Contents of volume 122

for 2000, published 2001


Aspects of Romanesque ecclesiastical architecture in Dorset, Malcolm Thurlby, 1-19
Tregonwell Frampton: the Dorset dimension, Dennis Brailsford, 21-25
Ecclesiology in context, Nigel Yates, 27-43
An identification of four casts of heads of hanged men in the Dorset County Museum (Mansel-Pleydell prize), G. A. Chester, 45-51
Palaeoenvironmental and archaeological investigations on Wyke Down and in the upper Allen valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset, England, C. French, H. Lewis, M. Allen and R. Scaife, 53-71
Excavation of Neolithic and Bronze Age features at the Thomas Hardye (formerly Castleford) School, Coburg Road, Dorchester, 1994, Roland J. C. Smith, 73-82
Excavations at Penny's Farm, Cranborne, Peter S. Bellamy, 83-97
Archaeological excavation and recording of land between 28 and 30 Bell Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset, John Valentin and Stephen Robinson, 99-109
Medieval and post-medieval Bridport: Excavations at 43 South Street, 1996, D. Godden, J. Grove and Roland J. C. Smith, 111-123
Hitherto unnoticed tree remains from the submerged forests at Bournemouth and Charmouth, J. B. Delair, 125-127
A new plesiosaurid specimen from the Sinemurian, Lower Jurassic, of Southern England, Philip J. Hopley, 129-138
The environmental quality of two iron-rich streams in southern Dorset, assessed with macroinvertebrate data, Rink Wiggers and Patrick D. Armitage, 139-144
Shorter Contributions
The late Bronze Age gold neckrings from Chickerell, Peter J. Woodward, 145-148
Evaluation excavation, Badbury Romano-Celtic temple, Martin Papworth, 148
Survey and excavation of an enclosure at East Holton, Wareham St Martin, Eileen Wilkes and Ian Hewitt, 153
Sixpenny Handley, Goldfields Farm, Ian Hewitt, 153
Excavations at Myncen Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, Christopher Sparey-Green, 153
Dorset Archaeology in 2000, 159-175
Archaeological sites added to the County Sites and Monuments Record, 159
Survey and Assessments
Chideock: site of a 13th-century manor house, M. Papworth, 159-60
Dorchester, Weymouth Avenue, Peter Cox, 160
Bestwall Quarry excavations 2000 - interim report, Lilian Ladle, 160
Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre, Michael Heaton, David Murdle and Jake Keen, 161-2
Dorchester, Members' car park, County Hall, Stephen Robinson, 162
Dorchester, Old County Hospital, Simon Hulka and John Hodgson, 162
Pamphill, Lodge Farm, M. Papworth, 162-3
Portesham, Manor Farm, John Valentin, 163
Portland, land off Reap Lane, Southwell, Peter Bellamy, 163-4
Poole, Shapwick Road, Hamworthy, Peter Bellamy, 164
Stratton, Dorchester Road, Phil Mcmahon, 164
Verwood, Potters Wheel, Jo Whelan, 164
Abbotsbury, Rosemary Lane, John Valentin, 165
Batcombe, Gore Hill, Stephen Robinson, 165
Bere Regis, Stephen Robinson, 165
Bournemouth, The Hampshire Centre, John Valentin, 165
Bridport, South Street, John Valentin, 166
Chickerell, Chafey's Lake, Astrid Hudson, 166
Christchurch, Millhams Street, Astrid Hudson, 166
Dorchester, Colliton Park, John Valentin, 166
Dorchester, Dorchester Library, Astrid Hudson, 166
Dorchester, St John Ambulance Hall, North Square, Peter Bellamy, 166-7
Gillingham, Le Neubourg Way, John Valentin, 167
Gillingham, Park Farm, Astrid Hudson, 167
Gillingham, Peache Marsh, John Valentin, 167-8
Hamworthy, 165-67 Blandford Road, John Valentin, 168
Holton Heath, Wareham Road, Stephen Robinson, 168
Iwerne Courtney or Shroton, Church Field, Peter Cox, 168
Kimmeridge Bay, new Marine Centre, Phil Mcmahon, 168-9
Milton Abbas, Pond Head Cottage, John Valentin, 169
Minterne Magna, Dogbury Plantation, Peter Bellamy, 169
Portesham, Manor Farm, Simon Hulka, 169
Portland, Perryfield and Coombefield Quarries, Astrid Hudson, 169-70
Portland, Stonehills Mine access road, Weston, Peter Bellamy, 170
Puddletown, Sherring's Green Close, Peter Bellamy, 170
Shapwick, St Bartholomew's Church, Simon Hulka, 170
Sherborne, Newland, Joe Whelan, 170
Steeple, North Hills Plantation, John Valentin, 170
Steeple, Povington Pit, John Valentin, 170-1
Steeple, West Creech Farm, John Valentin, 171
Stourpaine, Manor Farm, John Valentin, 171
Thorncombe, Broadbridge Farm, John Valentin, 171
Thorncombe, Chard Junction, Simon Hulka, 171-2
Thorncombe, Chard Junction, Simon Hulka, 172
Weymouth, Guildhall car park, Simon Hulka, 172
Negative evaluations, 173
Watching briefs
Charminster, 1 West Hill, Peter Bellamy, 173
Corfe Mullen, High Park Road, Neil Adam, 173
Dorchester, Fairfield Road, Philip Mcmahon, 173
Dorchester, WDDC car park, Colliton Street, Peter Bellamy, 173
Maiden Newton, Cruxton, Phil Mcmahon, 173
Portland, Reap Land sewer, Southwell, Peter Bellamy, 173
Sherborne, Brecon House, Long Street, Peter Bellamy, 174
Stanton St Gabriel, Peter Bellamy, 174
Wareham, 36 North Street, Astrid Hudson, 174
Weymouth, Wyke Road, Wyke Regis, Astrid Hudson, 174
Winterborne St Martin, Ashton, Simon Hulka, 174
Stinsford, Dorchester showground, Coker's Frome, Ian Hewitt and Karen Rumsey, 174
Wimborne Lodge, Ian Hewitt, 174-5
Watching briefs with negative results, 175
Natural History Reports
Geology - Dorset Geological News, Michael R. House, 177
Oxford Clay at Pottery Lane, Westham, near Weymouth, N. Chapman, 178
Rainfall, John Oliver, 179
Botany, David Pearman, 183
Butterfly report, Bill Shreeves, 184
Microlepidoptera report 2000, Phil Sterling, 188
Macrolepidoptera report, Peter Davey, 190
2000 moth immigrations to Dorset, Peter Davey, 194
Dorset hoverfly report 2000, E. T. and D. A. Levy, 196
John Christopher Wagner, 1923-2000, P. J. Woodward, 197
Index, 199
Editorial policy and style guide, 203

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