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Eric Arthur Gee 1913-1989 Farrar, R. A. H. 111 155
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Charles Street, Dorchester, Wessex Court development Farwell, David 111 107-9
Lawrence of Arabia's fire tank/ swimming pool at Clouds Hill, Dorset Fern, Khinlyn 121 142-145
Visitors' book for the Loyalty Theatre, Dorchester Fern, Khinlyn 121 145-150
Re-introduction of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., to the Tadnoll Brook, Dorset Fernandes, Wendy P. A. 130 9-16
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Bucknowle, 1989 Field, N. 111 107
Bucknowle Farm, Corfe Castle, 1990 Field, N. 112 117-9
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Child's Garage, Sherborne Firth, Antony 118 136
A multi-phase site at Barton Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset Firth, Emma 137 187-204
Excavations on the site of the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, Kimmeridge, Dorset, 2013 Firth, Emma 139 177-196
The west end of Shaftesbury Abbey church; archaeological investigations at Abbey House, Shaftesbury Firth, Emma 139 199-207
Parley Court Farm, Hurn Fitzpatrick, A. P. 115 149
Bearwood Primary School, Wheeler's Lane, Poole Fitzpatrick, A. P. 116 131
Fieldwork and excavations at Portesham Fitzpatrick, A. P. 117 133
A 1st-century AD `Durotrigian' inhumation burial with a decorated Iron Age mirror from Portesham, Dorset Fitzpatrick, A. P. 118 51-70
The eastern defences of the Saxon burh at Christchurch, Dorset: an archaeological evaluation at the King's Arms Hotel Fitzpatrick, A. P. 132 127-130
Re-examination of a teleosaurid specimen in the Society's collection Foffa, Davide 138 77-78
Vikings go digital: using the Ridgeway mass burial to investigate skeletal injuries in three dimensions Ford, Andrew 140 81-84
Dorchester Roman Aqueduct Ford, Ben 118 146-7
Wills of 18th and early 19th-century Dorset brickmakers Ford, J. 124 1-10
Evidence of Black Slaves in Dorset Records (Mansel-Pleydell prize) Ford, J. 127 13-20
The Marriage Duty Act censuses for Lyme Regis 1695-1703 Ford, Judith 125 1-11
Sources of bricks used to rebuild Blandford Forum after the fire of 1731 Ford, Judith 128 9-15
The Godwin family and William Jones: Lesser-known builders of post-fire Blandford Ford, Judith 129 175-177
`Egyptians' in early-modern Dorset Ford, Judith 130 1-8
Coffee house culture in seventeenth-century Lyme Regis Ford, Judith 133 27-32
The Dorset county boundary: proposal for the creation of a digital boundary atlas Ford, Mark 129 215
The Black Death in Dorset: the crisis of 1348-1349 (Mansel-Pleydell prize) Forrest, Mark 131 3-13
Economic change in late medieval Dorset: an analysis of evidence from the Lay Subsidies Forrest, Mark 134 68-82
The development of Dorset's harbours in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Forrest, Mark 138 17-33
Notes on a specimen of the plesiosaur Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus (Reptilia: Plesiosauria) from the Lower Lias of Charmouth Forrest, Richard 125 101-104
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Dorchester's classroom wars: the struggle for educational reform, 1840-1880 Fraser, Steve 134 143-156
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Palaeoenvironmental and archaeological investigations on Wyke Down and in the upper Allen valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset, England French, C. 122 53-71
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