Contents of volume 136 (2015)

What Tess meant to Hardy, and why, Keith Wilson, 1-11
Far from the Madding Crowd (2015), directed by Thomas Vinterberg, a review, Paul J. Niemeyer, 12-13
How to get a head in Dorset County Museum: the tailless tale of Pliosaurus kevani, Jenny Cripps, 14-17
The environmental quality of the Sherford River (Dorset) assessed with macroinvertebrate data, Patrick D. Armitage, J. A. B. Bass and Adrianna Hawczak, 18-29
Underwater light-trapping of mobile invertebrates in the Fleet lagoon, Dorset, Nina Wills, J. A. B. Bass and J. I. Jones, 30-37
'Gone for a Burton': Thomas Arthur Burton (1842-1936), musician and composer, and his family (from Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Cotswolds, Hampshire and Dorset), Hugh S. Torrens, 38-56
Mrs Alicia Moore, dedicatee of Henry Rowland Brown's 1859 guidebook Beauties of Lyme Regis, Michael A. Taylor, 57-62
A token found at Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, apparently associated with Mary Anning (1799-1847), fossil collector, Michael A. Taylor and Richard Bull, 63--67
The Dorset Hundreds from the early nineteenth century, J. W. Hart, 68-76
Dorset Archaeology in 2014, 77-85
Blandford Forum, RSS Blandford, Mike Sims, 77
Kinson Manor Farm, Bournemouth, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 77
Land at Knighton Lane, Broadmayne, Peter Bellamy and Mike Trevarthen, 77
Old Henley Farmhouse, Hilling Lane, Henley, Buckland Newton, Peter Bellamy, 77
Forston Water Treatment Works (WTW) to St Catherine's Reservoir, Forston, Charminster, Cheryl Green, 77
Former Royal Mail sorting office, Wick Lane, Christchurch, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 78
Corfe Castle, evaluation excavation in the West Bailey, Martin Papworth, 78-79
Brewery Square, Dorchester, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 79
Land by Castle Park, Dorchester, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 79
11 Durngate Street, Dorchester, Peter Bellamy and Mike Trevarthen, 79
Holmwood Park, Ferndown, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 79
Frampton House, Frampton Park, Peter Bellamy, 79-80
Land at Lodden Lakes, Gillingham, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 80
Hillside, Little England, Milborne St Andrew, Peter Bellamy, 80
Kingston Lacy House, Pamphill, south lawn evaluation excavation, Martin Papworth, 80-81
Dorset History Centre (?acquisitions), 81
Corfe Hills Roman road, Poole, Peter Bellamy, 81
Upton Country Park, Upton Park Farm, Poole, Peter Bellamy, 81-82
Stonehills Mine, Weston, Portland, Peter Bellamy and Mike Trevarthen, 82
Land south of 44C--62 Weston Street, Portland, Mike Trevarthen, 82
Little Down, Shaftesbury, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 82
Melrose, 43 Hound Street, Sherborne, Andy Simmonds, 82
Hardy's Cottage, Higher Bockhampton, Peter Bellamy, 82-83
Stourpaine landfill site, Andy Mudd, 83
The Pig on the Beach, Studland, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 83
Cold Harbour first time sewerage, Bere Road, Wareham, Cheryl Green, 83
19 St Martin's Lane, Wareham, Mike Trevarthen, 83
Curtis Fields, land south of Chickerell Road, Weymouth, Cheryl Green, 83-84
1 Lower St Edmund Street, Weymouth, Mike Trevarthen, 84
St Aldhelm's Quarry, Worth Matravers, Lilian Ladle and Sue Cullinane, 84-85
Land at Thornford Road, Yetminster, Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, 85
Dewlish Roman Villa, post-excavation report 2014, Iain Hewitt, 85
Portable Antiquities Scheme 2014, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, 86-87
