Contents of volume 114

for 1992, published 1993

Maps and Minterne Magna, a diverting story, Dennis R. Seaward and Katherine Barker, 1-8
Parish life in Dorset during the early 17th century, J. H. Bettey, 9-12
`This frightful blasphemous sect': apocalyptic millenarians in Victorian Dorset, Joshua John Schwieso, 13-18
Excavations of Coburg Road and Weymouth Road, Fordington, Dorchester, Dorset 1988-9, Roland J. C. Smith, Mick N. Rawlings and Ian Barnes, 19-45
Excavation and survey of Bronze Age sites in the Badbury area, Martin Papworth, 47-76
Bradford Abbas: a field survey of the prehistory, M. S. Ross, 77-88
An intertidal zone Romano-British site on Brownsea Island, Keith Jarvis, 89-95
Two mid-Saxon grain dryers and later mediaeval features at Chantry Field, Gillingham, Dorset, Michael J. Heaton, 97-126
Excavations at the Waitrose supermarket site, Chantry Fields, Gillingham, Dorset 1991-2, Peter W. Cox, 127-144
Excavations at the former site of the Wimborne Model Town 1991, Peter W. Cox, 145-150
Henry Durden and his collection, Ian Longworth and Cathy Haith, 151-160
The building stones of Dorset: part 1, the western parishes, Upper Greensand Chert and Lower Lias, Jo Thomas, 161-168
Taxonomy and palaeoecology of the Portlandian (Upper Jurassic) pleurotomariid gastropod Bathrotomaria rugata (Bennett, 1831) from southern England, Jon D. Radley, 169-174
A provisional checklist of fossil insects from the Purbeck Beds of Dorset, Ed. A. Jarzembowski, 175-179
Type-section of the Purbeck Limestone Group, Durlston Bay, Swanage, Dorset, R. G. Clements, 181-206
Recent work of the British Geological Survey in Dorset, C. R. Bristow, 207-214
The status of some Purbeck sea birds 2, R. Treleven Haysom, 215-220
The macro-invertebrates of fourteen West Dorset ponds (Mansel-Pleydell prize essay), Philip Temple, 221-226
The management of lowland heath from 1966-1989 at Arne nature reserve, Dorset, UK, Bryan P. Pickess, Neil D. Burgess and Ceri E. Evans, 227-232
Dorset Archaeology in 1992
Assessments and evaluations
Nutcombe Terrace, Charmouth, Roland J. C. Smith, 233
Knapp Mill Avenue, Christchurch, Julie Gardiner, 233
Penny's Farm, Cranborne, Carrie M. Hearne, 233
Norden, Corfe Castle, Peter W. Cox, 233
Burton Pumping Station, near Dorchester, Carrie M. Hearne, 233
Lamberts Hill Reservoir, near Dorchester, Ian Barnes, 233
Evaluation at Maiden Castle School, Dorchester, Alan Graham and Julian Richards, 233-4
Evaluation of land near Evershot and Stockwood in advance of A37 road improvements, Peter W. Cox, 234
Tan Lane, Bourton, near Gillingham, Roland J. C. Smith, 234
Hooke, Alan Hunt, 234
Ringwood Road, Longham, D. R. Watkins, 234
Evaluation of St Mary's Church, Lytchett Matravers, Julian Richards, 234
Milton Road, Milborne St Andrew, Peter W. Cox, 234
Hogford Mill, Pamphill, Sarah Bridges and Martin Papworth, 234-7
Wheelers Land, Bearwood, Poole, Carrie M. Hearne, 237
Lower Constitution Hill, Poole, D. R. Watkins, 237
Evaluation at Southcombe, Piddletrenthide, Julian Richards, 238
Shaftesbury Abbey, Julian Richards, 238
Frome Whitfield, Stinsford, Peter W. Cox, 238
Goathorn Peninsula, Studland, Peter W. Cox, 238
Evaluation at Washpond Land, Swanage, Julian Richards, 238
St John's Hill, Wareham, Peter W. Cox, 238
Worgret Road, Wareham, Peter W. Cox, 238
Goldcroft Road, Weymouth, Peter W. Cox, 238
Excavations at Corfe Castle 1992, David Thackray and Martin Papworth, 238-9
Middle Farm, Bridport Road, Dorchester, Roland J. C. Smith, 239
