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for 1993, published 1994


The buildings of Shaftesbury Abbey in the mid-sixteenth century, F. C. Hopton, 1-13
Manorial stewards and the conduct of manorial affairs, J. H. Bettey, 15-19
The rural parish church in Dorset in the eighteenth century, Glanville J. Davies, 21-28
A Dorset carrier in the eighteenth century, Dorian Gerhold, 29-32
Dorset limekilns: a first survey, Peter H. Stainer, 33-49
Excavation of a Bronze Age round barrow and Napoleonic signal station at Golden Cap, Stanton St Gabriel, Martin Papworth, 51-62
An early Iron Age hilltop settlement at Heron Grove, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset: first excavation report, John Valentin, 63-70
Excavations at Dorchester Hospital (site C), Dorchester, Dorset, J. Patrick Greene, 71-100
Excavations at Hamworthy in 1974, Keith Jarvis, 101-109
Melbury Abbas: Medieval pottery in perspective, M. S. Ross, 111-119
Witchampton: village origins, Teresa Hall, 121-132
Building stones of Dorset, part 2: Chideock to Broadwindsor - Middle and Upper Lias, Jo Thomas, 133-139
A lower molar of Stereognathus sp. (Reptilia, Therapsida) from the Bathonian of southern England, P. C. Ensom, 139-141
A supplement to the insect fauna from the Purbeck Group of Dorset, F. Clifford, R. Coram, E. A. Jarzembowski and A. J. Ross, 143
Dorset Archaeology in 1993
Assessments and evaluations
Bridport Community Hospital, Allington, Alan Graham and Julian Richards, 147
Blandford Camp, Andrew Weale and Julian Richards, 147
Stour Park, Blandford St Mary, Alan Graham and Peter W. Cox, 147
West View filling station, Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Peter W. Cox, 147
Whitfield, Bradford Peverell, Jacqueline Dodd and Julian Richards, 147
Archaeological assessment on the line of the proposed Chideock and Morcombelake bypass (SY 377 937 - 449 928), an interim statement, David Alan Higgins and Peter John Davey, 147-9
Dorey's Farm, East Holme, Peter W. Cox, 148
Dudsbury Road, Ferndown, D. R. Watkins, 148
Ringstead Farm, near Ringstead, Osmington, John Valentin, 149
Parley Court Farm, Hurn, A. P. Fitzpatrick, 149
Manton Road, Hamworthy, Poole, D. R. Watkins, 149
Tatnam Farm Middle School, Poole, Peter W. Cox, 149
Shaftesbury Abbey, Julian Richards, 149
Archaeological evaluation trenches, Shapwick village, Martin Papworth, 149-150
Foster's School, Sherborne, Peter W. Cox, 150
Churchill Close, Sturminster Marshall, Peter W. Cox, 150
Sutton Poyntz water treatment works, Kit Watson, 150
High Street, Toller Porcorum, R. Edwards, 150
West Stafford borehole, John Valentin and Julian Richards, 150
Chickerell, Weymouth, Jacqueline Dodd, 150
Wimborne Post Office, East Street, Wimborne Minster, Roland J. C. Smith, 150
Gatemore Road, Winfrith Newburgh, Julie Gardiner, 150-1
Excavations at Corfe Castle 1993, David Thackray and Martin Papworth, 151-2
Dorchester First School, Peter Bellamy, Alan Graham and Julian Richards, 152
Fieldwork and excavation on the Dorchester Roman aqueduct, summer 1993, W. G. Putnam, 152-3
Chelwood, Hooke, R. Edwards, 153
Sutton Poyntz, Mick Rawlings and Kit Watson, 153-5
Excavations near Tolpuddle Ball, Dorset, an interim report, D. A. Higgins, 155-8
Toller Porcorum excavations 1993, John Gale, 158
Bronze Age finds at Warmwell Quarry, West Knighton, Lynne Bevan, 158-60
Worth Matravers 1993, David A. Hinton and D. P. S. Peacock, 160
Watching briefs
Swannery car park, Abbotsbury, Julian Cotton, 160
