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Shires and their boundaries Campbell, James 129 195-197
Frome Valley winter bird survey Campbell, John 135 350-351
Frome Valley winter bird survey Campbell, Jon 136 194-195
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Excavations on the site of the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, Kimmeridge, Dorset, 2013 Carruthers, Wendy 139 177-196
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Hall and Woodhouse Brewery, Bournemouth Road, Blandford St Mary Carter, Daniel 133 103
Extension to Shaftesbury Museum, Gold Hill, Shaftesbury Carter, Daniel 133 108
Land east of Shaftesbury: The Maltings and Pembroke Gate Carter, Daniel 133 109
St Giles House, Wimborne St Giles Carter, Daniel 133 114
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A meeting to celebrate some local heroes of Dorset geology Chandler, Robert 129 139-145
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Winterborne Came Rectory: the home of William Barnes Chedzoy, Alan 123 1-6
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The first publication of William Barnes's dialect poems in the `Dorset County Chronicle' Chedzoy, Alan 129 178-180
Charles Darwin and the evolution of William Barnes: the reaction of an Anglican priest in Dorset to the publication of The Origin of Species in 1859 Chedzoy, Alan 131 79-85
The Sheridans at Frampton Court Chedzoy, Alan 132 73-79
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Bere Regis, Bournemouth University training excavation Cheetham, Paul 131 168-169
East Holme Priory Cheetham, Paul 133 106
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The Durotriges Project, Phase Two: an interim statement Cheetham, Paul 136 157-161
The Durotriges Project, phase three: an interim statement Cheetham, Paul 137 173-177
The Durotriges Project, 2016: an interim statement Cheetham, Paul 138 106-111
The Durotriges Project 2017: an interim statement Cheetham, Paul 139 129-133
An identification of four casts of heads of hanged men in the Dorset County Museum (Mansel-Pleydell prize) Chester, G. A. 122 45-51
Rainfall Ching, Mark 120 123-126
Rainfall Ching, Mark 121 163-166
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Naval signal stations on the Dorset coast Clammer, David 133 17-25
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Predation amongst Jurassic Marine Reptiles Clarke, Jane 113 202-5
Land south of Westleaze, Charminster, SY 68175 92374 Clarke, Paul 140 59
The river Avon: real-time realm of the ancestors Cleggett, Si 121 49-52
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Wareham Oilfield, Wareham Coe, Duncan 112 127-8
29 High Street, Wimborne Minster Coe, Duncan 112 128
Parley Court Farm near Christchurch Coe, Duncan 112 128
Joseph Weld House, Dorchester Coe, Duncan 113 175
Rookery study Coetzee, E. F. C. 112 160-161
Sir William Martyn Colbourne, Amanda 113 192-3
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King's Head, High Street, Poole Collins, K. W. 115 161
Wheelers Lane, Bearwood, Poole Collins, K. W. 115 161
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Observations in Poole Collins, Kevin W. 114 248
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Water voles on Brownsea Island nature reserve Cook, Kevin 117 176
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Dorchester, Colliton Street youth centre Cooke, Nick 120 102-3
Romano-British sites in the parish of Sandford Orcas, Dorset Cooper, Giles 126 43-62
Mary Spencer Watson, 1913-2006 Cooper, Ilay 128 195-198
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17th century kiln at Horton Copland-Griffiths, Penny 111 118
