Contents of volume 125

for 2003, published 2004


The Marriage Duty Act censuses for Lyme Regis 1695-1703, Judith Ford, 1-11
Late Palaeolithic site, Castletown, Portland, Dorset, Susann Palmer, 13-21
Manor Farm, Portesham, Dorset: excavations on a multi-period religious and settlement site, John Valentin, 23-69
A group of early 13th-century pottery from Sherborne Old Castle and its wider context, John Allan, 71-82
Archaeological investigations at the Southern Electricity Depot, High Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset, George Nash, 83-92
An archaeological investigation of Russel Quay, Poole Harbour, Gordon Le Pard, 93-99
Notes on a specimen of the plesiosaur Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus (Reptilia: Plesiosauria) from the Lower Lias of Charmouth, Richard Forrest, 101-104
Taphonomic distortion of cervical vertebrae of a specimen of Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus (Reptilia: Plesiosauria) from the Lower Lias of Charmouth, Richard Forrest, 105-108
A review of the stratigraphy and palaeontology of the Middle and Upper Oolite (Bajocian Stage, Middle Jurassic) of Oborne Wood near Sherborne, north Dorset, John Huxtable, 109-118
Carinopis batei: a new bivalve mollusc from the Middle Lias (Lower Jurassic) of the Dorset coast, England, Charles Philip Palmer, 119-123
Further observations on Dormice in Dorset, S. M. Eden and R. M. G. Eden, 125-129
Freshwater macroinvertebrate communities of coastal streams in Dorset, Patrick D. Armitage, Helen M. Vincent and John H. Blackburn, 131-139
Shorter Contributions, 141-152
Lay subsidy rolls of the Allen Valley, 1327 and 1332, John Day, 141-2
Deverel-Rimbury pottery from Litton Cheney, Sarah Cottam and M. Laidlaw, 142-4
A group of Middle Bronze Age socketed axes from East Dorset, Brendan O'Connor and Peter J. Woodward, 144-6
Multi-period finds from Quarleston Farm, Winterborne Stickland, 1994-5, Christine Butterworth, 147-150
The 1986 Poundbury hoard of 3rd-century Antoniniani, Cathy King and Peter J. Woodward, 150-152
Dorset Archaeology in 2003, 153-171
Excavations and Survey, 153-7
Bestwall Quarry excavations 2003, interim report, Lilian Ladle, 153-4
Dorchester, St John Ambulance Hall, North Square, Peter Bellamy, 154
Dorchester, land to the west and south-west of Poundbury Farm, 2000-2001, Julie Gardiner, 154-6
Poole, Shapwick Road, Hamworthy, N. J. Adam, 156
Portland, Easton, N. J. Adam, 157
Evaluations, 157-163
Bridport, New Zealand, John Valentin, 157
Corfe Castle, land to the rear of 58 West Street, Julie Gardiner, 157
Dorchester, new cemetery and sports centre, Poundbury, Julie Gardiner, 157-9
Dorchester, Dorford Baptist Church, Bridport Road, Peter Bellamy, 160
Gillingham, Common Mead Lane, Stephen Robinson, 160
Gillingham, Ham Farm, Julie Gardiner, 160
Gillingham, Park Farm, Stephen Robinson, 160
Horton, Manor Farm, Stephen Robinson, 160
Knowlton, New Barn Farm, Stephen Robinson, 160
Litton Cheney, West Compton-A(1) well site, Peter Bellamy, 160-1
Milborne St Andrew, Beeches Buildings, Peter Bellamy, 161
Poole, new First School, Blandford Road, Hamworthy, Peter Bellamy, 161
Portland, 18 Sweethill Road, Southwell, Peter Bellamy, 161
Puddletown, Sherring's Green Close, Peter Bellamy, 161
Shaftesbury, Bimport, N. J. Adam, 161
Shaftesbury, 41-45 High Street, Peter Bellamy, 161-2
Shaftesbury, Parsons Pool, John Valentin, 162
Sherborne, Horsecastles, John Valentin, 162
Sherborne, Newell House, John Valentin, 162
Sixpenny Handley, Handley Down, Peter Bellamy, 162
Stoke Wake, N. J. Adam, 162
Thorncombe, West Lear's Farm, John Valentin, 162-3