Preston: Bowleaze Cove Romano-British building, Iain Hewitt and Grace Jones, 88-98
Observations at Church Street, Christchurch, Michael Heaton, with a contribution from Professor Malcolm Thurlby, 99-101
Interim Report: Druce Farm Roman villa, Puddletown, Lilian Ladle and Andrew Morgan, 102-106
Excavation of a Romano-British well at Farnham, Martin Green, Mark Maltby and Rob Perrin, 107--143
The pottery, Rob Perrin, 108-122
Samian ware, Brian Hartley, revised by J. M. Mills, 114-115
Glass, Denise Allen, 123-124
The other finds, Martin Green, 124
Animal bones, Mark Maltby and Caroline Whiteman, 125-142
Mortlake and Grooved Ware pottery associated with worked stone in a pit at Lambert's Hill, Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset, Richard Tabor, with a contribution by Cheryl Green, 144-148
The Old Manor, Stratton, Rosemary Maw, 149-150
The Thompson's clay canal, a clay-working enterprise near Lytchett Bay, Poole in the 1830s, Bryan Gambier, Alan Hawkins and Keith Jarvis, 151-152
Witchampton chess pieces, Gill Vickery, 153-156
The Durotriges Project, Phase Two: an interim statement, Miles Russell, Paul Cheetham, Damian Evans, Karina Gerdau-Radonic, Ellen Hambleton, Iain Hewitt, Harry Manley, Nivien Speith and Martin Smith, 157-161
The development of properties inside the southern defences of Roman Durnovaria: an excavation at Charles Street, Dorchester, Andrew B. Powell with contributions from Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy, Rachael Seager Smith and J. M. Mills, 162-184
Roman finds, Rachel Seager Smith with J. M. Mills, 176-181
Plan of Hive Beach, with eroding building, supplement to vol.135 p.237-240, Martin Papworth, 185
Obituaries, 186-188
Mary Bridget Featherstonehaugh Frampton MBE, 1928-2014, Sue Taylor, 186
Margaret Holmes, 1923-2015, 186-187
Dennis Roy Seaward, 1928-2014, Paul Seaward, 188
Natural history reports 2014
Field meeting reports 2014, 189--193
April 26, Filcombe Wood (Chideock) and St Gabriel's Wood (St Gabriel's), John Newbould, 189-190
May 6, Westhay Farm (St Gabriel's), John Newbould, 190-191
May 7, Townsend DWT reserve (Swanage), Amber Rosenthal, 191
June 11, Bindon Hill and Lulworth Cove (Lulworth), John Newbould with Robin Walls, 191-192
July 19, Winfrith Heath, Bog Orchid count, Laurence Taylor and R. M. Walls, 192
June 30, Durlston Country Park (Swanage), Yellow Vetchling survey, Rev. E. A. Pratt, 192
July 20, Durlston Country Park, Yellow Vetchling survey, Rev. E. A. Pratt, 192-193
August 26, Eggardon Hill (NT) (Askerswell), John Newbould, 193
September 13, Hawkchurch parish, John Newbould, 193
Frome Valley winter bird survey, John Newbould and Jon Campbell, 194-195
The National Trust acquires the hill fort at Hambledon Hill NNR, North Dorset, John Newbould, 196-117
County Boundary Survey field visits, 198-201
April 2, Biddlesgate Wood and Stone Hill Gate (Cranborne (Dorset), Martin and Damerham (Hants)), Katherine Barker and John Newbould, 198-199
June 4 and October 1, Howse Coppice to Pen Wood (Halstock (Dorset), Hardington Mandeville and Closworth (Somerset)), Katherine Barker and John Newbould, 199-200
August 6, Ebblake to Whitefield Bottom (Alderholt and Edmondsham (Dorset), Fordingbridge and Ellingham (Hants)), Robin Walls and John Newbould, 200-201
Hoverfly report 2013, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 202
Hoverfly report 2014, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 202-203
General weather survey 2014, John Oliver, 204-205
Dorset Rainfall 2014, John Oliver, 206-210
Index, 211-215
Notes for contributors, 216-218

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