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Butterflies in Purbeck Baiss, J. L. R. 112 157
Marine Review 2002 Baldock, Lin 124 138-140
Marine Review 2003 Baldock, Lin 125 179-81
Marine review 2004 Baldock, Lin 126 203-204
Marine Review 2005 Baldock, Lin 127 168-170
Marine review 2006 Baldock, Lin 128 146-148
Marine review 2007 Baldock, Lin 129 224-227
Marine review 2008 Baldock, Lin 130 240-244
Marine review 2009 Baldock, Lin 131 202-206
Mount Pleasant from the air Barber, Martyn 126 7-14
A newly recorded hilltop enclosure at Myncen Farm, Minchington Barber, Martyn 131 103-112
Sir James Thornhill's obelisk at Thornhill Barker, Jeremy 121 140-142
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The Mizmaze at Leigh, near Sherborne, Dorset Barker, Katherine 111 130-132
Boundaries and landscape in Blackmoor: the Tudor manors of Holnest Barker, Katherine 112 5-22
Maps and Minterne Magna, a diverting story Barker, Katherine 114 1-8
Brief Encounter: the Cerne Abbas Giantess project, summer 1997 Barker, Katherine 119 179-183
St Aldhelm and the chapel at Worth Matravers Barker, Katherine 126 148-157
Of Salt and the Dorset Coast at Lyme Barker, Katherine 127 45-51
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Lyme and the Devon-Dorset county boundary, where the questions begin Barker, Katherine 129 197-208
`Lyme Regis is in Dorset, Uplyme is in Devon...', thoughts arising from the research seminar of September 2008 Barker, Katherine 130 223-227
Dorset and Disease: recent work on past pandemics Barker, Katherine 131 1
The Magna Mortalitas of the Iater seventh century in Dorset: Aldhelm first bishop of Sherborne, Saints Peter and Paul, and a possible eye-witness account Barker, Katherine 131 19-26
Landscape and the liminal: an exploration of the early administrative divisions of the South West, an introduction Barker, Katherine 131 211
The Dorset/ Somerset County boundary at Yeovil: Roman order from imperial to episcopal, taxation and the landscape Barker, Katherine 131 219-236
Landscape and the liminal: a discussion Barker, Katherine 131 236-238
Bill Putnam (1930-2008) Barker, Katherine 131 239-240
World War II: Dorset and the Home Front Barker, Katherine 133 161-162
Aldhelmus episcopus: the making and shiring of the Sherborne bishopric: Saxon, Briton and the Byzantine Barker, Katherine 134 113-127
County Boundary Survey Group visits Barker, Katherine 134 267-269
The Dorset County Boundary Survey 2013 Barker, Katherine 135 320-324
The Dorset county boundary at Biddlesgate, between the parishes of Cranborne (Dorset) and Damerham (Hampshire from 1885; formerly Wiltshire) Barker, Katherine 135 325-333
County Boundary Survey visits Barker, Katherine 135 355-357
April 2, Biddlesgate Wood and Stone Hill Gate (Cranborne (Dorset), Martin and Damerham (Hants)) Barker, Katherine 136 198-199
June 4 and October 1, Howse Coppice to Pen Wood (Halstock (Dorset), Hardington Mandeville and Closworth (Somerset)) Barker, Katherine 136 199-200
The boundaries of two Anglo-Saxon charters relating to land at Corscombe Barnard, J. A. 116 1-9
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Lamberts Hill Reservoir, near Dorchester Barnes, Ian 114 233
The Durotriges Project 2017: an interim statement Barrass, Kerry 139 129-133
A very peculiar practice: preliminary research into the post-firing perforation of Late Iron Age/ Romano-British pottery vessels from south-east Dorset Barrass, K. 133 69-72
Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part I, the carnivorous dinosaurs (Saurischia, Theropoda) Barrett, Paul M. 130 133-147
Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part II, the sauropod dinosaurs (Saurischia, Sauropoda) with additional comments on the theropods Barrett, Paul M. 131 113-126
Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part III, the ornithischian dinosaurs (Dinosauria, Ornithischia) with additional comments on the sauropods Barrett, Paul M. 132 145-163
The Dorset County Museum barrel organ Bartlet, Gordon 137 7-17
A hedge survey in the parish of Cerne Abbas Bartlet, Janet 123 114
A new Lateglacial open-air site at Deer Park Farm, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset Barton, R. N. E. 120 85-88
Long-term resilience and short-term vulnerability of South Winterbourne macroinvertebrates Bass, J. A. B. 134 43-55
Severe drought and exceptional summer flooding: consequences for the South Winterborne macroinvertebrates Bass, J. A. B. 135 165-166
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Faunal and floral response to the dredging of a River Frome floodplain ditch (Dorset, UK) Bass, Jon A. B. 138 67-76
A comparison of the freshwater invertebrate communities of the River Win (Dorset) present in 1993 and 2016, over a period with agricultural intensification across the catchment Bass, Jon A. B. 139 72-82
A31 and A35 trunk road improvements Bateman, Cliff 117 123
Christopher Gladstone Russell Riby Williams, 1921-1997 Bateman, Doris 119 215-216
Whitcombe stable yard Batt, Angela 120 108-9
A jadeite axe blade from Nether Cerne, Dorset Beadsmoore, Emma 126 174-175
Re-introduction of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., to the Tadnoll Brook, Dorset Beaumont, William R. C. 130 9-16
Observations at Merchant's Garage, High West Street, Dorchester, 1983 Bellamy, Peter S. 113 41-54
The Excavation of Fordington Farm Round Barrow Bellamy, Peter S. 113 107-132
Excavations at Penny's Farm, Cranborne Bellamy, Peter S. 122 83-97
Roman defences at Dorford Baptist Church, Bridport Road, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter S. 126 166-170
Bridport's 13th-century Defences: archaeological observations to the rear of 41 and 43 East Street, Bridport Bellamy, Peter S. 127 59-66
Norden Farm, Corfe Castle Bellamy, Peter S. 129 187
Wareham, North Bestwall Road water main repair Bellamy, Peter S. 131 158-159
Melcombe Horsey, Highdon House Bellamy, Peter S. 131 158
Burton Bradstock, eroding features on Burton Cliff Bellamy, Peter S. 131 159
Investigations on the south shore of Brownsea Island by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Bellamy, Peter S. 135 272-283
Investigations at Kimmeridge Bay by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Bellamy, Peter S. 135 284-296
Investigations on the Studland Circles by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Bellamy, Peter S. 135 297-310
Dorchester First School Bellamy, Peter 115 152
Portland, land off Reap Lane, Southwell Bellamy, Peter 122 163-4
Poole, Shapwick Road, Hamworthy Bellamy, Peter 122 164
Dorchester, St John Ambulance Hall, North Square Bellamy, Peter 122 166-7
Minterne Magna, Dogbury Plantation Bellamy, Peter 122 169
Portland, Stonehills Mine access road, Weston Bellamy, Peter 122 170
Puddletown, Sherring's Green Close Bellamy, Peter 122 170
Charminster, 1 West Hill Bellamy, Peter 122 173
Dorchester, WDDC car park, Colliton Street Bellamy, Peter 122 173
Portland, Reap Land sewer, Southwell Bellamy, Peter 122 173
Sherborne, Brecon House, Long Street Bellamy, Peter 122 174
Stanton St Gabriel Bellamy, Peter 122 174
Dorchester, St John Ambulance Hall, North Square Bellamy, Peter 125 154
Litton Cheney, West Compton-A(1) well site Bellamy, Peter 125 160-1
Dorchester, Dorford Baptist Church, Bridport Road Bellamy, Peter 125 160
Shaftesbury, 41-45 High Street Bellamy, Peter 125 161-2
Milborne St Andrew, Beeches Buildings Bellamy, Peter 125 161
Poole, new First School, Blandford Road, Hamworthy Bellamy, Peter 125 161