Excavation of the 17th century kiln at Horton, Dorset Copland-Griffiths, Penny 112 23-32
Earthenware jars from East Worth and Holtwood Copland-Griffiths, Penny 117 141-2
Spolia Opima at Horton Copland-Griffiths, P. 112 138-139
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Investigations at Kimmeridge Bay by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Corney, Mark 135 284-296
Investigations on the Studland Circles by the Dorset Alum and Copperas Industries Project Corney, Mark 135 297-310
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DIGS, Dorset's important geological/ geomorphological sites Cosgrove, M. E. 116 145
Christchurch, Druitt Gardens Costen, Debra 131 169
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Sherborne, 39 Cheap Street Cottam, Sarah 126 191
The Village Hall, The Causeway, Milborne St Andrew Cottam, Sarah 133 107
Excavations on the site of the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, Kimmeridge, Dorset, 2013 Cottam, Sarah 139 177-196
35-37 Blandford Road, Hamworthy Cottam, S. 129 187
Weston Road, Portland Cottam, S. 129 188
Moorfield Road, Portland Cottam, S. 129 191
Bryanston School, Blandford Cotton, Julian 115 160
Swannery car park, Abbotsbury Cotton, Julian 115 160
Central Park restaurant, Poole Cotton, Julian 115 161
Furzey Island Cotton, Julian 115 161
Evaluation of land at Whites Cottage, Bloxworth Cotton, Julian 116 119
Abbotts Wooton, Whitchurch Canonicorum Cotton, Julian 116 120
Corfe Mullen link main, stage 1 Cotton, Julian 116 129
Corner plot, Bradford Peverell Cotton, Julian 116 129
Barton Hill, Shaftesbury Cotton, Julian 116 131
84-90 East Street, Corfe Castle Cotton, Julian 117 124
The Merley Youth Club site, Chichester Walk, Merley Cotton, Julian 117 125
Plot 1, Church Lane, Sutton Waldron Cotton, Julian 117 126
St Mary's Church, Tarrant Crawford Cotton, Julian 117 126
84-90 East Street, Corfe Castle Cotton, Julian 117 136
Quay Cottage, 6 Quay Road, Christchurch Cotton, Julian 117 136
Dorchester: former Maud Road School Cotton, Julian 119 160
Sherborne: Tinney's Lane Cotton, Julian 119 162
Woolcombe to Redford water main Cotton, Julian 119 163
Sherborne, Greenhill House Cotton, Julian 120 106
West Stafford Cotton, Julian 120 107-8
Wimborne Minster, Redcotts Lane Cotton, Julian 120 109
Bridport, south-west quadrant Cotton, Julian 120 116
52 West Street, Corfe Castle Cottrell, Tanya 116 129
Icen Way, Dorchester Cottrell, Tanya 116 129
The Trumpet Major, Dorchester Cottrell, Tanya 117 124
Sandford Lane, Wareham Cottrell, Tanya 117 140
Brownsea Island: 1 Farm Cottages Cottrell, Tanya 119 173
Hinton St Mary: 4 Veal's Lane Cottrell, Tanya 119 175
Stratton, land off Dorchester Road Cottrell, Tanya 120 106
Monks and nuns in late medieval Dorset (1396-1539) Cousins, David 137 65-104
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James Stevens Cox FSA, 1910-1997 Cox, Gregory Stevens 119 213-215
Observations concerning the ecology of Nail Fungus Poronia punctata, recently rediscovered in Dorset Cox, J. H. S. 121 129-132
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Mammals of Chesil Beach and the Fleet Cox, J. H. S. 134 38-42
Botanical diversity in clearings created around Little Sea, Studland Peninsula, Dorset, monitored between 1996 and 2005 Cox, Jonathan H. S. 128 87-94
Wytch Farm, Corfe Cox, P. W. 129 187
Wytch Farm oilfield, infield flowlines, Corfe Castle and Arne Cox, Peter W. 111 111
Further archaeological investigations near Cleavel Point, Ower peninsula, Corfe Castle, Dorset Cox, Peter W. 113 174
Heathcote House, Icen Way, Dorchester Cox, Peter W. 113 174
Wimborne former model town Cox, Peter W. 113 183
1 Church Lane, Lower Blandford St Mary Cox, Peter W. 113 185
