Numbers of Mute Swans on the Fleet lagoon, Dorset, UK,
AD 1808-2008, and their likely effects on nutrient loadings 130 175-182
The management of lowland heath from 1966-1989 at Arne nature reserve, Dorset, UK 114 227-232
The graphoceratid ammonite succession in the Aalenian and lowest Bajocian (Middle Jurassic) at Horn Park, Dorset, UK 118 85-106
Population structure and secondary production of the ragworm Hediste (Nereis) diversicolor in Poole Harbour, UK 129 163-174
Faunal and floral response to the dredging of a River Frome floodplain ditch (Dorset, UK) 138 67-76
An uncatalogued A. L. Moore and Son stained-glass window: the east window of St Peter's Church, Dorchester 137 18-22
Charles Hamilton Mercer, a suspicious vagrant held in Sherborne Bridewell and Dorset Gaol under the 1744 Vagrant Act 131 145-147
A. Eccles, Vagrancy in law and practice under the Old Poor Law 135 334-335
Bournemouth University undergraduate research 2004 126 196
Excavations at High Lea Farm, Hinton Martell, Dorset: an interim report on fieldwork undertaken during 2002-3 126 160-166
Excavations at High Lea Farm, Hinton Martell, Dorset: an interim report on fieldwork undertaken during 2004-5 128 100-106
Underwater light-trapping of mobile invertebrates in the Fleet lagoon, Dorset 136 30-37
Philip Browne: The unfortunate Captain Peirce and the wreck of the Halsewell East Indiaman, 1786 137 273
Unimproved neutral grassland in Dorset: survey and conservation 113 161-165
Derived fossils from the Unio Member, Purbeck Limestone Group, of Southern England 127 159-160
New records of unionacean bivalves from the Wessex Formation (Wealden Group, Lower Cretaceous) of Swanage Bay, Dorset 118 167-168
Unit 1-2A, Green Square, Grove Trading Estate, Dorchester 137 156
Unit 9A, Grove Trading Estate,Dorchester 133 105
Portland, care and custody unit, HM YOI 125 167
Hardy and Heritage Project with the University of Exeter 138 44-45
Bere Regis, Bournemouth University training excavation 131 168-169
Bournemouth University undergraduate research 2004 126 196
Archaeological archives in store at Bournemouth University 130 213
Excavations of previously unknown buildings in the grounds of St Stephen's Vicarage, Grove, Portland 121 69-75
Harper House, Hound St, Sherborne, ST 63960 16660, period unknown 130 206
Hitherto unnoticed tree remains from the submerged forests at Bournemouth and Charmouth 122 125-127
Two previously unrecorded earthworks on White Nothe 129 274
Unrecorded Enclosures on Warren Hill, Hengistbury Head 129 273-274
Two apparently unrecorded mills at Stockwood 116 140-142
Kulindrichnus: a hitherto unrecorded trace fossil from the Kimmeridge Clay, Kimmeridge, Dorset 115 182
An unusual cat burial from Charmouth 129 181-182
An unusual find from the Kimmeridge shale quarries 132 215-216
An Unusual Post-Medieval Pottery Handle from Lyme Regis 127 141
An unusual tool-mark in the Purbeck Limestone Formation, Durlston Bay, Dorset 115 185
An unusual vessel from the East Holme kiln, Wareham 132 179
Update on the Hardy's Correspondents project (June 2016) 137 32-33
`Lyme Regis is in Dorset, Uplyme is in Devon...', thoughts arising from the research seminar of September 2008 130 223-227
Lyme Regis, St Andrews House, Uplyme Road 120 117
Palaeoenvironmental and archaeological investigations on Wyke Down and in the upper
Allen valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset, England 122 53-71
A further examination of the Subfurcatum Zone (Middle Jurassic; Upper Bajocian) of North Dorset 113 196-8
A new section in the Rubbly Beds Limestones of the Upper Inferior Oolite (Middle Jurassic; Upper Bajocian) of north Dorset 117 158
The Upper Bathonian and Callovian stages (Middle Jurassic) as exposed near Corscombe, Dorset 138 79-83
Kimmeridge Bay, upper car park and quayside 131 156-157
The building stones of Dorset: part 1, the western parishes, Upper Greensand Chert and Lower Lias 114 161-168
A new section in the Rubbly Beds Limestones of the Upper
Inferior Oolite (Middle Jurassic; Upper Bajocian) of north Dorset 117 158
Dinosaur footprints in the Purbeck Limestone Group (?Upper
Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous) of southern England 116 77-104
A preliminary note on the discovery of a fossil turtle in the Portland Stone Formation (Upper Jurassic), Isle of Portland, Dorset 132 189-190
A sphenodontid jaw (Reptilia: Lepidosauria) from the Upper Jurassic of Dorset 113 199-200
Occurrence of Foraminifera in the Portland Stone formation (Portlandian, Upper Jurassic) of Holworth 115 178-179
Perisphinctid ammonites from the Trigonia Clavellata Beds (Oxfordian, Upper Jurassic) of the Dorset Coast 137 141-154
Taxonomy and palaeoecology of the Portlandian (Upper Jurassic) pleurotomariid gastropod Bathrotomaria rugata (Bennett, 1831) from southern England 114 169-174
Building stones of Dorset, part 2: Chideock to Broadwindsor - Middle and Upper Lias 115 133-139
A review of the stratigraphy and palaeontology of the Middle and Upper
Oolite (Bajocian Stage, Middle Jurassic) of Oborne Wood near Sherborne, north Dorset 125 109-118
Ammonite assemblages of the upper Oxford Clay (mariae zone) near Weymouth, Dorset 121 77-100
The rediscovery of Creniceras renggeri (Oppel) in the Upper Oxford Clay near Weymouth 117 153-154
Upton Country Park, Creekmoor, Poole 117 125
Upton Country Park, Upton Park Farm, Poole 136 81-82
Osmington, Upton Fort 126 190
Walled garden at Upton House country park, Upton, Poole, SY 99275 92825, period: modern 130 206
Pony Drive, Upton, Lytchett Minster 113 185
Upton Country Park, Upton Park Farm, Poole 136 81-82
Walled garden at Upton House country park, Upton, Poole, SY 99275 92825, period: modern 130 206
Bayard Dairy, Upwey, Weymouth 133 112-113
Weymouth over the long eighteenth century: urban renaissance, or new leisure town? 129 49-58
Monastic urban speculation: the Cistercians and medieval Charmouth 121 17-21
The environmental quality of a small urban watercourse, the Bourne Stream (Dorset), assessed with macroinvertebrate data 117 117-122
The building stones of Dorset, part 4: the northern parishes which use Forest Marble and Cornbrash limestones 117 95-100
Note on the use of Tertiary 'Heathstone' in buildings over the area of outcrop of the Palaeogene in the Isle of Purbeck, south-central and east Dorset 137 129-136
Mortar analysis on walls associated with Abbotsbury Abbey and the sources of sand used in medieval Abbotsbury 128 123-125
Sources of bricks used to rebuild Blandford Forum after the fire of 1731 128 9-15
Environmental quality assessment of the Win Stream (Dorset) using macroinvertebrate data 116 105-110
Freshwater biological monitoring of the Furzebrook Stream (south Dorset) using macroinvertebrates 118 125-131
Uvedales House, Corfe Castle 137 163
Corfe Castle, Uvedales House 126 179-180

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