Portland, 18 Sweethill Road, Southwell Bellamy, Peter 125 161
Puddletown, Sherring's Green Close Bellamy, Peter 125 161
Sixpenny Handley, Handley Down Bellamy, Peter 125 162
Chilcombe, Bunkers Hill Bellamy, Peter 125 163-4
Bradpole, Holy Trinity Church Bellamy, Peter 125 163
Buckland Newton, Church of the Holy Rood Bellamy, Peter 125 163
Charmouth, Backlands Farm Bellamy, Peter 125 163
Charmouth, The Old Fire Station Bellamy, Peter 125 163
Cheselbourne, Meadows View Bellamy, Peter 125 163
Wareham, Camp Farm, Sandford Bellamy, Peter 125 163
Weymouth, Landsdowne Villa Bellamy, Peter 125 163
Dorchester, 19 North Square Bellamy, Peter 125 164
Dorchester, 64 Casterbridge Road Bellamy, Peter 125 164
Dorchester, C12 Loders to Sun Inn footway/ cycleway Bellamy, Peter 125 164
Dorchester, Cooper's Wholesale, The Grove Bellamy, Peter 125 164
Dorchester, Durngate Street Bellamy, Peter 125 164
Dorchester, Physiques and Shapes Health Club, The Grove Bellamy, Peter 125 164
Dorchester, Salisbury Walk Bellamy, Peter 125 164
Dorchester, 16 High Street, Fordington CSO Bellamy, Peter 125 165
Dorchester, Bridport Road, Poundbury Bellamy, Peter 125 166
Dorchester, South Walks CSO Bellamy, Peter 125 166
Gillingham, Lidl Store, School Lane Bellamy, Peter 125 166
Long Bredy, Martins Down main replacement Bellamy, Peter 125 166
Milborne St Andrew flood management scheme, Manor Farm Bellamy, Peter 125 166
Poole, Blandford Close, Hamworthy Bellamy, Peter 125 167
Poole, Proos Roofing Supplies, Rigler Road, Hamworthy Bellamy, Peter 125 167
Poole, St Aubyn's Court Road Bellamy, Peter 125 167
Portland, care and custody unit, HM YOI Bellamy, Peter 125 167
Portland, laundry shed extension, HM YOI Bellamy, Peter 125 167
Portland Port, inner breakwater Bellamy, Peter 125 168
Portland, Osprey Quay Bellamy, Peter 125 168
Portland, Pennsylvania Castle Bellamy, Peter 125 168
Sewage, Durlston landslip sewer reinstatement Bellamy, Peter 125 168
Shaftesbury, 41-45 High Street Bellamy, Peter 125 168
Sherborne, New Road Bellamy, Peter 125 168
Sydling St Nicholas, South Field Down Bellamy, Peter 125 169
West Compton, well site Bellamy, Peter 125 169
Weymouth, 13A Cove Street Bellamy, Peter 125 169
Winterborne Whitchurch, replacement water main Bellamy, Peter 125 169
Pamphill, service room, Walnut Farm House Bellamy, Peter 125 170
Wyke Regis, 2 Collins Lane Bellamy, Peter 125 170
Cerne Abbas, land behind Abbey Street Bellamy, Peter 126 188
Dorchester, 2 Linden Avenue Bellamy, Peter 126 189
Hamworthy, Hamworthy Park, flood defences Bellamy, Peter 126 189
Hamworthy, Old Rectory, Blandford Road Bellamy, Peter 126 189
Osmington, Upton Fort Bellamy, Peter 126 190
Charmouth, Charmouth House Hotel Bellamy, Peter 126 193
Hamworthy, 49 Blandford Road Bellamy, Peter 126 193
Christchurch, 49 Fitzmaurice Road Bellamy, Peter 126 194
Corfe Castle, The Rings Bellamy, Peter 126 194
Dorchester, 1 Acland Road Bellamy, Peter 126 194
Dorchester, Dorford Baptist Church, Bridport Road Bellamy, Peter 126 194
Dorchester, new wall, Victory Court, North Square Bellamy, Peter 126 194
Lyme Regis, 45-46 Broad Street Bellamy, Peter 126 195
Powerstock, land adjacent to the Old Forge Bellamy, Peter 126 195
Sherborne, The Conduit, Market Place Bellamy, Peter 126 195
West Bay, Bridport Arms Bellamy, Peter 126 195
Dorchester, Fordington Farm, Alington Avenue Bellamy, Peter 127 149
Dorchester, replacement gas main, High East Street Bellamy, Peter 127 151-152
Christchurch, new residential care home, Jumpers Road Bellamy, Peter 127 151
Hamworthy, former Pilkington's tile factory, Shapwick Road Bellamy, Peter 127 152
Hengistbury Head, new fencing Bellamy, Peter 127 152
Langton Matravers, Blacklands, Acton Bellamy, Peter 127 152
