Contents of volume 113

for 1991, published 1992

Thomas Hardy and the German Hussars, George Lanning, 1-4
Education in Swanage 1787-1902, Margaret Emms, 5-16
Brickmaking at Gillingham and Motcombe, Dorset, M. S. Ross, 17-22
Anglo-Saxon Abbey Shaftesbury - Bectun's Base or Alfred's Foundation, Elinor Murphy, 23-32
Field Survey and Excavation on Worgret Heath, 1990, D. Coe and J. W. Hawkes, 33-40
Observations at Merchant's Garage, High West Street, Dorchester, 1983, Peter S. Bellamy, 41-54
A Late Iron Age Settlement and Black-Burnished Ware (BB1) Production Site at Worgret, near Wareham, Dorset (1986-7), Carrie M. Hearne and Roland J. C. Smith, 55-105
The Excavation of Fordington Farm Round Barrow, Peter S. Bellamy, 107-132
The Halstock Mosaic found in 1817, R. N. Lucas, 133-138
The geology of the A303 trunk road between Wincanton, Somerset and Mere, Wiltshire, C. R. Bristow, B. M. Cox, M. A. Woods, H. C. Prudden, D. Sole, M. Edmunds and J. H. Callomon, 139-143
A geological map of Purbeck Beds in the northern part of Durlston Bay, J. F. Nunn, 145-148
Dorset Dolines: Part 2, Bronkham Hill, Michael R. House, 149-155
Chesil Beach: landward recession 1965-1991, Alan P. Carr and Dennis R. Seaward, 157-160
Unimproved neutral grassland in Dorset: survey and conservation, R. D. Porley and P. F. Ulf-Hansen, 161-165
Dorset Archaeology in 1991
Deposits of colluvium and burnt flint in the Frome valley, Frampton, Dorchester, Christopher Sparey-Green, 167
A colluvial deposit below Melbury Hill, Compton Abbas, Christopher Sparey-Green, 167
A burnt flint site and flint implements from Chettle, Christopher Sparey-Green, 168
West Stafford Bypass evaluation, Michael J. Heaton, 168 (figure on 169)
West Stafford Bypass excavation: interim note, Julian Richards, 168
Hewish Hill drill site, Portesham, Julian Richards, 168
Stagg's Folly engineer's tip A37 road improvement, Sydling St Nicholas, Philip Bennet, 168
The Stour Valley Gravels project 1991, D. R. Watkins and K. W. Collins, 168
Observations on a pipeline: Sturminster Marshall to Blandford St Mary, Carrie M. Hearne, 168-9
Round barrows at Squirrel's Cottages, East Holme, Frances Healy, 170 (fig. on 171)
Sturminster Marshall, Tim Allen, 170
Boyne Hollow water pipeline, Philip Bennett, 170
A section of Combs Ditch, Charlton Marshall, Christopher Sparey-Green, 170-172
Excavation of Romano-British remains at Shapwick, interim report, Martin Papworth, 172-173
Excavations in the parish of Compton Valence, W. G. Putnam, 173
The Iron Age and Romano-British site at Bucknowle Farm, Corfe Castle, J. Collins, N. Field and A. Light, 173-4
Further archaeological investigations near Cleavel Point, Ower peninsula, Corfe Castle, Dorset, Peter W. Cox, 174
Pipeline observations, Wareham to Stoborough main, Carrie M. Hearne, 174
Heathcote House, Icen Way, Dorchester, Peter W. Cox, 174
Trinity Street car park, Dorchester, Susan M. Davies and A. V. C. Jenkins, 174-5
Joseph Weld House, Dorchester, Duncan Coe, 175
Observations on the Magistrates' Courts, County Hall, Dorchester, Michael J. Heaton, 175
Motor Project building, Dorchester, Karen Walker, 175
Excavations at Corfe Castle 1991, interim report, David Thackray and Martin Papworth, 175
Woolcombe, Alan Hunt, 175-8
