Contents of volume 139 (2018)


Erratum to vol.138, vii
Dippy on Tour: a natural history adventure, 10 February to 7 May 2018, Jon Murden and Gabriella Crouch, 1-9
Historical imagery in support of coastal heritage management in Dorset, UK, Robin McInnes, 10-25
Building a new museum: Albert Bankes, Felicity Hebditch, 26-28
Reinvestigating Samuel Wakely of Bridport (1787-1865), composer of psalms and anthems, Eve Higgs, 29-34
Dorset County Hospital in the 18505: who received treatment?, Mark Collyer, 36-51
'Promised large things': the town and port of Poole in the 1460s to 1480s, Anne E. Sutton, 52-64
St Aldhelm's church and chapel in Dorset, Nicholas Orme, 65-69
Dorset's harbours in the sixteenth century, David A. Hinton, 70-71
A comparison of the freshwater invertebrate communities of the River Win (Dorset) present in 1993 and 2016, over a period with agricultural intensification across the catchment, Patrick D. Armitage, Jon A. B. Bass, John P. Murphy, Gloria Tapia, 72-82
A review of the upper Pliensbachian and Toarcian (Lower Jurassic) stages in south Somerset and Dorset as evidenced by outcrop sections and derived subcrop field brash of the Beacon Limestone Formation, John G. Huxtable, 83-104
Notes on the discovery of two eutherian mammals in the 'Mammal Bed' of the Purbeck Group (Early Cretaceous, Berriasian) exposed in Durlston Bay, Dorset, UK, Steven C. Sweetman, David M. Martill and Grant Smith, 105-114
Dorset Archaeology in 2016-17, 115-121
Mapperton House, Beaminster, SY 503 996, Peter Bellamy, 115
St Mary Magdalene Church, Loders, Bridport, centred on SY 4912 9428 , Clare Randall, 115
45 South Street, Bridport SY 4663 9273, Wessex Archaeology, 115
Land at Chickerell SY 503 996, Wessex Archaeology, 115
Corfe Castle, Outer Bailey, recording and conservation of first tower, Martin Papworth, 115-116
Land south of Warmwell Road, Crossways, SY 7684 8805 and SY 7707 8817, Clare Randall, 116-117
Bowling Alley Walk, Dorchester, SY 6912 9035, Wessex Archaeology, 117
Dorset County Museum, Dorchester, SY 6911 9077, Peter Bellamy, 117
Maiden Castle, Dorchester, SY 6656 8853, Clare Randall, 117
Former County Gaol, Dorchester, SY 6919 9089, Oliver Good, 117
Fairfield Car Park, Dorchester, SY 6900 9012, Clare Randall, 117
Old Shire Hall, Dorchester, SY 6910 9073, Clare Randall, 117-118
Forston Manor Water Treatment Works refurbishment (E-W link), Forston, Dorchester, SY 6871 9495, Cheryl Green, 118
Stapehill Abbey, Ferndown, SY 0543 0030, Peter Bellamy, 118
Highcliffe Castle, Highcliffe, SZ 2030 9321, Peter Bellamy, 118
Rothesay Park, Highcliffe Castle, SZ 201 930, Peter Bellamy, 118
St Mary's Church, Iwerne Minster, ST 3868 1145, Clare Randall, 119
Kimmeridge Hut, Kimmeridge, SY 9089 7879, Wessex Archaeology, 119
Land at Huntley Down, Milborne St Andrew, SY 8017 9812, Wessex Archaeology, 119
Upton Country Park, Poole, SY 9917 9274 to 9908 9207, Peter Bellamy, 119
Verne Common Road, Portland, SY 6849 7072, Peter Bellamy, 119
Land between 3 and 22 Weston Street, Portland, SY 6863 7095, Peter Bellamy, 119
Land adjacent to Avalanche Road, Portland, SY 685 707, Clare Randall, 119
Park Walk, Shaftesbury, centred on ST 8622 2292, Stuart Milby, 119
Thornecombe Farm, Fore Street, Thorncombe, ST 3762 0326, Richard McConnell, 120
Geophysical survey on Hardown Hill, Whitchurch Canonicorum, SY 405 945, Martin Papworth, 120
Leigh Road School site, Wimborne Minster SZ 0281 9984, Wessex Archaeology, 120
New Barn Farm, Knowlton, Woodlands, SU 0238 0956, Peter Bellamy, 121
Church of St John the Baptist, Woodsford, SY 7620 9058, Peter Bellamy, 121
Portable Antiquities Scheme 2017, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 122-123
A possible medieval sundial from Shroton, Gordon Le Pard, 124
Interim report on Druce Farm Roman Villa, Puddletown (SY 7330 9540), Lilian Ladle, 125-126
The Durotriges Project 2017: an interim statement, Miles Russell, Paul Cheetham, Kerry Barrass, Damian Evans, Ellen Hambleton, Harry Manley, Derek Pitman and Dave Stewart, 129-133
Saxon and medieval settlement on the northern edge of Wimborne Minster, Dorset, Piotr Orczewski with contributions from Phil Andrews, Phil Harding, L. Higbee, Inés Lopez-Doriga, Lorraine Mepham and Patrick S. Quinn, with illustrations by S. E. James, 134-162
The results of an excavation on land east of Cranborne Road, Wimborne, Dorset, Jonathan Milward, Jonathan Monteith and Alan Whitaker with contributions from Chris Butler, Lisa Gray and Grace Jones, 163-176
Excavations on the site of the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, Kimmeridge, Dorset, 2013, Stephen Robinson, Emma Firth, Charlotte Coles and Wendy Carruthers, with illustrations by Sarah Cottam and Mark Carney, 177-196
Ulwell, Swanage: excavation of a buried wall at Ulwell Farm (SZ 023 808), Alan Hunt with Stephen Thompson, Rachel Jessop and Iain Hewitt, 197-198
The west end of Shaftesbury Abbey church; archaeological investigations at Abbey House, Shaftesbury, Peter W. Cox and Paul Jones, with contributions by Kate Brayne, Emma Firth and Laurence Keen, 199-207
Clay, iron and charcoal: an experimental investigation of the colour change and production of Romano-British Black Burnished Ware (SEDBB1), Phil Trim, 208
General Mark Bond 1923-2017, Philip Williams, 220-222
Jo Draper (Josephine Chaplin) 1949-2017, David and Linda Viner, 223-226
Peter James Woodward BA MCIfA FSA 1947-2017, Roger Peers, Richard Bradley and Alison Taylor, 227-234
Treswell's Survey of Purbeck 1585-6, Mark Forrest (ed.) with Jenny Halling Barnard, Rose Mitchell and Martin Papworth, Jerry Bird, 235
General Weather Survey and Rainfall Report, John Oliver, 236-242
Index, 243-245

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