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ISBN Year Title Net price £ Notes
1888 The birds of Dorsetshire, J. C. Mansel-Pleydell o/p but full text is on-line
1891 The spiders of Dorset, O. Pickard-Cambridge o/p but full text is on-line
1895 The flora of Dorsetshire, J. C. Mansel-Pleydell o/p but full text is on-line
1898 The mollusca of Dorsetshire (marine, estuarine, freshwater, and land) and the brachiopoda, J. C. Mansel-Pleydell o/p but full text is on-line
1924 Notes on some Dorset churches, Sir Stephen Glynne, 63pp, 21cm o/p
1933 or later Index to authors, etc. in PDNHAS volumes 1-55 o/p
1938, May Index to the Dorset County Records, A. C. Cox, 102pp, 25cm o/p. Records at County offices and Shire Hall
1940 The old roads of Dorset, R. d'O. Good Superseded by enlarged edition 1966
1948 A geographical handbook of the Dorset flora, Ronald d'O. Good, 25cm o/p
1951 Dorset hearth tax assessments 1662-1664, C. A. R. Meekings o/p
1954 or later Dorset Incumbents 1542-1731, G. D. Squibb, 122pp, bibliog., 25cm o/p reprint from PDNHAS 70-75
c. 1956 ? What to see in Dorchester and neighbourhood, H. S. L. Dewar o/p
1959 Dorset barrows, L. V. Grinsell, 192pp, index, maps, 25cm o/p. See also the Supplement
1961 Dorset dishes of the 18th century, ed. J. Stevens Cox, 8vo, 18pp o/p
1961 or later Dorset field names and the agricultural revolution, Barbara Kerr, 22cm o/p, reprint from PDNHAS 82
none1961 or later Bottom fauna off the Dorset coast, G. M. Spooner and N. A. Holme, 6pp and map, 22cm, 30g 0.50 reprint from PDNHAS 82
1962 Dorset folk remedies of the 17th and 18th centuries, ed. J. Stevens Cox, 8vo o/p
0-900341-00-91962 Personal recollections of Thomas Hardy, Gertrude Bugler o/p
1963 John Betjeman and Dorset, Lance Sieveking, 7pp. "Dorset Monographs no.1", o/p
0-900341-03-31965 Dorset cottages, Barbara Kerr o/p
0-900341-02-51966 The architectural notebook of Thomas Hardy, ed. C. J. P. Beatty o/p, see revised ed. 2007.
1966 The old roads of Dorset, R. d'O. Good, enlarged edition o/p, published by Commin, Bournemouth
1967 Dorset dishes of the 17th century, J. Stevens Cox, 8vo, 14pp also reprinted by Toucan Press, St Peter Port, 1967
1968 The Dorset Ooser, H. S. L. Dewar, 2nd ed. 4pp, 22cm. 0.50"Dorset Monographs no.2"
1968 Maumbury Rings, H. S. L. Dewar, 2nd ed. 0.50"Dorset Monographs no.4"
1971 or later All Saints' Church, Dorchester, 3pp. 0.50
1972 Ancient Monuments of Dorset, a definitive list, N. H. Field and J. Bugler o/p
none1977 The Dorchester Hornpipe: 34 country dances from the MS books of Thomas Hardy I, II and OM, ed. Joan Brocklebank, 16pp, musical score, index, 30cm, 90g o/p 2016
none1980DNHAS Monograph 1 See separate list
0-900341-08-41980 A collection of Dorset carols, W. A. Pickard-Cambridge, 64pp, musical score, index, 25cm o/p; reprint of original pub. by Ridley, London, 1926
0-900341-09-01981 Reynolds Stone 1909-1979, Roger Peers o/p
0-900341-10-61982DNHAS Monograph 2See separate list
0-900341-11-41982DNHAS Monograph 3See separate list
0-900341-12-21982DNHAS Monograph 4See separate list
0-900341-14-91982 Dorset Barrows supplement, L. V. Grinsell, iv+64pp, 24cm, 170g 1.50 Supplement to the author's Dorset barrows
0-900341-15-71982, repr. 1995 The Bride valley, C. J. Bailey, vii+112pp. illus. 21cm, 240g paperback 3.50
0-900341-16-51982 The Bride valley, C. J. Bailey, vii+112pp. illus. 21cm, hardback
0-900341-17-31982 Our Journal at Winterbourne St Martin's, Berry Dallas, ed. Jo Draper, 60pp 21cm1.50Pen-and-ink sketches c. 1872
0-900341-18-11983DNHAS Monograph 5See separate list
none1984 Address at opening of Dorset County Museum, A. H. Pitt-Rivers 0.50Reprint of 1886 original
0-900341-19-X1984 A concise flora of Dorset, Ronald D'O. Good, xii+226pp, maps, 22cm o/p
