Contents of volume 111

for 1989, published 1990

Thorner's Litton, a dissenting school in Dorset, C. J. Bailey, 1-8
Barracks in Dorset during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, John R. Breihan, 9-14
Excavation of Neolithic and Bronze Age pits, and a section of Roman road on a pipeline near Lodge Farm, Pamphill, Dorset, Peter Addison, 15-29
A double ring ditched, Bronze Age barrow at Barford Farm, Pamphill, Sally Howard, 31-55
The Romano-British settlement, Common Mead Land, Gillingham, Dorset, W. F. Moore and M. S. Ross, 57-70
Excavation near a 17th century kiln at Horton, Dorset, Penny Copland-Griffiths, 71-85
Excavations at 9 Bridport Road, Dorchester, E. G. Hughes, 87-90
The Beaches of Lyme Bay, Eric Bird, 91-97
Some effects of habitat change on the Dorset flora, A. Horsfall, 99-104
Dorset Archaeology in 1989
Crab Farm Neolithic enclosure, Martin Papworth, 105
The Stour Valley Gravels project, 1989 interim report, D. R. Watkins and K. W. Collins, 105
Neolithic axe from Gillingham, M. S. Ross, 105
Two new prehistoric sites on Sopley Common, Hurn, Ken Standing, 105
Worked Portland chert and flint from Tidmoor Point, Robin T. Pearce, 105
Possible barrow at Church Knowle, Claire Pinder, 105
Kingston Lacy beech avenue, interim reports, Martin Papworth, 105-6
Durotrigian coins from Winterborne Monkton and Durweston, Laurence Keen, 106
Observations at Hamworthy 1989, Kevin W. Collins, 106
Grimstone Dairy, Stratton, Susan M. Davies, 106
Cist burial, Portland, Laurence Keen, 106-7
The Roman road from Lake Farm towards Winchester, N. H. Field, 107
A Roman coin from Wareham Lady St Mary, Lilian Ladle, 107
Bucknowle, 1989, J. Collins, N. Field and A. Light, 107
Dole's Ash Farm, Piddletrenthide, Laurence Keen, 107
Roman coin hoard from Nether Compton, Laurence Keen, 107
Charles Street, Dorchester, Wessex Court development, Susan M. Davies and David Farwell, 107-9
Other sites in Dorchester
Grove Garage, Susan M. Davies, 109-110
Roman Walls, Roland Smith, 110
County Hospital, Susan M. Davies, 110
Dingles Store, Susan M. Davies, 110
58-60 High West Street, Susan M. Davies, 110
Middle Farm, Dorchester, Susan M. Davies, 110
Bradford Peverell inhumation cemetery, John Hawthorne and Claire Pinder, 110-1
Empool pipeline, East Stoke to West Knighton, Roland Smith, 111
Wytch Farm oilfield, infield flowlines, Corfe Castle and Arne, Peter W. Cox, 111
Ryall pipeline, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Susan M. Davies, 111
Gillingham relief road, Roland Smith, 111
A mediaeval `banner' type of harness ornament, Nick Griffiths, 111-2
Medieval floor tile from Shaftesbury, C. J. Bond, 112
Lodge Farm and Badbury Park, Pamphill, Martin Papworth, 112-4
Well at Milton Abbas, Laurence Keen, 114
Wilkswood Farm. Langton Matravers, Martin Papworth, 114
A late mediaeval silver ring from Portesham, Laurence Keen, 114
Corfe Castle excavations 1989: interim report, David Thackray and Martin Papworth, 114
Winterborne Came and Piddletrenthide parish churches, Laurence Keen, 114
Woolcombe, Alan Hunt, 114-7
Lower Kingcombe, Alan Hunt, 117-8
Wimborne Minster, Wimborne, Susan M. Davies, 118
17th century kiln at Horton, Penny Copland-Griffiths, 118
Crockerford, Fifehead Magdalen, M. S. Ross, 118
White Mill, Shapwick, Martin Papworth, 118
Weymouth Avenue, Fordington, Roland Smith, 118-9
Shorter Contributions
Two round barrows and flintwork on Pound Hill, Winterbourne Steepleton, Dorset, Paul Garwood, 120-121
Observations on the Purbeck to Southampton pipeline, Peter Addison and David Maynard, 122-124
The search for a small Anglo-Saxon bound at Shaftesbury, Jan Rutter, 125-127
The font at Melbury Bubb: an interpretation, W. B. Yapp, 128-129
The Mizmaze at Leigh, near Sherborne, Dorset, Katherine Barker, 130-132
Natural History Reports 1989
Geology, M. R. House, 133-134
Botany, D. Pearman, 134-136
Land Arthropods, N. R. Webb, 136-137
Dorset Syrphidae, E. T. and D. A. Levy and W. F. Dean, 137-138
Lepidoptera, Alan T. Bromby, 138-140
Moors Valley Country Park: effects of construction on local Odonata population, E. V. Prendergast, 140-143
Amphibians and Reptiles, Robert V. Skinner, 144-145
Ornithological Notes, Paul Harris, 145-146
Dorset bird names: affinities and origins, W. B. Lockwood, 146-149
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 149-150
Rainfall, D. J. Paxman, 151-153
Eric Arthur Gee 1913-1989, R. A. H. Farrar, 155
Violet Madeline Josette Jones 1894-1989, 156
Philip Whatmoor 1934-1989, 157
Index, 159-161

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