Manor Farm, Tarrant Monkton Cox, Peter W. 113 185
Pony Drive, Upton, Lytchett Minster Cox, Peter W. 113 185
Wareham Hospital phase 2 extension Cox, Peter W. 113 185
Excavations at the Waitrose supermarket site, Chantry Fields, Gillingham, Dorset 1991-2 Cox, Peter W. 114 127-144
Excavations at the former site of the Wimborne Model Town 1991 Cox, Peter W. 114 145-150
Norden, Corfe Castle Cox, Peter W. 114 233
Evaluation of land near Evershot and Stockwood in advance of A37 road improvements Cox, Peter W. 114 234
Milton Road, Milborne St Andrew Cox, Peter W. 114 234
Frome Whitfield, Stinsford Cox, Peter W. 114 238
Goathorn Peninsula, Studland Cox, Peter W. 114 238
Goldcroft Road, Weymouth Cox, Peter W. 114 238
St John's Hill, Wareham Cox, Peter W. 114 238
Worgret Road, Wareham Cox, Peter W. 114 238
New Norden mine, Corfe Castle Cox, Peter W. 114 247
6 South Street, Sherborne Cox, Peter W. 114 248
Rempstone Centre car park, Wareham Cox, Peter W. 114 248
Stour Park, Blandford St Mary Cox, Peter W. 115 147
West View filling station, Charminster Road, Bournemouth Cox, Peter W. 115 147
Dorey's Farm, East Holme Cox, Peter W. 115 148
Tatnam Farm Middle School, Poole Cox, Peter W. 115 149
Churchill Close, Sturminster Marshall Cox, Peter W. 115 150
Foster's School, Sherborne Cox, Peter W. 115 150
A37 road improvements, Evershot Cox, Peter W. 115 161
4 Frome View, Bradford Peverell Cox, Peter W. 116 119
Canford School, Canford Magna Cox, Peter W. 116 119
Manor House, Bradford Peverell Cox, Peter W. 116 119
Stour Provost Cox, Peter W. 116 119
97 Wyke Road, Weymouth Cox, Peter W. 116 120
Abbotts Wooton, Whitchurch Canonicorum Cox, Peter W. 116 120
Between West Street and King Street, Wimborne Cox, Peter W. 116 120
Christmas Close, Wareham Cox, Peter W. 116 120
Lulworth Camp, West Lulworth Cox, Peter W. 116 120
Two proposed soil deposit areas at Blandford Camp, Tarrant Monkton Cox, Peter W. 116 120
Brackendene, East Stoke Cox, Peter W. 116 130
Blandford Camp, Tarrant Launceston Cox, Peter W. 116 132
88 West Street, Bere Regis Cox, Peter W. 117 123
Dorey's Farm. East Holme Cox, Peter W. 117 124
Wareham, Somerfield Store Cox, Peter W. 123 130
Dorchester, 36 High West Street Cox, Peter W. 127 149
Wareham, Trinity Lane Cox, Peter W. 127 151
Three Romano-British steles from Studland Cox, Peter W. 133 75
The west end of Shaftesbury Abbey church; archaeological investigations at Abbey House, Shaftesbury Cox, Peter W. 139 199-207
Dorchester, old foundry site, Fordington High Street Cox, Peter 120 103
Dorchester, Weymouth Avenue Cox, Peter 122 160
Iwerne Courtney or Shroton, Church Field Cox, Peter 122 168
Portland, Weston Cox, Peter 126 190
Wimborne, The Leaze Cox, Peter 126 191
Proposed residential development at 3 Fordington Green, Dorchester Cox, Peter 128 129
Pound Lane car park, Wareham Cox, Peter 133 111
Ower, Corfe Castle Craig-Atkins, Elizabeth 133 104-105
St Aldhelm's Head, Worth Matravers Craig-Atkins, Elizabeth 133 115
A fossil tree trunk in the Intermarine Member, Durlston Formation, Purbeck Limestone Group of Dorset, southern England Cripps, Jenny 130 183-187
Catherine Ouless (1879-1961) Cripps, Jenny 130 273-276
How to get a head in Dorset County Museum: the tailless tale of Pliosaurus kevani Cripps, Jenny 136 14-17
Wareham, Bonnett's Lane Crockett, Andrew 116 119-120
Quarleston Farm, Winterbourne Stickland Crockett, Andrew 116 120
Dippy on Tour: a natural history adventure, 10 February to 7 May 2018 Crouch, Gabriella 139 1-9
St Aldhelm's Quarry, Worth Matravers Cullinane, Sue 136 84-85
Vearse Farm, Symondsbury, near Bridport Currie, Christopher K. 117 126

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