Contents of volume 127

for 2005, published 2006


John Clavell Mansel-Pleydell, 1817-1902, Roger Peers, 1-12
Evidence of Black Slaves in Dorset Records (Mansel-Pleydell prize), J. Ford, 13-20
The Sherborne Riots of 1831: Causes, Characters and Consequences, John Fripp, 21-30
Watercress in Dorset: a growth industry in the 20th century, T. W. Jesty, 31-36
The Story of Orra: William Barnes's Arctic Fantasy, Alan Chedzoy, 37-42
Of Salt and the Dorset Coast at Lyme, Katherine Barker, 45-51
Poole Harbour: a review of early and more recent archaeological investigations with evidence for Iron Age and Romano-British salt production, Sarah Jane Hathaway, 53-57
Bridport's 13th-century Defences: archaeological observations to the rear of 41 and 43 East Street, Bridport, Peter S. Bellamy, 59-66
Palaeopathological investigations into the articulated human skeletal remains from Old St Andrew's Church, Portland, Dorset, A. Raes, 67-76
A description of a permanent new section and of nearby temporary sections in the Inferior Oolite (Bajocian Stage, Middle Jurassic) of Milborne Wick, Somerset, John G. Huxtable, 77-85
Oyster Lumachelles in the Fleet, Dorset, C. P. Palmer, 87-94
Nail Fungus Poronia punctata in Dorset, 1999 to 2005: population changes and ecological observations, J. H. S. Cox, B. P. Pickess and A. Peters, 95-99
A comparison of the verge flora of a section of the Arne Road, Wareham, Dorset, Bryan P. Pickess, 101-110
Southwest Dorset Hedges (2) - a survey of the National Trust's Golden Cap Estate, J. A. Newbould, 111-123
The environmental quality of the Tadnoll Brook (Dorset), assessed with macroinvertebrate data, Patrick D. Armitage, Eimear Walsh, Helen Vincent and John H. Blackburn, 125-132
Shorter Contributions, 133-141
'A Shocking Case!' Bigamy and Bastardy in Dorchester, 1729-1730, David Reeve, 133-134
Two Middle Bronze Age Cremation-urn Cemeteries from Longham Gravel Quarry, Hampreston, Ron Brading and Peter Woodward, 134
Stone artefacts recorded from Knitson Farm, Corfe Castle, Dorset in 1999, Clive Bowd, 135-138
Early 16th-century Sculptures on the Tower of St Mary's Church, Beaminster, Dorset, Alan Graham, 138-141
An Unusual Post-Medieval Pottery Handle from Lyme Regis, Jo Draper, 141
Dorset Archaeology in 2005, 143-153
Excavations and Survey, 143-149
Excavation and geophysical survey, Badbury Rings 2005, Martin Papworth, 143-145
Brownsea Island, south shore, industrial archaeology, Martin Papworth, 145-147
Dorchester, Poundbury West industrial estate, Stephen Robinson, 148
Dorchester, Damers First School and Poundbury, Stephen Robinson, 148
East Holton (Holton Lee), Wareham St Martin, Ian Hewitt, Brian James and Dave Parham, 148-149
Evaluations, 149-151
Blandford Forum, West Street, Stephen Robinson, 149
Dorchester, Fordington Farm, Alington Avenue, Peter Bellamy, 149
Dorchester, 9 High East Street, Stephen Robinson, 149
Dorchester, 36 High West Street, Peter W. Cox, 149
Dorchester, Poundbury West industrial estate, Philip Evans, 150
Iwerne Courtney, the Ranston estate, Stephen Robinson, 150
Marnhull stone quarry, Whiteway Hill, Stephen Robinson, 150
Pimperne, east of Newfield Road, Stephen Robinson, 150
Portland, Royal Manor Schoool, Weston, John Valentin, 150
Sandford Orcas, Higher Orchard, Stephen Robinson, 150
Sherborne, Sherborne House, Philip Evans, 150
Wareham, Cow Lane, Stephen Robinson, 151
Wareham, Trinity Lane, Peter W. Cox, 151
Braytown, Wool, Neil J. Adam, 151
Watching briefs, 151-153
Christchurch, new residential care home, Jumpers Road, Peter Bellamy, 151
Dorchester, replacement gas main, High East Street, Peter Bellamy, 151-152
Dorchester, town centre ducting project, John W. Hawkes, 152
Gillingham School, Stephen Robinson, 152
Guys Marsh and Shaftesbury, Joe Whelan, 152
Hamworthy, former Pilkington's tile factory, Shapwick Road, Peter Bellamy, 152
Hengistbury Head, new fencing, Peter Bellamy, 152
Langton Matravers, Blacklands, Acton, Peter Bellamy, 152
Longburton to Holnest water-main, Peter Bellamy, 153
Portland, Coombefield Quarry, Neil J. Adam, 153
Swanage, parish church of St Mary, Peter Bellamy, 153
Wareham, Bonnets Lane, Philip Evans, 153
New water supply, National Trust Golden Cap estate, Peter Bellamy, 153
Natural History Reports, 155-194
The trace fossil Kulindrichnus sp. from the Kimmeridge Clay of Dorset, Paul Ensom, 155-155
Moulds of small-scale mud diapirs or gas-bubble structures?, Paul Ensom, 156-158
Hybodontid shark shagreen from the Purbeck Limestone Group, early Cretaceous, Dorset, Paul Ensom, 158-159
Derived fossils from the Unio Member, Purbeck Limestone Group, of Southern England, Paul Ensom, 159-160
Lokuticeras, a new record from the Inferior Oolite of Oborne Wood, north Dorset, John Huxtable, 160-163
Dorset Rainfall 2005, John Oliver, 163-167
Marine Review 2005, Lin Baldock, 168-170
Butterfly Report 2005, Bill Shreeves, 170-174
Microlepidoptera Report 2005, Phil Sterling, 174-176
Macrolepidoptera Report 2005, Peter Davey, 176-185
Immigrant Lepidoptera Report 2005, Peter Davey, 185-188
Dorset Hoverfly Reports, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 188-189
Field Meetings 2005, J. A. Newbould and B. E. Edwards, 189-192
Mammals, J. A. Stobart, 192-194
Cecil John Bailey FSA (1914-2004), Andrew Bailey, Roger Peers, Joan Sheldrick and Peter Woodward, 195-197
John Fowles and Lyme Regis, Jo Draper, 197-201
Michael Charles Matthews (1919-2004), Anthony Matthews and Roger Peers, 201-202
Alan Tom Swindall MRICS, FRTPI, Hon. ALI (1924-2005), E. M. Keats, R. N. R. Pears and L. Swindall, 202-203
Index, 205-206
Notes for Contributors, 207-208

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