Longburton to Holnest water-main Bellamy, Peter 127 153
New water supply, National Trust Golden Cap estate Bellamy, Peter 127 153
Swanage, parish church of St Mary Bellamy, Peter 127 153
Hardye's Jewellers, Cornhill, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 128 131
Burngate Pearce's Quarry, Langton Matravers Bellamy, Peter 129 188
Water main repair, Poor Lot, Kingston Russell Bellamy, Peter 129 190
Kimmeridge Bay, upper car park and quayside Bellamy, Peter 131 156-157
Brownsea Island, south of South Lodge Bellamy, Peter 131 156
Studland Heath Bellamy, Peter 131 156
Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth Bellamy, Peter 133 103
St Mary's Church, Chickerell Bellamy, Peter 133 104
Unit 9A, Grove Trading Estate,Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 133 105
St Mary's Church, Glanvilles Wooton Bellamy, Peter 133 106
Lewis Quarries, Acton, Langton Matravers Bellamy, Peter 133 107
Morcombelake to Charmouth, Stonebarrow Hill Bellamy, Peter 133 107
17 Sweethill Road, Southwell, Portland Bellamy, Peter 133 108
Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth Bellamy, Peter 133 113-114
Portland House, Belle Vue Road, Weymouth Bellamy, Peter 133 113
Redlands Sports Centre, Weymouth Bellamy, Peter 133 113
Gas main replacement, South Street, Bridport Bellamy, Peter 134 157
Hengistbury Head visitor centre, Bournemouth Bellamy, Peter 134 157
New Inn, Long Street, Cerne Abbas Bellamy, Peter 134 157
Maumbury Rings, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 134 158
1 West Walks, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 134 159
Portland Castle, Castletown, Portland Bellamy, Peter 134 159
Broad Mead, Acton, Worth Matravers Bellamy, Peter 134 161
Lewis Quarry, Home Field, Acton, Langton Matravers Bellamy, Peter 135 199
Chapelhay Gardens, Weymouth Bellamy, Peter 135 202
Land at Knighton Lane, Broadmayne Bellamy, Peter 136 77
Old Henley Farmhouse, Hilling Lane, Henley, Buckland Newton Bellamy, Peter 136 77
Frampton House, Frampton Park Bellamy, Peter 136 79-80
11 Durngate Street, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 136 79
Hillside, Little England, Milborne St Andrew Bellamy, Peter 136 80
Upton Country Park, Upton Park Farm, Poole Bellamy, Peter 136 81-82
Corfe Hills Roman road, Poole Bellamy, Peter 136 81
Hardy's Cottage, Higher Bockhampton Bellamy, Peter 136 82-83
Stonehills Mine, Weston, Portland Bellamy, Peter 136 82
6 All Saints Road, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 137 156
Highcliffe Castle, Highcliffe, Christchurch Bellamy, Peter 137 156
Rear of 1-3 Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 137 156
Unit 1-2A, Green Square, Grove Trading Estate, Dorchester Bellamy, Peter 137 156
Coastguard Hut, Kimmeridge Bay Bellamy, Peter 137 157
Rear of 95-127 Reforne, Portland Bellamy, Peter 137 158
Church of St Andrew, West Stafford Bellamy, Peter 137 160
Clandon Farm, Winterborne St Martin (Martinstown) Bellamy, Peter 137 161
New Barn Farm, Knowlton, Woodlands Bellamy, Peter 137 161
Mapperton House, Beaminster, SY 503 996 Bellamy, Peter 139 115
Dorset County Museum, Dorchester, SY 6911 9077 Bellamy, Peter 139 117
Highcliffe Castle, Highcliffe, SZ 2030 9321 Bellamy, Peter 139 118
Rothesay Park, Highcliffe Castle, SZ 201 930 Bellamy, Peter 139 118
Stapehill Abbey, Ferndown, SY 0543 0030 Bellamy, Peter 139 118
Land between 3 and 22 Weston Street, Portland, SY 6863 7095 Bellamy, Peter 139 119
Upton Country Park, Poole, SY 9917 9274 to 9908 9207 Bellamy, Peter 139 119
Verne Common Road, Portland, SY 6849 7072 Bellamy, Peter 139 119
Church of St John the Baptist, Woodsford, SY 7620 9058 Bellamy, Peter 139 121
New Barn Farm, Knowlton, Woodlands, SU 0238 0956 Bellamy, Peter 139 121