Fieldwork and excavation on the Dorchester Roman aqueduct, W. G. Putnam, 239-240
Excavation of a round barrow, Golden Cap, Martin Papworth, 240
Excavations of a prehistoric ceremonial complex at Ogden Down, Gussage St Michael, Martin T. Green, 240-244
Pamphill Manor House, Martin Papworth, 244
Toller Porcorum, J. Gale, 244-5
Woolcombe, Alan Hunt, 245
Worth Matravers 1992, David A. Hinton and D. P. S. Peacock, 245-6
Watching briefs
Bestwall Quarry gravels project, Lilian Ladle, 247
Observations at Bradford Peverell, Julian Richards, 247
Winton Primary School, Bournemouth, Carrie M. Hearne, 247
New Norden mine, Corfe Castle, Peter W. Cox and John Valentin, 247
Observations on the Dorchester ring main, interim note, Julian Richards, 247-8
Langmoor, Ferndown, Carrie M. Hearne, 248
Lytchett Minster sewerage works, near Poole, Carrie M. Hearne, 248
Observations in Poole, Kevin W. Collins, 248
6 South Street, Sherborne, Peter W. Cox, 248
Rempstone Centre car park, Wareham, Peter W. Cox, 248
West Stafford bypass, observation and recording, Julian Richards, 248
Amenity lake at West Stour, M. S. Ross, 248-9
Romano-British settlement remains at Dairy House, Winterborne Herringston, interim note, Peter J. Woodward, 249
Balfour Farm, Wool, Susan M. Davies, 249
Standing building surveys
Sturminster Newton Castle, Sturminster Newton, John Hawkes, 249
Sydling St Nicholas Tithe Barn, Julian Mumby, 249
Toller Porcorum, Carole Ryan, 249-250
Broome Farm, Wynford Eagle, Carole Ryan, 250
Finds reports
A Hanseatic flagon from Chesil Bay, Kevin W. Collins and Ronald F. Homer, 250-1
Bronze Age pottery from Corfe Common, Martin Papworth, 251
Further finds from Rope Lake Hole, Kimmeridge, Martin T. Green, 251-2
A mediaeval gold ring from Friar Waddon, Portesham, Laurence Keen, 252
Wareham Lady St Mary, St Johns Hill, Lilian Ladle, 252
Wareham Lady St Mary, Ropers land, Lilian Ladle and Ken Wheatley, 252
Shorter Contributions
The Bournemouth Hospital Bronze Age hoard, Timothy Champion and Keith Jarvis, 253-254
Late Iron Age and Romano-British sites located on the Chalbury to Osmington water main, Julie Lancley, 254-258
Revised dating of the Worgret structure, David A. Hinton, 258-259
The inscribed stones in Lady St Mary church, Wareham, David A. Hinton, 260
Mediaeval settlement at Kington Magna, M. S. Ross, 261-263
Brickmaking at Gillingham and Motcombe, Dorset, M. S. Ross, 263-264
Two Dorset drawings by Heywood Sumner, Gordon Le Pard, 264-268
An inventory of ancient, holy and healing wells of Dorset, James Rattue, 265
The bell of Bothenhampton: the travails of a 17th-century churchwarden, J. H. Bettey, 268-269
Natural History Reports
Geology, Michael House, 270
Rainfall 1992, D. J. Paxman, 270-272
Dorset Botany 1992, D. Pearman, 272-274
Marine Invertebrates, John Hawthorne, 274-275
Lepidoptera, Alan T. Bromby, 275-276
Land Arthropods, N. R. Webb, 276-277
Dorset Hoverfly report, David and Ted Levy, 277
Dolichovespula media (Retzius): a social wasp new to Dorset, S. P. M. Roberts, 277-278
The status and distribution of Pseudoepipona herrichii (Hymenoptera) in Dorset, Stephen Morrison, 278-279
Amphibians and reptiles, Robert V. Skinner, 279
Birds in Dorset 1992, Paul M. Harris, 279-281
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 280-282
Derek Frank Beamish, I. K. D. Andrews, 283
Norman Hassell Field 1917-1992, R. N. R. Peers, 284-285
Ronald D'Oyley Good 1896-1992, R. N. R. Peers and G. L. Lucas, 286-287
Maureen Weinstock, 288-289
Index, 291-295

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