Contents of volume 138 (2017)


Speed to the West: an exhibition at the Dorset County Museum, Richard Furness, 1-5
'Fishing the Wreck': the recovery of artefacts from the Halsewell East Indiaman, 1786-2016, Philip Browne, 6-16
The development of Dorset's harbours in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, Mark Forrest, 17-33
Kindling the Fire from Heaven: protestantism in Dorchester before the Great Fire, Charles Cornish-Dale, 34-43
Hardy and Heritage Project with the University of Exeter, Angelique Richardson and Helen Angear, 44-45
Manuscripts of William Barnes's dialect poems in the Dorset County Museum, T. L. Burton, 46-63
Mary Anning's Commonplace Book, Thomas W. Goodhue, 64-66
Faunal and floral response to the dredging of a River Frome floodplain ditch (Dorset, UK), Patrick D. Armitage, Jon A. B. Bass, Jack W. Coleman, John I. Jones and Tania L. Kaplan, 67-76
Re-examination of a teleosaurid specimen in the Society's collection, Davide Foffa, 77-78
The Upper Bathonian and Callovian stages (Middle Jurassic) as exposed near Corscombe, Dorset, John G. Huxtable and Mark H. Hanley, 79-83
Dorset archaeology in 2016 (with some reports from 2015), 84-95
Dorset County Football Association, Blandford Close, Hamworthy, Poole, Jonathan Monteith, 84
21 Blandford Road, Potters Arms, Poole, Jonathan Montieth, 84
New dwellings at Colliton Street, Dorchester, Jon Milward, 84-85
15a West Borough, Wimborne, Jonathan Monteith, 85
Borough Gardens, Dorchester, Jonathan Monteith, 85
57 High Street, Wimborne, Jonathan Monteith, 85-86
Land at junction of Blandford Road and Norton Way, Poole, Jonathan Monteith, 86
36-41 Glyde Path Road, Dorchester, Jon Milward, 86
Sutton Road, Weymouth, Jon Milward, 87
Christchurch Magistrates Court site, Jonathan Monteith, 87-88
Walford Farm, east of Cranborne Road, Wimborne, Jonathan Monteith, 88-90
Shaftesbury Lane, Blandford Forum, Clare Randall, 90
Bridport Library and Scientific Institute, 51 East Street, Bridport, Cheryl Green, 90
Bridport Museum, Bridport, Stuart Milby, 90
Church of St Mary the Virgin, Charminster, Ashley Tuck, 90-91
Evaluation trenches within the North Paddock, Max Gate, Dorchester, Martin Papworth, 91
Park Farm, Gillingham, Simon Sworn, 91
Foundation inspection trenches, Bottle Knap Cottage, Long Bredy, Martin Papworth, 91
Sackmore Lane, Marnhull, Ashley Tuck, 92
Evaluation trenches in advance of biomass boiler, Kingston Lacy House stable, Pamphill, Martin Papworth, 92
Evaluation trenches in overflow car park, Kingston Lacy House, Pamphill, Martin Papworth, 92
Toby's, 1 Bimport, Shaftesbury, Cheryl Green, 93
Archaeological excavations south of Priory Farm crossroads, Shapwick, Kingston Lacy estate, Martin Papworth, 93
13 Church Street, Wareham, Lilian Ladle, 93
17-19 Church Street, Wareham, Lilian Ladle, 93
Land adjoining 10 Cow Lane, Wareham, Lilian Ladle, 93-94
2 East Walls, Wareham, Lilian Ladle, 94
Land adjoining 1 Wyatt's Lane, Wareham, Lilian Ladle, 94
Empool water treatment works, West Knighton, Orlando Prestidge, 94
Chickerell, Weymouth, Joe Whelan, 94
East Chickerell, Weymouth, Ashley Tuck, 94
Land off Putton Lane, Chickerell, Weymouth, Clare Randall, 94-95
Bottom Plain cable route, Wareham St Martin, Jeremy Clutterbuck, 95
Cuthbury, Wimborne Minster, Ashley Tuck, 95
'Tanglewood', Winterborne Stickland, Ashley Tuck, 95
Broad Mead Quarry, Worth Matravers, Lilian Ladle, 95
Results of an archaeological excavation at Pound Lane, Wareham, Jon Milward, 96-101
Earthwork enclosure at Arbor Hill, near Gillingham, ST 833 294, John Shephard, 102-103
Late Saxon/medieval activity west of Cranborne Road, Wimborne, Dorset, Piotr Orczewski, 104-105
The Durotriges Project, 2016: an interim statement, Miles Russell, Paul Cheetham, Iain Hewitt, Ellen Hambleton, Harry Manley and Dave Stewart, 106-111
Toller Porcorum: a post-medieval 'wetland' management landscape at Woolcombe, Dorset, Iain Hewitt and Ana Gonzalez Ruiz with Jessica Fangmann, 112-126
  (For correction to the above see vol.139 p.vii)
Lines of enquiry: linear organisation of the High Lea Farm Bronze Age barrow cemetery, Gerald A. Bennett and John Gale, 127-136
Survey and excavation of a long barrow with secondary burial on Race Down, Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Harry P. Manley, Damian Evans, Iain Hewitt, Patricia Furphy, Miles Russell and Kate Welham, 137-145
Interim report on Druce Farm Roman villa, Puddletown (SY 7330 9540), Lilian Ladle and Andrew Morgan, 146-148
The Sherborne coin mould: a case of a fake antiquity?, Gordon Le Pard, 149
Portable Antiquities Scheme 2016, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 150
Alan Collins, 1928-2015, David James and Linda Roberts, 151
Kenneth Scott Painter, 1935-2016, Roger Peers and Laurence Keen, 152-153
Giles John Romanes, 1918-2016, Francesca Radcliffe and Peter J. Woodward, 154-156
Natural history reports
Butterfly report 2016, Bill Shreeves, 157-160
General weather summary, John Oliver, 161-163
Rainfall, John Oliver, 163-167
Index, 168-170

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