Web-site design policy

John Palmer

First issued September 2003, updated October 2018

This is my aim and policy for all the websites I maintain.

  1. To present information logically and quickly.
  2. To keep things simple, both for the reader of the site and for the maintainer.
  3. To observe World Wide Web Consortium standards.
  4. These pages should be accessible on all browsers, including text-only browsers and those adapted for the sight-impaired. Differences in appearance according to the browser used are normal and to be expected.
  5. Images should (a) inform, not just decorate, and (b) illustrate the text, not replace it.
  6. I avoid, to the greatest extent possible, the use of cookies, Javascript, Java, Flash, or any feature outside standard [X]HTML and CSS. If such features are used for any compelling reason, the reader will be clearly informed.

I aim at these objectives expecting that I may not always reach them; sometimes they may not be entirely compatible with each other.

At present my site does not use cookies. However you may notice that your browser reports a single cookie from www.palmyra.me.uk with the name "DYNSRV". This is inserted by my hosting company; it is renewed each time your browser fetches a page from my site, and appears to contribute to the efficiency of their service rather than to the actual content of my pages.

To communicate with me please follow this link.

Otherwise, please use the "back" command or button of your browser to return to the page you were reading last.

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