0-900341-20-31984 Butterflies of Dorset, Jeremy Thomas and Nigel Webb, 128pp. maps, index, 22cm, paperback 251g 1.50ISBN error
0-900341-21-11984 Butterflies of Dorset, Jeremy Thomas and Nigel Webb, hardback 314g 1.50ISBN error
0-900341-22-X1985 Excavations on the Roman villa at Bucknowle Farm, Corfe Castle, a summary of work 1976-84, Jeff Collins et al. o/p: superseded by DNHAS Monograph 18
0-900341-23-81986 Cuckoo Pounds and Singing Barrows, the folklore of ancient sites in Dorset, Jeremy Harte, 108pp, 18 illus, 21cm, 175g 1.50
0-900341-25-41986 William Barnes, the Dorset engravings, Laurence Keen and Charlotte Lindgren, 48pp, illus, bibliog, 24cm 3.002nd ed. 1989, same ISBN
0-900341-24-61987DNHAS Monograph 6See separate list
none1987 Dorset Decoys, E. D. V. Prendergast, 32pp, 15cm by 21cm 0.20 Reprint from PDNHAS 106 and 107
0-900341-26-21987DNHAS Monograph 7See separate list
0-900341-27-01989 Bibliography of Dorset Geology, Paul Ensom and Jo Thomas, 102pp, 30cm (A4) 4.95Link to on-line edition
0-900341-28-91989 Index to Proceedings of DNHAS, vol. 1--110 1876--1988, George Newberry, 113pp, 30cm (A4) 5.95Link to on-line edition
0-900341-30-01991DNHAS Monograph 8See separate list
0-900341-31-91991DNHAS Monograph 9See separate list
none1991 Mary Spencer Watson, sculptor, Susan Compton, 40pp, illus., 29cm, 205g A few left, June 2018
0-900341-32-71991 Dragonflies of Dorset, E. D. V. Prendergast, 74pp, 21cm 1.50
none1991 The Powys Family in Dorset, Charles Lock, 20pp, 21cm, 40g 1.99
0-900341-33-51992DNHAS Monograph 10 Same ISBN printed in both HB and PB edns
0-900341-35-11993DNHAS Monograph 11See separate list
0-900341-36-X1993DNHAS Monograph 12See separate list
0-900341-37-81993DNHAS Monograph 13See separate list
0-900341-38-61994DNHAS Monograph 14See separate list
0-900341-44-01995 Thomas Hardy, Conservation Architect, C. J. P. Beatty, 85pp 26cm 3.50
0-900341-49-11996 Man and the Land: farming in Dorset 1846--1996, J. H. Bettey, 40pp, illus., 25cm o/p
none Man and the Land: photographs, J. H. Bettey, 16pp, 25cm pamphlet 0.50
0-900341-64-51997 A Victorian's View of Dorset, the life and watercolours of H J Moule 1825-1904, Gwen Yarker, 40pp, 21cm by 26cm, 134g 4.50
0-900341-69-61998 New Atlas of Dorset butterflies, Jeremy Thomas, Richard Surry, Bill Shreeves and Carolyn Steele, 116pp, 22cm o/p
0-900341-79-32000 A Writer's Dorset, Judith Stinton, 24pp, 30cm (A4) 1.50 Introduction to the Museum's Writers' Gallery
2000 Maiden Castle, two walks, Ian Hewitt 0.20triptych leaflet
nonec. 2000 2000 years of Christianity in Wessex, V. Dawson, F. Hebditch and Y. Staelens 1.50Exhibition guide; apparently joint publication by DNHAS and others
0-900341-84-X2002DNHAS Monograph 15See separate list
0-900341-85-82005DNHAS Monograph 16See separate list
none2005 Dorset and Trafalgar, Terry Hearing, 64pp 25cm 1.50
0-900341-86-62006DNHAS Monograph 17See separate list
978-0-900341-50-22007 The architectural notebook of Thomas Hardy, revised edition, ed. C. J. P. Beatty, foreword by Sir John Summerson, 190pp, 21cm, 398g 5.95
978-0-900339-14-12008 Occasional Paper no.1: Early Years, recollections of life in Sturminster Newton in the early nineteenth century by Robert Young, edited and with an introduction by Alan Chedzoy, 24pp, photographs, 30cm 4.00 Published by Dorset Record Society: follow this link
978-0-900341-01-42008 Dining with the Racketts: Dorset recipes reworked, ed. Simone Sekers, 16pp, 21cm 1.00
978-0-900341-87-82009DNHAS Monograph 18See separate list
978-0-900341-88-52009DNHAS Monograph 19See separate list
978-0-900341-05-22010 Georgian Faces: portrait of a county, Gwen Yarker, 111pp, 29cm, 552g 15.00Catalogue of exhibition, January-April 2011
2011 Occasional Paper no.2: Dorset Manorial Documents: A guide for local and family historians by Mark Forrest, 48pp, colour photographs, 30cm Published by Dorset Record Society: follow this link
