Thomas Weld's chapel - a perspective on Catholicism in Dorset Jaggard, Anthony 120 98-100
Festoon Mantlepiece (1857-1859) Jaggard, Simon 118 162
East Holton. Wareham St Martin 2003-2004 James, Brian 126 180
East Holton (Holton Lee), Wareham St Martin James, Brian 127 148-149
Alan Collins, 1928-2015 James, David 138 151
Saxon and medieval settlement on the northern edge of Wimborne Minster, Dorset James, S. E. 139 134-162
An intertidal zone Romano-British site on Brownsea Island Jarvis, Keith 114 89-95
The Bournemouth Hospital Bronze Age hoard Jarvis, Keith 114 253-254
Excavations at Hamworthy in 1974 Jarvis, Keith 115 101-109
A trackway landscape from Wareham to Corfe Castle Jarvis, Keith 134 191-194
Ower Quay Jarvis, Keith 135 212-216
The Thompson's clay canal, a clay-working enterprise near Lytchett Bay, Poole in the 1830s Jarvis, Keith 136 151-152
A supplement to the insect fauna from the Purbeck Group of Dorset Jarzembowski, E. A. 115 143
Checklist of Tertiary insects from Dorset Jarzembowski, E. A. 116 145-146
New records of Purbeck fossil insects Jarzembowski, E. A. 116 146-150
Insect-bearing horizons in the type Purbeck and new Purbeck Wealden flies (Diptera) Jarzembowski, E. A. 119 135-140
Fossil heteropteran bugs from the Purbeck Limestone Group of Dorset Jarzembowski, E. A. 120 73-75
Fossil beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) from the Purbeck Limestone Group of Dorset - a preliminary report Jarzembowski, E. A. 121 107-112
New fossil insect records from the Purbeck of Dorset and the Wealden of the Weald Jarzembowski, E. M. 118 119-124
A provisional checklist of fossil insects from the Purbeck Beds of Dorset Jarzembowski, Ed. A. 114 175-179
Towards a revision of Purbeck insects: Protogryllus, Panorpidium, Pleciomya and Prohousea nom. nov. Jarzembowski, Ed. A. 117 155-157
Trinity Street car park, Dorchester Jenkins, A. V. C. 113 174-5
Excavations at Church House, Wimborne Minster Jenkins, A. V. C. 113 183
Species recorded on artificial and natural reefs, Poole Bay, 1989-1996 Jensen, A. C. 121 113-122
Pottery from two medieval tenements in Christchurch, Dorset: their contents and their contexts Jervis, Ben 132 131-144
Ulwell, Swanage: excavation of a buried wall at Ulwell Farm (SZ 023 808) Jessop, Rachel 139 197-198
Watercress in Dorset: a growth industry in the 20th century Jesty, T. W. 127 31-36
Deans Court, Wimborne Jones, Alex 112 122-3
The early Bronze Age enclosure at Cowleaze, Winterbourne Steepleton: new data and new interpretations Jones, Andy M. 134 164-174
Bernard Jones (1925-2004) Jones, Frances Austin 126 229-230
William Barnes's dialect poems: a pronunciation guide, by T. L. Burton Jones, Frances Austin 133 177
Preston: Bowleaze Cove Romano-British building Jones, Grace 136 88-98
The results of an excavation on land east of Cranborne Road, Wimborne, Dorset Jones, Grace 139 163-176
Underwater light-trapping of mobile invertebrates in the Fleet lagoon, Dorset Jones, J. I. 136 30-37
Re-introduction of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., to the Tadnoll Brook, Dorset Jones, J. Iwan 130 9-16
Faunal and floral response to the dredging of a River Frome floodplain ditch (Dorset, UK) Jones, John I. 138 67-76
The west end of Shaftesbury Abbey church; archaeological investigations at Abbey House, Shaftesbury Jones, Paul 139 199-207
Bernard Jones (1925-2004) Jones, Richard 126 229-230
Weymouth, land at 12 Putton Lane, Chickerell, SY 6500 8029 Joyce, Stuart 130 208
The Worth of Worth: Radar at Worth Matravers Judkins, Dr Phil 133 162-166

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