Prices of past volumes of Proceedings of the DNHAS

Recent volumes:
From volume 136 onward, standard and subscription prices are printed on the back cover. Subscriptions are available to members of DNHAS and to libraries.
Earlier volumes:
Volumes without a printed price, and all volumes before the latest 5, may be bought while stocks remain. Prices vary with scarcity:
£5 if there are at least 16 copies in stock,
£10 if 11-15 copies,
£15 if 6-10 copies,
£20 if 1-5 copies.
You can read the numbers in stock here.
Discounts for quantity:
10% for 6 or more volumes bought together, 25% for 20 volumes.

Prices are for goods collected from the Museum. For sending goods to another address, we add the actual carriage cost and a fixed administrative charge, currently £5.00, for each order (an order being any number of volumes ordered at the same time). Weights of volumes, where given, are approximate and exclude packing.


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