Faunal and floral response to the dredging of a River Frome floodplain ditch (Dorset, UK) Kaplan, Tania L. 138 67-76
Mammals Keats, E. M. 111 149-150
Mammals Keats, E. M. 112 161-163
Mammals Keats, E. M. 113 213-5
Mammals Keats, E. M. 114 280-282
Mammals Keats, E. M. 115 198-200
Mammals Keats, E. M. 116 165-166
Mammals Keats, E. M. 117 174-175
Mammals Keats, E. M. 118 181-183
Mammals Keats, E. M. 119 209-211
Mammals Keats, E. M. 120 140-142
Alan Tom Swindall MRICS, FRTPI, Hon. ALI (1924-2005) Keats, E. M. 127 202-203
Helen Brotherton (1914-2009) Keats, Maureen 132 218-219
Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre Keen, Jake 122 161-2
Pamela May Cunnington 1926-1993 Keen, L. J. 115 201-202
Cist burial, Portland Keen, Laurence 111 106-7
Durotrigian coins from Winterborne Monkton and Durweston Keen, Laurence 111 106
Dole's Ash Farm, Piddletrenthide Keen, Laurence 111 107
Roman coin hoard from Nether Compton Keen, Laurence 111 107
A late mediaeval silver ring from Portesham Keen, Laurence 111 114
Well at Milton Abbas Keen, Laurence 111 114
Winterborne Came and Piddletrenthide parish churches Keen, Laurence 111 114
A Saxon strap-end from Tarrant Crawford Keen, Laurence 112 119
Decorated floor-tile from Winterborne Came Keen, Laurence 112 123
A mediaeval stone mortar from Sandford Orcas Keen, Laurence 113 183
A ninth century mount from Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth Keen, Laurence 113 184
Carolingian mount from Wareham Keen, Laurence 113 184
Two fifteenth century gold rings from Holdith Court, Thorncombe Keen, Laurence 113 184
A mediaeval gold ring from Friar Waddon, Portesham Keen, Laurence 114 252
The late Bronze Age `Ring Money' from Tarrant Rushton Keen, Laurence 116 133
Tile fragment from Dorchester Keen, Laurence 117 141
Decorated floor-tile from Sherborne Keen, Laurence 117 142
A late Bronze Age penannular ring from Gussage All Saints Keen, Laurence 120 121
Monastic urban speculation: the Cistercians and medieval Charmouth Keen, Laurence 121 17-21
The Broad Stone, Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset: `a pair of shears, a cart load of concrete and three men one day' Keen, Laurence 131 149-151
A miscellany of medieval floor-tiles Keen, Laurence 132 181-182
Chantmarle, Cattistock: Sir John Strode's account of his building, 1612 to 1623, and the consecration of his oratory or chapel Keen, Laurence 133 37-41
A lead pendant from Cerne Abbas Keen, Laurence 133 73-74
Notes on two medieval tiles Keen, Laurence 133 101
Lost or hidden? Medieval floor-tiles in the church of St Mary, Hermitage Keen, Laurence 134 103-105
Collin Bowen (1919-2011) Keen, Laurence 134 275-276
Kenneth Scott Painter, 1935-2016 Keen, Laurence 138 152-153
The west end of Shaftesbury Abbey church; archaeological investigations at Abbey House, Shaftesbury Keen, Laurence 139 199-207
Former hall and Woodhouse Brewery, Bournemouth Road, Blandford St Mary, ST 88540 05943 Kennedy, Ray 140 59
A fossil tree trunk in the Intermarine Member, Durlston Formation, Purbeck Limestone Group of Dorset, southern England Kenrick, Paul 130 183-187
Chickerell, land at Lower Putton Lane Kenyon, David 126 188
The fauna and flora of the Sunnydown Farm footprint site and associated sites: Purbeck Limestone formation, Dorset Kielan-Jaworowska, Z. 115 181-182
The 1986 Poundbury hoard of 3rd-century Antoniniani King, Cathy 125 150-152
The topography of Dorchester in the fifteenth century King, M. E. 117 21-50
The macroinvertebrate fauna of a small spring-fed watercourse, the Lulworth Stream (Dorset) Kneebone, Nick T. 124 101-107
The macroinvertebrate fauna of a small spring-fed watercourse, the Lulworth Stream (Dorset) Koch-Osborne, Jane 124 101-107

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