Contents of volume 140 (2020)


Progress report on new building, viii-x
Dorset County Museum 2018: excavation in the public gaze, Clare Randall, 1-11
'A dream of Tarrant Hinton'; a Dorset pageant in stained glass, T. P. Connor, 10-19
Weatherbury's Midwife and Hintock's Adam, Tracy Evans, 20-25
Ways of seeing: an architectual reconstruction of Wessex, Kester Rattenbury, 26-41
Language in the landscape: an excavation of William Barnes' 'A British Earthwork', John Blackmore, 42-52
Temporary sections in the Charmouth Mudstone Formation (Sinemurian-Pliensbachian Stages, Lower Jurassic) of South Somerset compared with the type area of the Dorset coast, John G. Huxtable, 53-58
Dorset Archaeology in 2018, 59-62
Land north-east of Blandford Forum, ST 90036 07652, László Lichtenstein, 59
Former hall and Woodhouse Brewery, Bournemouth Road, Blandford St Mary, ST 88540 05943, Steven Bush and Ray Kennedy, 59
Land south of Westleaze, Charminster, SY 68175 92374, Paul Clarke and Christina Tapply, 59
The Paddock, Lake Gates, Wimborne Road, Corfe Mullen, SY 99558 99004, Lilian Ladle, 59
St Mary and St Bartholomew Church, Cranborne, SU 05453 13247, László Lichtenstein, 59
Land north of Blandford Hill, Milborne St Andrew, SY 80440 97730, László Lichtenstein, 59
St Andrew's Church, Okeford Fitzpaine, ST 80708 10837, László Lichtenstein, 60
1 High Street, Poole, SZ 00929 90299, Clare Randall, 60
North Poole, Canford Park, Bearwood, Poole, SZ 05090 97310, Jonathan Orellana, 60
High Angle Battery, Portland, SY 694 732, Clare Randall, 60
Druce Farm Neolithic site, Puddletown, SY 733 954, 60-61
Rushmore golf course, Tollard Royal, Sixpenny Handley, ST 96444 18487, László Lichtenstein, 61
Castle Close, Pound Lane, Wareham, SY 92181 87189, László Lichtenstein, 61
St Edward's Church, Shatter's Hill, SY 9210 8777, Lilian Ladle, 61-62
Land north of Oakley Lane, Wimborne Minster, SZ 02500 98800, László Lichtenstein, 62
Water meadows, Winterborne Herringston, SY 69203 88354, Clare Randall, 62
Maiden Castle, Winterborne St Martin, SY 66562 88534, Clare Randall, 62
Portable Antiquities Scheme 2018, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 63-65
Catchwork water meadows in west Dorset, Duncan Harris, 66-74
Post-Roman Purbeck and a further consideration of St Aldhelm's Chapel, David A. Hinton, 75-80
Vikings go digital: using the Ridgeway mass burial to investigate skeletal injuries in three dimensions, Heather M. Tamminen, Andrew Ford, Kate Welham and Martin J. Smith, 81-84
Evidence of medieval agriculture and settlement: excavation at Curtis Fields, Chickerell, Weymouth, Clare Randall, 85-98
Excavation of medieval burials in Wimborne Minster 2012, Gill Broadbent, 99-113
Further prehistoric and Romano-British activity at Poundbury Farm, Dorchester, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy and Tom Wells, 114-129
Excavation and survey at Badbury Rings, Dorset, Martin Papworth, 130-171
George Wickham 1936-2018, Philip Wickham, 170
Elizabeth Maureen Keats 1936-2018, Roger Peers, 173-174
Dorset rainfall 2018, John Oliver, 175-180
Index, 181-183
Notes for contributors, 185-192

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