Contents of volume 137 (2016)


St Ives and British Modernism: an exhibition in Dorchester, Brandon Taylor, 1-6
The Dorset County Museum barrel organ, Gordon Bartlet, 7-17
An uncatalogued A. L. Moore and Son stained-glass window: the east window of St Peter's Church, Dorchester, Jill Minchin, 18-22
'History in Stone': Hardy, Morris, and architectural preservation, Samantha Briggs, 23-31
Update on the Hardy's Correspondents project (June 2016), Helen Angear, 32-33
Ancient, civil and ecclesiastical parishes in Dorset, W. Hart, 34-45
The lost community of Gore Fields, Patrick Andrews, 46-56
Durnelynche: the ancient south-eastern boundary of Dorset, Stephen Gadd, 57-64
Monks and nuns in late medieval Dorset (1396-1539), David Cousins, 65-104
The macroinvertebrate fauna and environmental assessment of seven streams entering Poole harbour, Patrick D. Armitage, J. P. Murphy and J. L. Pretty, 105-117
Some observations recording the occurrence and colonization by Odonata during the first seven years of a newly-created pond's existence (April-October 2004-10) on Bank Gate Heath on the Arne nature reserve of the RSPB at Arne, near Wareham, Dorset, Bryan P. Pickess, 118-128
Note on the use of Tertiary 'Heathstone' in buildings over the area of outcrop of the Palaeogene in the Isle of Purbeck, south-central and east Dorset, Jo Thomas, 129-136
Plant galls of South Haven Peninsula, part of the Studland national nature reserve: a Diver Project report, John A. Newbould, 137-140
Perisphinctid ammonites from the Trigonia Clavellata Beds (Oxfordian, Upper Jurassic) of the Dorset Coast, John K. Wright, 141-154
Dorset Archaeology in 2015, 155-164
Former Milldown School, Blandford Forum, Joe Whelan, 155
St Peter's Catholic School, Bournemouth, Ashley Tuck, 155
Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute, 51 East Street, Bridport, Cheryl Green, 155
Charminster Bridge, Charminster, Ashley Tuck, 155
Forston Water Treatment Works, Forston, Charminster, Orlando Prestidge, 155-156
Highcliffe Castle, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Peter Bellamy, 156
Roeshot Hill, Christchurch, Ashley Tuck, 156
6 All Saints Road, Dorchester, Peter Bellamy, 156
Bennetts Court, Colliton Street, Dorchester, Mike Trevarthen, 156
Unit 1-2A, Green Square, Grove Trading Estate, Dorchester, Peter Bellamy, 156
Wadham House, 50 High West Street, Dorchester, Mike Trevarthen, 156
Rear of 1-3 Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester, Peter Bellamy, 156
Stokeford Farm Solar, East Stoke, Ashley Tuck, 156-157
Holmwood Park Farm, Ferndown, Ashley Tuck, 157
Coastguard Hut, Kimmeridge Bay, Peter Bellamy, 157
Land at Barges Close, Litton Cheney, Clare Randall, 157
The Cobb, Lyme Regis, Cheryl Green, 157
Melbury Bubb Manor, Melbury Bubb, Cheryl Green, 157-158
Rear of 95-127 Reforne, Portland, Peter Bellamy, 158
Stonehills Mine, Avalanche Road, Southwell, Portland, Ashley Tuck, 158
Druce Farm Roman villa, Puddletown, Lilian Ladle, 158-159
Great Dorset Steam Fair Road, near Tarrant Hinton, Ashley Tuck, 159
Bestwall Tidal Embankment, Bestwall, Wareham, Ashley Tuck, 159
'Bellevue', Pound Lane, Wareham, Lilian Ladle, 159-160
West Lulworth School, School Lane, West Lulworth, Mike Trevarthen, 160
Church of St Andrew, West Stafford, Peter Bellamy, 160
Curtis Fields, land to the south of Chickerell Road, Weymouth, Orlando Prestidge and Cheryl Green, 160
Land at Littlemoor, Weymouth, Jonathan Orellana, 161
Leigh Road, Wimborne Minster, Ashley Tuck, 161
Land south of Leigh Road, Wimborne Minster, Daniel Sausins, 161
Stapehill Solar Park, Wimborne, Ashley Tuck, 161
Stapehill Solar Farm, Wimborne, Joe Whelan, 161
Clandon Farm, Winterborne St Martin (Martinstown), Peter Bellamy, 161
New Barn Farm, Knowlton, Woodlands, Peter Bellamy, 161
St Aldhelm's Quarry, Worth Matravers, Lilian Ladle, 161
Excavation of ovens and burnt mound at Seatown, Chideock, Martin Papworth, 162-163
Uvedales House, Corfe Castle, Martin Papworth, 163
545 Abbot Street, Pamphill, Kingston Lacy Estate, Martin Papworth, 164
Portable Antiquities Scheme, 2015, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 165-166
A first-century Roman copper-alloy portrait bust from Tarrant Rushton, Miles Russell, 167-172
The Durotriges Project, phase three: an interim statement, Miles Russell, Paul Cheetham, Damian Evans, John Gale, Ellen Hambleton, Iain Hewitt, Harry Manley, Derek Pitman and David Stewart, 173-177
Winterbourne Steepleton: Black Down, a Roman military signalling station in Dorset?, Iain Hewitt, Jessica Fangmann, Ana Gonzalez Ruiz and Maureen Putnam, 178-186
A multi-phase site at Barton Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Steve Robinson, Emma Firth and Adrian M. Chadwick, 187-204
Pits and pottery: some evidence for Beaker activity at Bryanston School, Edrys Lupprian, 205-218
Excavations at former Milldown School, Blandford Forum, Dorset, 2015, Joe Whelan and Richard Massey, 219-231
On the edge of the chalk: An Iron Age settlement at Grimstone Reservoir, Dorchester, Dorset, Clare Randall with Cheryl Green and Richard McConnell, 232-263
Later prehistoric settlement at Wood Hill, Charlton Down, Dorset, Clare Randall, 264-270
Eileen Frances Marie Dickson (née Legge), 1920-2015, Peter J. Woodward and Roger Peers, 271
Michael John Lester, 1926-2015, Peter J. Woodward and Martin Papworth, 272-273
Philip Browne: The unfortunate Captain Peirce and the wreck of the Halsewell East Indiaman, 1786, Jill M. Minchin, 273
Michael Hill: West Dorset country houses, Helen Brown, 273-274
Natural history reports 2015
Hoverfly report 2015, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 275
Butterfly report 2014-5, Bill Shreeves, 275-279
General weather summary 2015, 280-281
Dorset rainfall 2015, John Oliver, 281-285
Index, 286-290
Notes for contributors, 291-293
Publications of DNHAS, 294

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