Toller Porcorum excavations 1991, interim report, John Gale, 178-180
St Leonard's chapel, Blandford Forum, an archaeological evaluation of the structural foundations (interim statement), John Gale, 180 (fig. on 181)
Godwin's Orchard, Kington Magna, Dorset, Julian Richards, 180
The Vines, Long Street, Sherborne, Julian Richards and John Hawkes, 181
Shaftesbury Abbey, Julian Richards, 181
The Rectory, Canford Magna, D. R. Watkins, 181
14 Wick Lane, Christchurch, D. R. Watkins, 181
Twynham School, Christchurch, D. R. Watkins, 181-3
St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch, D. R. Watkins, 183
Wimborne former model town, Peter W. Cox, 183
Excavations at Church House, Wimborne Minster, A. V. C. Jenkins, 183 (fig. on 182)
Excavations at 39-69 East Borough, Wimborne Minster, Michael J. Heaton and Julie Lancley, 183
A mediaeval stone mortar from Sandford Orcas, Laurence Keen, 183
Two fifteenth century gold rings from Holdith Court, Thorncombe, Laurence Keen, 184
A ninth century mount from Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth, Laurence Keen, 184
Carolingian mount from Wareham, Laurence Keen, 184
Observations on a pipeline in the Vale of Marshwood, Carrie M. Hearne, 184-5
Observations on the Stoke Wake to Ansty water pipeline, Carrie M. Hearne, 185
Wyke Road, Gillingham, John Hawkes, 185
1 Church Lane, Lower Blandford St Mary, Peter W. Cox, 185
Wareham Hospital phase 2 extension, Peter W. Cox, 185
Pony Drive, Upton, Lytchett Minster, Peter W. Cox, 185
Manor Farm, Tarrant Monkton, Peter W. Cox, 185
Canford Heath Middle School, Poole, D. R. Watkins, 185
Seldown School, Poole, D. R. Watkins, 185
Weston Road, Worth Matravers, Tim Sutherland, 185
Shorter Contributions
Two Bronze Figurines of Iron Age date from Dorset, Martin Henig, 186-7
Worth Matravers, David A. Hinton and D. P. S. Peacock, 187-190
Recent Archaeological Work at Chantry Fields, Gillingham, Michael J Heaton, 190-2
Sir William Martyn, Amanda Colbourne, 192-3
Natural History Reports
Geology, Michael House, 195
Halite Pseudomorphs from the Cherty Freshwater Member (Purbeck Limestone Formation) of Lulworth Cove, Dorset, J. D. Radley, 195-6
The Occurrence of Megalosaurs in the Portlandian of Dorset, J. B. Delair, 196
A further examination of the Subfurcatum Zone (Middle Jurassic; Upper Bajocian) of North Dorset, John Huxtable, 196-8
A sphenodontid jaw (Reptilia: Lepidosauria) from the Upper Jurassic of Dorset, Susan E. Evans and Nick C. Fraser, 199-200
Small Reptiles and Amphibians from the Forest Marble (Middle Jurassic) of Dorset, Susan E. Evans, 201-2
Predation amongst Jurassic Marine Reptiles, Jane Clarke and Steve Etches, 202-5
Botany, D. A. Pearman, 206-7
A Second Extant Locality for Gastridium ventricosum, C. D. Preston and D. A. Pearman, 207-210
Land Arthropods, N. R. Webb, 210-1
Lepidoptera, Alan T. Bromby, 211-2
Hoverflies, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 212
Amphibians, Robert V. Skinner, 212
Reptiles, Robert V. Skinner, 213
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 213-5
Bird Report 1991, P. M. Harris, 216
Rainfall 1991, D. J. Paxman, 216-7
A Downward Trend in Rainfall, D. J. Paxman, 218-9
Ronald Norman Lucas 1920-1991, R. N. R. Peers, 221-222
Index, 223-6

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