Contents of volume 128 (2007)


The two Buckmans, a geological tale, John G. Huxtable, 1-7
Sources of bricks used to rebuild Blandford Forum after the fire of 1731, Judith Ford, 9-15
A matter of life and death: Late Neolithic, Beaker and early Bronze Age settlement and cemeteries at Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester, Julie Gardiner, Michael J. Allen, Andrew Powell, Phil Harding, Andrew J. Lawson, Emma Loader, Jacqueline L. McKinley, Alison Sheridan and Chris Stevens, 17-52
Excavations at Myncen Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset: a summary report, Christopher Sparey-Green, 53-60
A late Roman coin hoard from the County Hospital site, Dorchester, Nicholas Cooke, 61-67
Early medieval features at West Lear's Farm, Chard Junction Quarry, Thorncombe, Dorset, Sian Anthony, 69-78
The coastal defences of Lyme Regis: recent archaeological investigations, M. D. Wilson, L. Farquharson and L. Söderbaum-Beach, 79-86
Botanical diversity in clearings created around Little Sea, Studland Peninsula, Dorset, monitored between 1996 and 2005, Jonathan H. S. Cox, 87-94
Shorter contributions, 95-125
An old road at Bare Cross, Church Knowle, John Palmer, 95-100
Excavations at High Lea Farm, Hinton Martell, Dorset: an interim report on fieldwork undertaken during 2004-5, John Gale, Joanna Laver and Miles Russell, 100-106
Weston Road archaeological site, Portland: interim report, Susann Palmer, 106-110
Shillingstone Roman villa: summary account and interpretation, Mark Corney and Stephen Robinson, 110-117
Two additional medieval sundials from Dorset, Gordon Le Pard, 117-118
Two Purbeck Marble coffin lids from Bincombe, with a Thomas Hardy connection, Gordon Le Pard, 118-120
Roof of the Abbey Barn, Abbotsbury, Michael Heaton, 120-123
Mortar analysis on walls associated with Abbotsbury Abbey and the sources of sand used in medieval Abbotsbury, Peter Laurie, 123-125
Dorset Archaeology in 2006, 127-136
Excavations and survey, 127-128
Gussage St Michael, John Hawkes, 127
Royal Manor School, Portland, Phil Evans, 127
Tarrant Monkton henge site, excavation 2005, David Parry, 127-128
Evaluations, 129-130
Braytown, Wool, Steve Robinson, 129
Proposed residential development at 3 Fordington Green, Dorchester, Peter Cox, 129
Court House cellar, 6 Fordington Green, Dorchester, Steven Tatler, 129
James Brothers site, 19 Blandford Road, Hamworthy, Poole, Steven Tatler, 129
Land off Augusta Road, Portland, Steven Tatler, 129
Jordan's Mine, Portland, Steven Tatler, 129
91 Weston Road, Portland, Steven Tatler, 129-130
St Nicholas Church, Sydling St Nicholas, Steven Tatler, 130
Watching briefs, 130-132
New riding arena, Parnham House, Beaminster, Steven Tatler, 130
Greenhill Barton, Coombe Valley Road, Bincombe, Steven Tatler, 130
Bonfields Garage, West Street, Bridport, Joe Whelan, 130
Badger sett remedial work, Hambledon Hill, Child Okeford, Steven Tatler, 130
New BT duct, The Rings, Corfe Castle, Steven Tatler, 130-131
Alington Dairy, Dorchester, Joe Whelan, 131
Appian House, Bowling Alley Walk, Dorchester, Steven Tatler, 131
Hardye's Jewellers, Cornhill, Dorchester, Peter Bellamy, 131
Proposed extension, Lyme Regis Museum, Steven Tatler, 131
54 Coy Pond Road, Poole, John Hawkes, 131
Proposed dwelling adjacent to 10a Sweet Hill Road, Southwell, Portland, Steven Tatler, 131
Land at Ladymead Close, Easton, Portland, Steven Tatler, 131
Townsend, Shillingstone, John Hawkes, 131
Thornhill Park, Stalbridge, Joe Whelan, 132
New foul drain, All Saints' Church, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Steven Tatler, 132
Badger sett remedial work, Maiden Castle, Winterborne St Martin, Steven Tatler, 132
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2006, Naomi Payne, 133-136
Dorset County Boundary Survey, a first report, Katherine Barker, 137-138
Natural History reports, 139-183
A problematic fossil from the Cherty Freshwater Member, Purbeck Limestone Group, Swanage, Dorset, Paul Ensom, 139-141
Dorset rainfall 2006, John Oliver, 141-146
Marine review 2006, Lin Baldock, 146-148
Butterfly report 2006, Bill Shreeves, 148-154
Microlepidoptera report 2006, Phil Sterling, 154-157
Macrolepidoptera report 2006, Peter Davey, 157-175
Moth immigrations to Dorset in 2006, Peter Davey, 175-179
Dorset hoverfly report 2006, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 180
The first reports of Erythromma viridulum (Small Red-eyed Damselfly) during 2006, B. P. Pickess, 180
Field meeting reports 2006, J. A. Newbould, 180-183
Dorset Coast Reports, 185-193
Two finds from the wreck of the Halsewell 1786, Gordon Le Pard and Ian Carruthers, 185-186
West Bay and Swash Channel wrecks, Dave Parham, 186
Discovery of an 18th-century sailing vessel carrying Portland Stone, David Carter, 187
The wreck of the MSC Napoli and its effect on the Dorset coast, Gordon Le Pard, 187-189
Photography as a tool for monitoring coastal geological sites, Richard Edmonds, 189-193
Mary Spencer Watson, 1913-2006, Ilay Cooper, 195-198
Book reviews, 199
Dorset Quarter Sessions Order Book 1625-1638: a calendar, ed. Terry Hearing and Sarah Bridges, David Underdown, 199
Roman Dorset, by Bill Putnam, Lilian Ladle, 199
Index, 201-203
Notes for Contributors, 205-206

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