Stagg's Folly engineer's tip A37 road improvement, Sydling St Nicholas Bennet, Philip 113 168
Lines of enquiry: linear organisation of the High Lea Farm Bronze Age barrow cemetery Bennett, Gerald A. 138 127-136
Boyne Hollow water pipeline Bennett, Philip 113 170
Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part I, the carnivorous dinosaurs (Saurischia, Theropoda) Benson, Roger B. J. 130 133-147
Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part II, the sauropod dinosaurs (Saurischia, Sauropoda) with additional comments on the theropods Benson, Roger B. 131 113-126
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Parish life in Dorset during the early 17th century Bettey, J. H. 114 9-12
The bell of Bothenhampton: the travails of a 17th-century churchwarden Bettey, J. H. 114 268-269
Manorial stewards and the conduct of manorial affairs Bettey, J. H. 115 15-19
The impact of the Reformation in Dorchester Bettey, J. H. 116 136-139
Bronze Age finds at Warmwell Quarry, West Knighton Bevan, Lynne 115 158-60
Blandford Camp, Blandford Forum Biddulph, Edward 129 189
New link road, Bovington Camp Biddulph, Edward 129 189
Dairy Farm, Charlton Marshall Birbeck, Vaughan 117 124
The Canford Magna golf course project, 1993-1994 Birbeck, Vaughan 118 35-50
A35 Tolpuddle to Puddletown bypass - interim note Birbeck, Vaughan 119 163-4
The Beaches of Lyme Bay Bird, Eric 111 91-97
Heedless William's Stone Bird, Jerry 134 61-67
Mumming Plays in Hardy's Wessex Bird, Jerry 135 86-148
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Freshwater biological monitoring of the Furzebrook Stream (south Dorset) using macroinvertebrates Blackburn, John H. 118 125-131
The macroinvertebrate fauna of Luckford Lake (Dorset), a small heathland stream Blackburn, John H. 119 141-145
The environmental quality of a small spring-fed watercourse, the Wool Stream (Dorset), assessed with macroinvertebrate data Blackburn, John H. 120 77-83
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The environmental quality of the Tadnoll Brook (Dorset), assessed with macroinvertebrate data Blackburn, John H. 127 125-132
The macroinvertebrate fauna and environmental quality of the Oakers Stream, a small tributary of the River Frome (Dorset) Blackburn, John H. 130 17-24
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Construction, colour and aesthetics of the Bronze Age barrows on Wyke Down, Cranborne Chase, Dorset Boulden, Kate 132 111-119
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The macroinvertebrate fauna of temporary and permanent aquatic habitats in East Stoke Fen (SSSI), Dorset Bowes, Michael J. 132 165-175
St Aldhelm's Head, Purbeck Bradford, Nick 118 144
St Aldhelm's Head, Purbeck Bradford, N. 117 125
Southcombe, Piddletrenthide Brading, Ron 117 137
`Springhead' public house, Sutton Poyntz Brading, Ron 118 136
`Old Med', Southwell, Portland Brading, Ron 118 148-9
Dewlish, Forge Cottage Brading, Ron 120 102
Sherborne, Lenthay Road Brading, Ron 120 106
Sutton Poyntz, Springhead public house Brading, Ron 120 114
Bridport Tannery Brading, Ron 120 116
Abbotsbury, Hannah's Lane Brading, Ron 121 161
Dewlish, Forge Cottage Brading, Ron 121 161
Two Middle Bronze Age Cremation-urn Cemeteries from Longham Gravel Quarry, Hampreston Brading, Ron 127 134
Peter James Woodward BA MCIfA FSA 1947-2017 Bradley, Richard 139 227-234
Tregonwell Frampton: the Dorset dimension Brailsford, Dennis 122 21-25
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The Celtic place name "Loders" Breeze, Andrew 119 183
Barracks in Dorset during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Breihan, John R. 111 9-14
The conduct, command and costs of Tudor defence of Portland Roads: Portland and Sandsfoot Castles Brett, Colin I. 134 12-23
