ian Hewitt, 128-131
Survey and excavation at Knowlton Rings, Woodland Parish, Dorset 1993-5, Steve Burrow and John Gale, 131-2
Fieldwork and excavations at Portesham, A. P. Fitzpatrick and Peter J. Woodward, 133
Excavation of Romano-British settlement at Shapwick, Martin Papworth, 133-5
White Mill, Shapwick, Nancy Grace, 135
Quarleston Farm, Winterborne Stickland, Luke Fagan, 135-6
Watching briefs
Woodbury Hill, Bere Regis, Steve Wallis, 136
Bestwall quarry gravels project 1994-5, Lilian Ladle, 136
The Warren, Chaldon Herring, Steve Wallis, 136
Quay Cottage, 6 Quay Road, Christchurch, Julian Cotton, 136
84-90 East Street, Corfe Castle, Julian Cotton, 136
Corfe Mullen, Jacqueline I. McKinley, 136
39-40 High East Street, Dorchester, Andrew Weale, 137
Chantry Fields, Gillingham, Wessex Archaeology, 137
Kington Manor Farm, Kington Magna, Jacqueline I. McKinley, 137
Lulworth Camp gunnery school, Lulworth, Joe McDermott, 137
Southcombe, Piddletrenthide, Ron Brading, 137
71 Lake Drive, Hamworthy, Poole, Lennard M. Anderson, 137
New Quay Road, Hamworthy, Poole, David R. Watkins, 137
Customs House, The Quay, Poole, Lennard M. Anderson, 137
Proposed new barrackmaster's workshop, RNAS Portland, Ann Woodward and David Tyler, 137-140
Mason's Lodge, Bell Street, Wareham, Steve Wallis, 140
Bestwall Barn, Wareham, Lilian Ladle and Carol O'Hara, 140
10 St John's Hill, Wareham, Lilian Ladle and Carol O'Hara, 140
Sandford Lane, Wareham, Tanya Cottrell, 140
Winterborne Kingston, Michael Heaton, 140
Watching briefs with negative results, 140-141
Tile fragment from Dorchester, Laurence Keen, 141
Earthenware jars from East Worth and Holtwood, Penny Copland-Griffiths, 141-2
Decorated floor-tile from Sherborne, Laurence Keen, 142
A witch bottle from 1 Grove Lane, Stalbridge, Chris Copson, 142
Shorter Contributions
A medieval site at Bere Regis, David Higgins, 143-147
Air photographic evidence for settlements at Chescombe, Winterborne Whitechurch, Christopher Sparey-Green, 147-149
Early record of a barrow excavation on Little Down, Langton Long and Tarrant Rawston and a note on a ring ditch on Race Down, Pimperne, Christopher Sparey-Green, 150
The Mill House, Stour Provost, Dorset, M. S. Ross, 151-152
Natural History Reports
Dorset Geological News, Michael R. House, 153
The rediscovery of Creniceras renggeri (Oppel) in the Upper Oxford Clay near Weymouth, Nigel Chapman, 153-154
Research in progress: Biostratinomic investigations of shell beds in the Purbeck formation, Jon D. Radley, 154-155
Towards a revision of Purbeck insects: Protogryllus, Panorpidium, Pleciomya and Prohousea nom. nov., Ed. A. Jarzembowski, 155-157
A new section in the Rubbly Beds Limestones of the Upper Inferior Oolite (Middle Jurassic; Upper Bajocian) of north Dorset, John Huxtable, 158
Rainfall, D. J. Paxman, 158-162
Dorset botany in 1995, David Pearman, 163-164
Rare and notable lichen and bryophyte records 1995, B. Edwards, 164-165
Marine invertebrates, John Hawthorne, 165
Microlepidoptera report 1994, Phil Sterling, 165-166
Microlepidoptera report 1995, Phil Sterling, 166-167
1994 moth records, Peter Davey, 167-168
1995 moth records, Peter Davey, 168-169
1994 moth immigration to Dorset and potential sources of origin, Peter Davey, 169-170
1995 moth immigration to Dorset and potential sources of origin, Peter Davey, 170-172
Land arthropods, N. R. Webb, 172-173
Dorset hoverfly report 1995, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 173
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 174-175
Water voles on Brownsea Island nature reserve, Kevin Cook, 176
L. V. Grinsell, R. N. R. Peers, 177-179
Donald Behenna Jeffery, Jo Draper, 179
Index, 181-184

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