978-0-900341-55-72012DNHAS Monograph 20See separate list
978-0-900341-57-12014Thomas Hardy's master: John Hicks, architect, T. P. O'Connor, 64pp, 21cm8.50Joint publication with Hardy Society
978-0-900341-56-42014DNHAS Monograph 21, Late Bronze Age pottery from Tinney's Lane15.00See separate list
978-0-900341-58-82014DNHAS Monograph 22, Given to the ground29.00See separate list
978-0-900341-59-52014DNHAS Monograph 23, Down to Weymouth town from Ridgeway29.00See separate list
978-0-900341-60-12014A Dorset woman at war: Mabel Stobart and the retreat from Serbia 1915, Peter Down, Rebecca Stich and Gwen Yarker, 40pp, 21cm3.75
Not in date order:
0-900339-xx-y 978-0-900339-xx-z1964 to present Publications of the Dorset Record Society See separate list
no date Purbeck people and places: Alfred Palmer ROI, 1877-1951, his life and works, "F. P.", foreword by J. E. Lindsay, 8pp, illus, 24cm 0.50Publisher uncertain
no date Visitors' guide to the Roman mosaics, David Ashford and Dave Saddington, 4pp
Dorset Worthies pamphlets (ISSN 0070-7120):
none1962, rev. 1982, 1997 1. William Barnes 1801-1896, by Bernard Jones 0.50
none1962 2. Thomas Russell 1762-1788, by Edmund Blunden 0.50
none1962, rev. 1983 3. John Cowper Powys 1872-1963, by Bernard Jones 0.50
none1962/3 (inferred) 4. Mary Anning 1799-1847, by Richard Curle o/p?
none1963 5. William Crowe BCL 1745-1829, by Edmund Blunden 0.50
none1963 6. Rev. Thomas Cole c. 1726-1796, by Bernard Jones and J. Stevens Cox 0.50Reprint from PDNHAS 84
none1963 7. Alfred Stevens 1817-1875, by F. A. Ollett 0.50
none1970 8. Six Martyrs of Tolpuddle, by Francis R. L. Bath o/p
none1964 9. Col. Bullen Reymes 1613-1672, by Helen A. Kaufman 0.50
none1965 10. John Love of Weymouth, by V. J. Adams 0.50
none1969 11. Solomon Caesar Malan 1812-1894, by Valentine Acland 0.50
none1969 12. Benjamin Jesty 1737-1816, by Allan T. P. Cooper 0.50
none1969 13. H. G. J. Moseley of Weymouth 1887-1915, by James F. Riley 0.50
none1982 14. Thomas Hardy 1840-1928, by Bernard Jones 0.50
none1984 15. Llewelyn Powys 1884-1939, by Bernard Jones o/p
none1984 (inferred) 16. Sir Frederick Treves, by Joan East 0.50
none1984 17. Dr Thomas Sydenham 1624-1689, by T. Hedley White 0.50
none1984 18. John Meade Falkner 1858-1932, by Bernard Jones o/p
none1986 19. Theodore Francis Powys 1875-1953, by Bernard Jones 0.50o/p?
none1993 20. J. B. Clark, artist, by C. Scott Fox 0.50
none1997 21. Henry Fielding, by Bernard Jones 0.50
none1998 22. John West 1778-1845, by Ian Stratton 0.50
none1999 23. James Fry, Purbeck artist 1911-1985, by Derek and Anne Hill o/p
none2005 24. George Jeffreys 1645-1689, by Maddy Down
A few other books sold in the Museum, not published by DNHAS (not an exhaustive list):
1973 The Dorset Cursus complex: a Neolithic astronomical observatory? A. Perry and J. E. Wood pub. Royal Archaeological Inst.
Dewlish Villa 0.50
0-9511394-0-11986 Ladybirds of Dorset, Adrian Moon pub. Dorset Environmental Records Centre
1987 Sir William Clavell's glasshouse at Kimmeridge, Dorset: the excavations of 1980-1981, David Crossley 1.00Reprint from Archaeol. J. 144 340-382
0-9538616-0-02000 The bells and belfries of Dorset, part 1, Christopher Dalton 3.50(Abbotsbury to Gussage)
0-9538616-1-92001 The bells and belfries of Dorset, part 2, Christopher Dalton (Halstock to Spetisbury) Sold out
0-9538616-2-72005 The bells and belfries of Dorset, part 3, Christopher Dalton 3.50(Stalbridge to Yetminster, and appendices)
2004 Thomas Hardy as architect, C. J. P. Beatty 25.00pub. Plush Publishing, proceeds to DNHAS
978-0-9537746-4-72013 Discovering Dorset's wild flowers, Peter Cramb 5.95pub. P & M Cramb, proceeds to DNHAS

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