Wareham, Camp Farm, Sandford, Peter Bellamy, 163
Weymouth, Landsdowne Villa, Peter Bellamy, 163
Wyke Regis, Barrow Rise, Stephen Robinson, 163
Watching briefs, 163-169
Bradpole, Holy Trinity Church, Peter Bellamy, 163
Buckland Newton, Church of the Holy Rood, Peter Bellamy, 163
Charmouth, Backlands Farm, Peter Bellamy, 163
Charmouth, The Old Fire Station, Peter Bellamy, 163
Cheselbourne, Meadows View, Peter Bellamy, 163
Chilcombe, Bunkers Hill, Peter Bellamy, 163-4
Dorchester, 64 Casterbridge Road, Peter Bellamy, 164
Dorchester, Salisbury Walk, Peter Bellamy, 164
Dorchester, C12 Loders to Sun Inn footway/cycleway, Peter Bellamy, 164
Dorchester, Cooper's Wholesale, The Grove, Peter Bellamy, 164
Dorchester, Physiques and Shapes Health Club, The Grove, Peter Bellamy, 164
Dorchester, Durngate Street, Peter Bellamy, 164
Dorchester, 19 North Square, Peter Bellamy, 164
Dorchester, 3 Fordington High Street (Noah's Ark), Christopher Sparey-Green, 164-5
Dorchester, 16 High Street, Fordington CSO, Peter Bellamy, 165
Dorchester, The Grove, J. Whelan, 165
Dorchester, Bridport Road, Poundbury, Peter Bellamy, 166
Dorchester, South Walks CSO, Peter Bellamy, 166
Dorchester, Top o'Town Car Park CSO, Paul Martin, 166
Gillingham, Lidl Store, School Lane, Peter Bellamy, 166
Gillingham, Ham, M. Laidlaw, 166
Long Bredy, Martins Down main replacement, Peter Bellamy, 166
Lyme Regis, Gosling's Bridge, Julie Gardiner, 166
Milborne St Andrew flood management scheme, Manor Farm, Peter Bellamy, 166
Overcombe Down, Preston sewerage, Andrew Manning and Dave Northcott, 166-7
Overcombe Down, Preston sewerage rising main, Julie Gardiner, 167
Poole, St Aubyn's Court Road, Peter Bellamy, 167
Poole, Proos Roofing Supplies, Rigler Road, Hamworthy, Peter Bellamy, 167
Poole, Blandford Close, Hamworthy, Peter Bellamy, 167
Portland, Easton, Paul Martin, 167
Portland, laundry shed extension, HM YOI, Peter Bellamy, 167
Portland, care and custody unit, HM YOI, Peter Bellamy, 167
Portland, Pennsylvania Castle, Peter Bellamy, 168
Portland Port, inner breakwater, Peter Bellamy, 168
Portland, Osprey Quay, Peter Bellamy, 168
Shaftesbury, 41-45 High Street, Peter Bellamy, 168
Sherborne, New Road, Peter Bellamy, 168
Sutton Poyntz, supply main, Julie Gardiner, 168
Sewage, Durlston landslip sewer reinstatement, Peter Bellamy, 168
Sydling St Nicholas, South Field Down, Peter Bellamy, 169
West Compton, well site, Peter Bellamy, 169
Weymouth, 13A Cove Street, Peter Bellamy, 169
Winterborne Whitchurch, replacement water main, Peter Bellamy, 169
Worth Matravers, land north of Windyridge, Julie Gardiner, 169
Watching briefs with negative results, 169
Recording, 170
Pamphill, service room, Walnut Farm House, Peter Bellamy, 170
Sutton Poyntz, spring recording, Julie Gardiner, 170
Weymouth, Nothe Fort, Julie Gardiner, 170
Winterborne Steepleton, Smitten Corner, Black Down, Christopher Sparey-Green, 170
Wyke Regis, 2 Collins Lane, Peter Bellamy, 170
Finds, 171
Poole Harbour, Furzey Island, Damian Evans, 171
Natural History Reports, 173-208
Rainfall, John Oliver, 173-7
Dorset Botany 2003, David Pearman, 178-9
Marine Review 2003, Lin Baldock, 179-81
Butterfly report 2003, Bill Shreeves, 181-4
Microlepidoptera report 2003, Phil Sterling, 185-7
Macrolepitoptera report 2003, Peter Davey, 187-198
2003 moth immigrations to Dorset, Peter Davey, 198-202
Field Meetings 2003, J. A. Newbould, 202-7
Amphibians 2002, Robert V. Skinner, 207-8
Reptiles 2002, Robert V. Skinner, 208
Index, 209-211
Editorial policy and style guide, 213-4

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