Ferrybridge, Portland Road, Wyke Regis, Weymouth Brett, Jon 117 127
Woodsford, farmland Brett, Mark 126 191
Kingston Lacy manorial buildings Bridges, Sarah 112 119-122
Hogford Mill, Pamphill Bridges, Sarah 114 234-7
'History in Stone': Hardy, Morris, and architectural preservation Briggs, Samantha 137 23-31
A temporary section in the Gault at Fontmell Magna, North Dorset Bristow, C. R. 112 95-97
The Kimmeridge Clay of the Darknoll Brook, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset Bristow, C. R. 112 99-103
The geology of the A303 trunk road between Wincanton, Somerset and Mere, Wiltshire Bristow, C. R. 113 139-143
Recent work of the British Geological Survey in Dorset Bristow, C. R. 114 207-214
Kimmeridge Bay, upper car park and quayside Broadbent, Gill 131 156-157
Brownsea Island, south of South Lodge Broadbent, Gill 131 156
Studland Heath Broadbent, Gill 131 156
Investigations on the south shore of Brownsea Island by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Broadbent, Gill 135 272-283
Investigations at Kimmeridge Bay by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Broadbent, Gill 135 284-296
Investigations on the Studland Circles by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Broadbent, Gill 135 297-310
Excavation of medieval burials in Wimborne Minster 2012 Broadbent, Gill 140 99-113
Important recently collected dinosaurian remains from the Lower Kimmeridge Clay at Weymouth Brokenshire, Adrian J. 115 177-178
Evershot Pit, regionally important geological site (RIGS) Brokenshire, Adrian 118 164-167
Lepidoptera Bromby, Alan T. 111 138-140
Lepidoptera Bromby, Alan T. 112 156-157
Lepidoptera Bromby, Alan T. 113 211-2
Lepidoptera Bromby, Alan T. 114 275-276
Lepidoptera Bromby, Alan T. 115 194
8 West Street, Abbotsbury Brook, Rod 118 144
The Cyril Diver Project Brown, David 135 149-159
Michael Hill, East Dorset country houses Brown, Helen 135 336-337
Michael Hill: West Dorset country houses Brown, Helen 137 273-274
An Iron Age and Romano-British settlement on Oakley Down, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset Brown, L. 117 67-79
Excavations and building recording at Portland Castle Brown, Stewart 124 123-124
'Fishing the Wreck': the recovery of artefacts from the Halsewell East Indiaman, 1786-2016 Browne, Philip 138 6-16
George Dannatt (1915-2009) Buckman, David 133 181-182
A token found at Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, apparently associated with Mary Anning (1799-1847), fossil collector Bull, Richard 136 63--67
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Frog spawn, a harbinger of Spring? Burden, Richard 126 225-226
The management of lowland heath from 1966-1989 at Arne nature reserve, Dorset, UK Burgess, Neil D. 114 227-232
Survey and excavation at Knowlton Rings, Woodland Parish, Dorset 1993-5 Burrow, Steve 117 131-2
Manuscripts of William Barnes's dialect poems in the Dorset County Museum Burton, T. L. 138 46-63
Former hall and Woodhouse Brewery, Bournemouth Road, Blandford St Mary, ST 88540 05943 Bush, Steven 140 59
The results of an excavation on land east of Cranborne Road, Wimborne, Dorset Butler, Chris 139 163-176
Excavation of the 17th century kiln at Horton, Dorset Butterworth, Christine 112 23-32
Barrow Lea, Stalbridge Butterworth, Christine 117 126
Coastguard Cottages, Lulworth Cove Butterworth, Christine 118 147
Multi-period finds from Quarleston Farm, Winterborne Stickland, 1994-5 Butterworth, Christine 125 147-150
Neolithic pits and a Bronze Age field system at Middle Farm, Dorchester Butterworth, Christine 126 15-25
Sandford Heath, Wareham St Martin Buxton, Ben 134 160

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