Bestwall Quarry gravels project, interim note, Lilian Ladle, 160
Bryanston School, Blandford, Julian Cotton, 160
South Walks housing project, South Street, Bridport, Alan Graham, 160
Durley Chine, Bournemouth, D. R. Watkins, 160-1
Halves Cottages, Corfe Castle, John Valentin, 161
Ricardo's Yard, Dorchester, Jacqueline Dodd, 161
Squirrel Cottage, East Holme, Jacqueline Dodd, 161
A37 road improvements, Evershot, Peter W. Cox, 161
Furzey Island, Julian Cotton, 161
Central Park restaurant, Poole, Julian Cotton and Julian Richards, 161
King's Head, High Street, Poole, D. R. Watkins and K. W. Collins, 161
Poole Pottery, The Quay, Poole, D. R. Watkins, 161
Wheelers Lane, Bearwood, Poole, D. R. Watkins and K. W. Collins, 161
Northern Lights, Shaftesbury, Julian Richards, 161
St John's Hill, Wareham, Jacqueline Dodd, 161-2
Wareham Lady St Mary, St John's Hill, Lilian Ladle, 162
Wareham Lady St Mary, 6 Ropers Land, Lilian Ladle, 162
Brookside Farm, Wimborne Minster, Andrew Weale, 162
Earthwork and standing building surveys
A circular earthwork at Nyland, Kington Magna, Dorset, M. Ross, 162-4
Guildhall, Market Street, Poole, L. M. Anderson, 164
Thorngrove, Gillingham, Dorset, M. Ross, 164-5
White Mill, Shapwick, Martin Papworth, 165
Knighton Farm, Borough of Poole, Carrie M. Hearne, 165
Shorter Contributions
Archaeological assessment for the proposed Tolpuddle and Puddletown bypass, David Alan Higgins and Peter John Davey, 166-167
Mary Ozard and `The Affair of the Bastard', Glanville J. Davies, 168-169
Thomas Hardy and the Alarm, George Lanning, 170-172
The water supply of Kington Magna, M. S. Ross, 173-175
Natural History Reports
Important recently collected dinosaurian remains from the Lower Kimmeridge Clay at Weymouth, Adrian J. Brokenshire and Jane B. Clarke, 177-178
Occurrence of Foraminifera in the Portland Stone formation (Portlandian, Upper Jurassic) of Holworth, J. D. Radley, 178-179
Feeding habits of Caturus and new evidence of coleoid distribution from the Kimmeridge Clay of Dorset, Steve M. Etches and Jane B. Clarke, 179-181
The fauna and flora of the Sunnydown Farm footprint site and associated sites: Purbeck Limestone formation, Dorset, P. C. Ensom, S. E. Evans, J. E. Francis, Z. Kielan-Jaworowska and A. R. Milner, 181-182
Kulindrichnus: a hitherto unrecorded trace fossil from the Kimmeridge Clay, Kimmeridge, Dorset, P. C. Ensom, 182
A new vertebrate trackway from the Intermarine Member, Purbeck Limestone Formation, Dorset, P. C. Ensom, 183-184
Calcite blocks near Winterbourne Stickland, Dorset, P. C. Ensom, 184-185
An unusual tool-mark in the Purbeck Limestone Formation, Durlston Bay, Dorset, P. C. Ensom, 185
Dorset rainfall 1993, D. J. Paxman, 186-190
Dorset botany in 1993, D. Pearman, 191-193
Marine invertebrates, John Hawthorne, 193-194
Lepidoptera, Alan T. Bromby, 194
Land arthropods, N. R. Webb, 194-195
Dolichovespula media (Retzius), S. P. M. Roberts, 195-196
Dorset hoverfly report 1993, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 196
Weevils of the genus Cathormiocerus in Dorset (Coleoptera, Curculionidae), M. G. Morris, 196-197
Amphibians, Robert V. Skinner, 197
Birds in Dorset 1993, Paul M. Harris, 198
Mammals, E. M. Keats, 198-200
Pamela May Cunnington 1926-1993, L. J. Keen, 201-202
Dame Elisabeth Frink 1930-1993 and Alex Csáky 1921-1993, R. N. R. Peers, 202-203
A. T. Stangroom 1909-1993, R. N. R. Peers, 203
Index, 205-208

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