Contents of volume 123

for 2001, published 2002


Winterborne Came Rectory: the home of William Barnes, Alan Chedzoy, 1-6
A life of generous beneficence: George Wingfield Digby, a Victorian landowner 1856-1883, Ann Smith, 7-14
Quarrying the Lias at Lyme, Jo Draper, 15
A medieval site in Gillingham, Dorset: further excavations at Chantry Fields 1999, John Valentin and Stephen Robinson, 23-49
A temporary exposure of Oxford Clay at Chafey's Lake, near Weymouth, Dorset, Nigel D. Chapman, 51-68
William Dickson Lang: his Liassic work appraised, C. P. Palmer, 69-74
The Dormouse in Dorset: a reappraisal of dormouse ecology, S. M. Eden and R. M. G. Eden, 75-94
The macroinvertebrate fauna of the Holy Stream, a small tributary of the River Frome, Dorset, Patrick D. Armitage and John H. Blackburn, 95-100
Shorter Contributions, 101-122
Langstone Harbour, Michael J. Allen and Julie Gardiner, 101
Roman Purbeck stone: a new database, John Palmer, 104
Magnetite on Chesil Beach, evidence of a ship's stranding in 1914, Gordon Le Pard, 109
Beaver, Castor fiber L. from offshore peat beds near Abbotsbury, Gordon Le Pard, 110
Recording a hulked vessel in the Fleet, Gordon Le Pard, 111
A cannon from the sea `off Purbeck', Gordon Le Pard, 112
An elephant tusk from the sea off West Bay, Gordon Le Pard, 113
A hedge survey in the parish of Cerne Abbas, Janet Bartlet, 114
An item of Roman coopered furniture from Dorchester, Paola Pugsley, 117
Excavations at Myncen Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, 2001, Christopher Sparey-Green, 119
Dorset Archaeology in 2001, 123-132
Archaeological sites added to the County Sites and Monuments Record, 123
Bestwall Quarry excavations 2001 - interim report, Lilian Ladle, 123-4
Bournemouth, The Hampshire Centre, John Valentin, 124
Hilly Ground. Hinton St Mary, Dorset, Peter J. Woodward and Paul Martin, 124-5
Hod Hill, Stourpaine, Martin Papworth, 125
Shapwick, Bishop's Court Farm, Karen Rumsey, 126-7
Shaftesbury, Angel Lane, Ian Hewitt, 127-8
Dorchester, Colliton Park, John Valentin, 128
Dorchester, Lamberts Hill, Neil Adam, 128
Gillingham, Barnaby Mead, John Valentin, 128-9
Milborne St Andrew, Lane End, Stephen Robinson, 129
Nether Cerne, East Hill, John Valentin, 129
Pamphill, Kingston Lacy House, Helen MacIntyre, 129-30
Shillingstone, White Pit Farm, Astrid Hudson, 130
Wareham, Somerfield Store, Peter W. Cox, 130
Watching briefs
Bridport,32 South Street, Ian Hewitt and John Hodgson, 130
Dorchester, Fairfield Road, Astrid Hudson, 130-1
Dorchester, Weymouth Avenue, Joe Whelan, 131
Thorncombe, Chard Junction Quarry, Astrid Hudson, 131
Watching briefs with negative results, 131
Finds and observations
Broom Cliff, Stanton St Gabriel, Martin Papworth, 132
15 Conway Drive, Broadmayne, Steve Wallis, 132
Natural History Reports
Geology - Dorset Geological Reports, Michael R. House, 133
Rainfall, John Oliver, 134
Botany, David Pearman, 138
Marine Invertebrates 2001, John Hawthorne, 139
Microlepidoptera report 2001, Phil Sterling, 140
Macrolepidoptera report, Peter Davey, 142
2001 moth immigrations to Dorset, Peter Davey, 147
Dorset hoverfly report 2001, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 149
Mammals, J. A. Stobart, 150
Alan Paul Carr 1930-2000, John E. Whittaker, 153
Index, 157
Editorial policy and style guide, 159

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