Database of the Roman Purbeck limestone industry

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Subdivisions of the database


Each item usually describes an artefact or a group of artefacts from a single site. Some that give summary information about many artefacts are placed in the section Reviews.

In distribution-maps, filled triangles show findspots of Purbeck Marble objects, open triangles other Purbeck Limestone, open diamonds Broken Shell Limestone (where distinguished from other PL), question-marks doubtful objects. Coastal outlines are from NOAA.

The public version of this database is a copy of a fuller version which I keep for my own use. For publication, I have to omit (a) some pictures, for reasons of copyright or of mere size, (b) some personal data about individuals who have been very helpful to me, (c) some sensitive information about particular archaeological sites. If a link in the public database doesn't work (gives "error 404: page not available"), this is likely to be because it refers to something of this sort.

If anyone feels their copyright has been infringed by my use of any illustration, will they please write to me and the picture will be withdrawn or appropriate acknowledgments posted.

Illustrations, other than those in the text, will be displayed by most browsers in a separate window. So will ancient texts, some plans or maps, and the guide to my system of measuring stone mortars.

Possible attributes for each item


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