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East Stoke Gale, John 124 129
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Excavations at High Lea Farm, Hinton Martell, Dorset: an interim report on fieldwork undertaken during 2004-5 Gale, John 128 100-106
Excavations at High Lea Farm, Hinton Martell, Dorset Gale, John 129 105-114
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Toller Porcorum Gale, J. 114 244-5
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Knapp Mill Avenue, Christchurch Gardiner, Julie 114 233
Gatemore Road, Winfrith Newburgh Gardiner, Julie 115 150-1
Langstone Harbour Gardiner, Julie 123 101
Dorchester, land to the west and south-west of Poundbury Farm, 2000-2001 Gardiner, Julie 125 154-6
Dorchester, new cemetery and sports centre, Poundbury Gardiner, Julie 125 157-9
Corfe Castle, land to the rear of 58 West Street Gardiner, Julie 125 157
Gillingham, Ham Farm Gardiner, Julie 125 160
Lyme Regis, Gosling's Bridge Gardiner, Julie 125 166
Overcombe Down, Preston sewerage rising main Gardiner, Julie 125 167
Sutton Poyntz, supply main Gardiner, Julie 125 168
Worth Matravers, land north of Windyridge Gardiner, Julie 125 169
Sutton Poyntz, spring recording Gardiner, Julie 125 170
Weymouth, Nothe Fort Gardiner, Julie 125 170
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The Durotriges Project, Phase Two: an interim statement Gerdau-Radonic, Karina 136 157-161
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Medieval and post-medieval Bridport: Excavations at 43 South Street, 1996 Godden, D. 122 111-123
A preliminary note on the discovery of a fossil turtle in the Portland Stone Formation (Upper Jurassic), Isle of Portland, Dorset Godden, Mark 132 189-190
Former County Gaol, Dorchester, SY 6919 9089 Good, Oliver 139 117
Mary Anning's Commonplace Book Goodhue, Thomas W. 138 64-66
Christopher Noël Goodman (1904-2002) Goodman, Jonathan 126 228-229
Joan Alisoun Goodman (1911-2007) Goodman, Jonathan 129 275-276
White Mill, Shapwick Grace, Nancy 116 125-6
White Mill, Shapwick Grace, Nancy 117 135
Excavations at Corfe Castle 1996 Grace, Nancy 118 138-9
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National Trust heathland restoration project, Hartland Moor and Middlebere Heath, Corfe Castle Grace, Nancy 124 121
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The Town Mill, Lyme Regis Graham, Alan H. 118 143
St Aldhelm's Head, Purbeck Graham, Alan H. 118 144
The Castle Inn, Chideock Graham, Alan H. 118 146
Evaluation at Maiden Castle School, Dorchester Graham, Alan 114 233-4
Bridport Community Hospital, Allington Graham, Alan 115 147
Stour Park, Blandford St Mary Graham, Alan 115 147
Dorchester First School Graham, Alan 115 152
South Walks housing project, South Street, Bridport Graham, Alan 115 160
West Stafford, West Stafford Borehole Graham, Alan 116 128-9
Bridport, Church of St Mary Graham, Alan 121 151
Early 16th-century Sculptures on the Tower of St Mary's Church, Beaminster, Dorset Graham, Alan 127 138-141
St Aldhelm's Head, Purbeck Graham, A. 117 125
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Wood Hill, Charlton Down, Charminster Green, Cheryl 135 198
Wall behind Wadham House, 50 High West Street, Dorchester Green, Cheryl 135 199
Land to the west of Reap Lane, Southwell, Portland Green, Cheryl 135 200-201
Limekilns at Inmosthay Industrial Estate, Inmosthay, Portland Green, Cheryl 135 200
Sherborne House, Newland, Sherborne Green, Cheryl 135 201
South Dorset Ridgeway: Purlands Farm (Winterborne St Martin) to north of Tatton House (Portesham) Green, Cheryl 135 202-203
Land to the south of Chickerell Road, Wyke Regis, Weymouth Green, Cheryl 135 202
Cross Farm, Church Street, Yetminster Green, Cheryl 135 203
Forston Water Treatment Works (WTW) to St Catherine's Reservoir, Forston, Charminster Green, Cheryl 136 77
Curtis Fields, land south of Chickerell Road, Weymouth Green, Cheryl 136 83-84
Cold Harbour first time sewerage, Bere Road, Wareham Green, Cheryl 136 83
Mortlake and Grooved Ware pottery associated with worked stone in a pit at Lambert's Hill, Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset Green, Cheryl 136 144-148
Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute, 51 East Street, Bridport Green, Cheryl 137 155
Melbury Bubb Manor, Melbury Bubb Green, Cheryl 137 157-158
The Cobb, Lyme Regis Green, Cheryl 137 157
Curtis Fields, land to the south of Chickerell Road, Weymouth Green, Cheryl 137 160
On the edge of the chalk: An Iron Age settlement at Grimstone Reservoir, Dorchester, Dorset Green, Cheryl 137 232-263
Bridport Library and Scientific Institute, 51 East Street, Bridport Green, Cheryl 138 90
Toby's, 1 Bimport, Shaftesbury Green, Cheryl 138 93
Forston Manor Water Treatment Works refurbishment (E-W link), Forston, Dorchester, SY 6871 9495 Green, Cheryl 139 118
Recently discovered handaxes from East Dorset Green, Martin T. 112 113-4
A new ring ditch in Woodlands parish Green, Martin T. 112 114
A Roman building in Gussage St Andrew Green, Martin T. 112 117
A Roman building and mediaeval earthworks near Woodyates Manor Green, Martin T. 112 119
Excavations of a prehistoric ceremonial complex at Ogden Down, Gussage St Michael Green, Martin T. 114 240-244
Further finds from Rope Lake Hole, Kimmeridge Green, Martin T. 114 251-2
The Fir Tree Field shaft: the date and archaeological potential of a Chalk swallowhole feature Green, Martin 120 25-37
Excavation of a Romano-British well at Farnham Green, Martin 136 107--143
The other finds Green, Martin 136 124
A new Lateglacial open-air site at Deer Park Farm, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset Green, M. 120 85-88
Excavations at Dorchester Hospital (site C), Dorchester, Dorset Greene, J. Patrick 115 71-100
Lithic scatters south of Maiden Castle, the Charles Bean huntings of 1928-1933 Grenville, Harry 131 87-101
A mediaeval `banner' type of harness ornament Griffiths, Nick 111 111-2
Historic environment survey from the Dorset coast Groom, Deanna 126 145-148
Medieval and post-medieval Bridport: Excavations at 43 South Street, 1996 Grove, J. 122 111-123

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