Cumulative index to
Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries

Notes for users

This index combines the printed indexes to volumes 1--37 into a single index. It is not finished and is bound to contain mistakes that we have not yet noticed; the presentation, organisation and style are provisional. On the other hand it is meant to be used and we hope that many students and researchers will consult SDNQ with its aid. This way we will expect to obtain the best suggestions for improvement; so please send your comments, corrections and criticisms to

Volume-numbers are shown in boldface and page-numbers in normal type.

In earlier volumes, titles of articles in SDNQ were shown in CAPITALS, and names of contributors to SDNQ in italics. We have kept this distinction in the present index (while using italics freely for words that are clearly not personal names).
Use of italics for contributors' names ceased from volume 29, and was replaced by a separate listing headed "Contributors". We have converted lists of "Contributors" back to the earlier style, setting each author's name in italics; thus all contributors are listed under their own names, not grouped together under C.
Use of capitals for titles of SDNQ articles ceased from volume 34. For volumes 34-35, titles are listed with their authors' names (the latter in italics). For volumes 36-37, titles seem not to be listed as such. A policy decision is needed on whether titles should be treated more consistently in these later volumes.

In some entries a volume-number is given but not a page-number.
(1) In volume 1, an asterisk [*] marks the names of persons mentioned in the pedigree of Strode of Shepton Mallet, which appears between pages 236 and 237.
(2) Entries of the form 'X: see Y' normally lack page-numbers, though a volume-number is usually given.
(3) A small number of entries are marked 'page uncertain', because the page-number is missing in original volume-index, and we have not yet determined what it should be.

"Alias" has been preferred to the short forms "als", "al's" and the rare "al."

The long-dash --- indicates something missing; most often, an unknown forename.

In the original indexes to single volumes, reviews or notices of books were listed under various headings 'BOOK NOTICES', 'NOTICES OF BOOKS', etc. To make searching easier, all reviews and notices of books are now listed under 'BOOK REVIEWS'. The original headings have been retained as cross-references, e.g. 'BOOK NOTICES see BOOK REVIEWS'.
In the indexes to volumes 5, 7, 23, 24 and 29--34, only the page-numbers of book reviews are listed, not the titles of the books reviewed. A note in volume 32 justifies this practice as saving space. We have not attempted to fill in the missing titles. Some volume indexes (14, 17--22, 35-37) mention no book reviews at all. We have not checked whether there really are no reviews in these volumes.

In some volumes, several contributors identify themselves by initials only, some by single initials, and a few by Greek letters. In the present index, the letters Γ Δ Σ are represented by their respective Latinised names, Gamma, Delta, Sigma, which in turn determine where they stand in alphabetical order.

The following note appeared in the printed index to volume 30:
"In order to contain this index within 24 pages, only article headings are listed for the Thomas Hardy series of special articles (pp 303-444), as also are minor references to certain places outside Dorset and Somerset."

The following note appeared in the printed index to volume 31:
"Field names: The names of individual fields have, in the main, been omitted, though the locations under which they occur will be found under 'Field and Place Names'.
Water and Windmills: References to locations occur under place-names, though individually named mills will be found under the heading 'Mills'.
Wells Inns: An alphabetical list appears between pp 391-395, as well as in the text of Mr. Scrase's contribution (p. 378 et seq), and, consequently, [these] are omitted from the index."

Progress report

The present version is numbered 0.5 (May 2018).
Its difference from version 0.4 is that we have begun to compare the cumulative index with the full text of volumes, and to make corrections and additions accordingly. In version 0.5, this has been done for volume 1 only, but we intend to do the same for other volumes.
Version 0.4 (November 2016) differed from 0.3 by (1) grouping together all 'notices of books' etc., as described above; (2) correcting some minor errors, and supplying a few missing page-numbers; (3) using 'facing page' more appropriately (see under 'ILLUSTRATION'); (4) abolishing the 'Notes' page, and moving the 'notes' to this page.
Version 0.3 (June 2016) was the first to index all volumes 1--37.

If needed, the index can be viewed in a narrow browser window, since all lines of text should fold to fit the available width.

For the present, the latest version of the index is being shown on the website of one of the editorial team, but we intend to arrange for the latest version to be available from the SDNQ website.

The development group for the cumulative index consists (alphabetically) of Judith Ford, Mark Forrest, Rachel Hassall, John Palmer, Ann Smith, Geoffrey Smith.

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