Contents of volume 129 (2008)

The decline of Holt Forest, Chase and Park, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, in the 17th century (Mansel-Pleydell prize), David Reeve, 1-16
`Tempore pubertatis nostrae': the West Saxon Aldhelm of Malmesbury, G. T. Dempsey, 17-24
All'Antica ornament during the first Renaissance in England: the case of the Draper chapel at Christchurch Priory, Nicholas Riall, 25-37
Mobility in Victorian Dorset, John Fripp, 39-47
Weymouth over the long eighteenth century: urban renaissance, or new leisure town?, John Fripp, 49-58
An Early Bronze Age timber structure, a Saxon kiln and Saxon and medieval occupation at Coppice Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Tim Carew, 59-96
Hod Hill: `Too much wasted by cultivation for definite survey', D. A. Stewart, 97-103
Excavations at High Lea Farm, Hinton Martell, Dorset, John Gale, Iain Hewitt and Miles Russell, 105-114
Late Iron Age and Romano-British burials and associated activity at the former allotments, Church Knapp, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Andy Leonard, 115-126
Maryland, Brownsea Island, Martin Papworth, 127-138
A meeting to celebrate some local heroes of Dorset geology, Robert Chandler and Doreen Smith, 139-145
Geomorphology of Dorset: a review, Vincent May, 149-162
Population structure and secondary production of the ragworm Hediste (Nereis) diversicolor in Poole Harbour, UK, S. E. A. Le V. Dit Durell, R. W. G. Caldow, S. McGrorty, A. D. West, R. A. Stillman and J. Humphreys, 163-174
Shorter Contributions, 175-185
The Godwin family and William Jones: Lesser-known builders of post-fire Blandford, Judith Ford, 175-177
A negro at Lyme Regis in 1589, Peter Lacey, 177-178
The first publication of William Barnes's dialect poems in the `Dorset County Chronicle', Alan Chedzoy, 178-180
The new Antiquarian Association vs Dorset County Museum, Jo Draper, 180-181
An unusual cat burial from Charmouth, Gordon Le Pard, 181-182
The Hilton typhus epidemic of 1848, Martin Ayres, 182-185
Dorset Archaeology in 2007, 187-194
Excavations and survey
Norden Farm, Corfe Castle, Peter S. Bellamy and Peter J. Woodward, 187
Wytch Farm, Corfe, P. W. Cox, 187
35-37 Blandford Road, Hamworthy, S. Cottam, 187
Village Hall site, Horton, Bronwen Russell and Mark Shattuck, 187-188
Burngate Pearce's Quarry, Langton Matravers, Peter Bellamy, 188
Manor Farm Quarry, Melbury Abbas, P. Martin, 188
Church of St Peter, Pimperne, Harry Manley, 188
Thames St, Poole, S. Robinson, 188
Weston Road, Portland, S. Cottam, 188
Mampitts Road, Shaftesbury, S. Robinson, 188
April Cottage, Verwood, J. Whelan, 188
Gould's Hill, Winterborne St Martin, S. Robinson, 189
Worth Matravers, Downs Quarry, Steven Tatler, 189
Watching briefs
Woodbury Hill, Bere Regis, Harry Manley, 189
Blandford Camp, Blandford Forum, Timothy Haines and Edward Biddulph, 189
New link road, Bovington Camp, Kate Wheaton and Edward Biddulph, 189
Miller's Farm, Charborough, J. Hawkes, 189
New car port, 9 North St, Charminster, Steven Tatler, 189-190
New cottage, 9B North St, Charminster, Steven Tatler, 190
Water main replacement, Barnston crossroads, Church Knowle, Steven Tatler, 190
Terminus building development, Hengistbury Head, Steven Tatler, 190
Water main repair, Poor Lot, Kingston Russell, Peter Bellamy, 190
New quarry, Sea Spray Field, Acton, Langton Matravers, Steven Tatler, 190
Quarry extension, Blacklands Field, Acton, Langton Matravers, Steven Tatler, 190
Sherborne Lane, Lyme Regis, Jo Draper, 190
New fire station, Marshes End, Poole, Steven Tatler, 190
Poole Power Station site, Rigler Road, Hamworthy, Poole, Steven Tatler, 191
New residential development, Grange Croft Road, Weston, Portland, Steven Tatler, 191
Moorfield Road, Portland, S. Cottam, 191
Perryfield Quarry, Portland, J. Whelan, 191
New French drain, St Nicholas Church, Sydling St Nicholas, Rebecca Montague, 191
Proposed residential development, Dollin's Lane, Wareham, Steven Tatler, 191
Rear of 20 West St, Wareham, Steven Tatler, 191
Proposed dwelling at 116 Sutton Road, Sutton Poyntz, Weymouth, Steven Tatler, 192
New footbridge, Sandsfoot Castle gardens, Weymouth, Steven Tatler, 192
Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2007, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 193-194
Dorset County Boundary Survey, 195-215
Shires and their boundaries, James Campbell, 195-197
Lyme and the Devon-Dorset county boundary, where the questions begin, Katherine Barker, 197-208
Nine borderland parishes of north Dorset, a preliminary survey, Graham Hoddinott, 200
Ancient boundaries, living landscapes, John Newbould, 209-212
Lost in suburbia: tracing the county boundary in south-east Dorset, Iain Hewitt, 212-215
The Dorset county boundary: proposal for the creation of a digital boundary atlas, Mark Ford, 215
Natural History Reports, 217-268
Dorset geological reports, Paul Ensom, 217-220
A problematic fossil from the Cherty Freshwater Member, Purbeck Limestone Group, Paul Ensom, 217
Exceptional fossils from the Intermarine Member, Purbeck Limestone Group, Richard Edmonds, 217-219
`Lost' Purbeck lizard skull re-emerges, Susan E. Evans, 219-220
Dorset rainfall 2007, John Oliver, 220-224
Marine review 2007, Lin Baldock, 224-227
Butterfly report 2007, Bill Shreeves, 227-233
Microlepidoptera report 2007, Phil Sterling, 233-234
Macrolepidoptera report 2007, Peter Davey, 235-245
Moth immigrations to Dorset in 2007, Peter Davey, 245-248
Dorset hoverfly report 2007, David and Ted Levy, 248-249
Mammals, J. A. Stobart, 249-251
Field meeting reports 2007, John Newbould, 251-257
Farmland bird survey 2007, John Newbould, 257-261
Southwest Dorset hedges (3): a survey of the National Trust's Golden Cap Estate north of Muddyford Lane, Stanton St Gabriel's, John Newbould, 261-268
Dorset Coast Reports, 269-274
The Chantry, Bridport, a medieval lighthouse or sea mark?, Gordon Le Pard, 269-271
The Wreck of the Napoli 2007-8, Gordon Le Pard, 271
Early medieval pottery from Studland Bay, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen and Gordon le Pard, 271
The Warren Summer House, Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth, W. A. Hoodless, 271-273
Unrecorded Enclosures on Warren Hill, Hengistbury Head, Gordon Le Pard, 273-274
Two previously unrecorded earthworks on White Nothe, Gordon Le Pard, 274
Joan Alisoun Goodman (1911-2007), Jonathan Goodman, 275-276
Book Review
The Bells and Belfries of Dorset, by Christopher Dalton, Roger Peers, 277-278
Index, 279-281
Notes for contributors, 283-284

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