Contents of volume 112

for 1990, published 1991

Matthew Chubb of Dorchester: rapacious moneylender and benevolent philanthropist, J. H. Bettey, 1-4
Boundaries and landscape in Blackmoor: the Tudor manors of Holnest, Katherine Barker and Dennis R. Seaward, 5-22
Excavation of the 17th century kiln at Horton, Dorset, Penny Copland-Griffiths and Christine Butterworth, 23-32
The church of St Rumbold, Cann, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Shaftesbury and District Archaeological Group, 33-42
Excavations at the parish church of All Saints, Chalbury, Dorset 1989, Teresa Hall, 43-50
The South Walks tunnel sewer, Dorchester: archaeological watching-brief, Susan M. Davies and David E. Farwell, 51-56
Excavations at Whitcombe, 1965-1967, G. M. and G. N. Aitken, 57-94
A temporary section in the Gault at Fontmell Magna, North Dorset, C. R. Bristow and H. G. Owen, 95-97
The Kimmeridge Clay of the Darknoll Brook, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset, C. R. Bristow and B. M. Cox, 99-103
Dorset Dolines, part 1: the Higher Kingston Road cutting, Michael R. House, 105-108
Chesil Beach, changes in crest height 1969-1990, Alan P. Carr and Dennis R. Seaward, 109-112
Dorset Archaeology in 1990
Recently discovered handaxes from East Dorset, Martin T. Green, 113-4
The Stour Valley gravels project, 1990 interim report, D. R. Watkins and K. W. Collins, 114
A new ring ditch in Woodlands parish, John Milner and Martin T. Green, 114
Lewell Farm, West Knighton, P. J. Leach, 114
Warmwell Quarry, West Knighton, P. J. Leach, 114-5
Lambert's Castle, Marshwood, West Dorset, M. J. Lester, 115
Poundbury farm track, Dorchester, Dorset, Susan M. Davies, 115
Excavations at Charles Street (Wessex Court), Dorchester: interim note on Stage 2, October-December 1990, Neil J. Adam, 115-7
Romano-British building remains at Shapwick, Martin Papworth, 117
A Roman building in Gussage St Andrew, Martin T. Green, 117
Bucknowle Farm, Corfe Castle, 1990, J. Collins, N. Field and A. Light, 117-9
A Roman building and mediaeval earthworks near Woodyates Manor, Martin T. Green, 119
A Saxon strap-end from Tarrant Crawford, Laurence Keen, 119
Kingston Lacy manorial buildings, Sarah Bridges and Martin Papworth, 119-122
Gillingham Relief Road, Dorset: summary of excavations 1990, M. Heaton and S. Lobb, 122
Black Barn Farm, Chalbury, P. J. Leach, 122
Wimborne Minster, Joshua Hull, Steven Membery, John Percival and Robert Waterhouse, 122
Deans Court, Wimborne, Alex Jones, 122-3
Mediaeval floor-tile from Shaftesbury, M. S. Ross, 123
Decorated floor-tile from Winterborne Came, Laurence Keen, 123
Archaeological assessment at Manor Farm, Wyke Regis, Dorset, Roland Smith, 123
Toller Porcorum, Alan Hunt, 123-4
Stratton, Alan Hunt and Tim Sutherland, 124-5
Corfe Castle excavations 1990: interim report, David Thackray and Martin Papworth, 125
Woolcombe, Alan Hunt, 125-7
Hamworthy observations, Kevin W. Collins, 127
Wareham Oilfield, Wareham, Duncan Coe and John Hawkes, 127-8
Parley Court Farm near Christchurch, Duncan Coe and John Hawkes, 128
29 High Street, Wimborne Minster, Duncan Coe and John Hawkes, 128
Aerial photography: new sites, F. Radcliffe, G. Romanes and C. Pinder, 128
Shorter Contributions
The excavation of a cremation burial on Little Piddle Down, Piddlehinton, Martin Papworth and Ann Woodward, 129-131
Archaeological investigation following the discovery of a hoard of palstaves near New Inn Farmhouse, Marnhull, Dorset, A. J. Lawson and D. E. Farwell, 131-138
Spolia Opima at Horton, P. Copland-Griffiths, 138-139
Some mediaeval pottery at Shaftesbury, Paul Stoerry, 139-141
Medieval and post-medieval millstones from The Old Malthouse, Abbotsbury, Dorset, Alan H. Graham and D. L. Farmer, 141-142
A second Bastard Barometer, Polly Legg, 142-145
A tale of two pulpits, Jo Draper, 145-146
Long Cross brickworks, Shaston (Shaftesbury) St James, Dorset, M. S. Ross, 146-149
A named bread-bin from Verwood, Jo Draper, 150
Natural History Reports 1990
Geology, M. R. House, 151
Botany, D. Pearman, 151-153
Marine invertebrates, J. B. Hawthorne, 154
Land arthropods, N. R. Webb, 154-156
Hoverflies, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 156
Lepidoptera, Alan T. Bromby, 156-157
Butterflies in Purbeck, J. L. R. Baiss, 157
Amphibians and reptiles, Robert V. Skinner, 158-159
Bird report, P. M. Harris, 159-160
Rookery study, E. F. C. Coetzee, 160-161
Song frequency of the Nightjar, A. S. Norris, 161
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 161-163
Rainfall, D. J. Paxman, 164-166
Philip George Heyworth Hopkins 1915-1990, 167
John Ruston 1924-1990, R. N. R. Peers, 168-169
Joan Clairmont Waltoni 1911-1990, R. N. R. Peers, 169-170
Walter F. Wright 1912-1990, 170
Index, 171-173

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